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Every mad scientist's dream: CONQUEST
"You are next, Equestria! "
BGM: or

In memory of scientist Twilight, now she officially becomes school girl...

this projcet began about 1 years ago, but not until the announcement of the recent EQG3 trailers makes me to finish the projcet, in a hurry.
However, science Twilight is going to be a history...
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Hm...Should have seen it coming.
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Errr... Science Twi is still a thing. School life is different than personal life ya know.
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also rofl "science twilight" thats her not around anyone, she is still like that people need to calm down
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totally outdated, 'cause this idea started last year
you can thinks it as epitaph now
JennylXJ9's avatar
no upurple version = gg
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This would make Rainbow Dash Sonic I assume
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I think I saw that before, but already forgot where and who did it.
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I don't know why, but Twilight looks good dressed as Lucahjin
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I am the Egghead, and I have the master plan
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Twilight really pulls off the look even better then Eggman does *starts playing Super Villain by Powerman 5000 in the background as Twilight takes over the world*
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I love insane Twilight :D I hope this awesome pic will go on EQD.
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