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PERVERTsprite censorship

Swarm of the century: things are getting better and better...
Don't worry Dashie, Pinkie to the rescue!

"Where are her toes? "
Give me a break, I had enough with finger!

still tunning the color, something will be changed, sorry!
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epicman619's avatar
those evil little Tribble Ripoffs! THEY ATE HER TOES!
Sel-Diora's avatar
lol, dat blush
YesImDeadpool's avatar
That's what I thought to. XD
timfortune9's avatar
One of those moments that make for quite an interesting humanization.
Kind of like when they rush off during the wedding throwing their dresses behind them. Imagine that humanized.
od20plus's avatar
Pinkie Pie Scream01 You are GENIUS!!!
Janhendrik94's avatar
Ohmigosh! Someone HAS to draw this!
Janhendrik94's avatar
od20plus's avatar
Reverse transform: instead of dress up, you take off uniformMLP:Evil fluttershy 
timfortune9's avatar
That's (somewhat) how it works in "Kill la Kill". The skimpier the outfit, the more powerful the wearer is.
"So nudity makes you stronger on this planet..."
od20plus's avatar
Definitely works in equestra too!
SuperSaiyanBrony's avatar
Lol dat parasprite 
L-MASTER's avatar
CrunchNugget's avatar
This is one of the cutest versions of human Rainbow Dash that I've seen. Her toes just look like she's curling them back, by the way, so I'm pretty sure I wouldn't even have thought about it if you hadn't said anything.
VazquezG19's avatar
Cute Dashie! Love her expression!
ElementOf-Loyalty's avatar
:iconhumanrainbowdashplz:-I do enjoy sleeping out side in my undies but these pest are perverts.
solarheal9's avatar
It's the Wakfu duck all over again.
lordmep's avatar
I remember that scene. This piece was a necessary reference.
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