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Skyline by Ocxin Skyline :iconocxin:Ocxin 1 12 Otherworldy by Ocxin Otherworldy :iconocxin:Ocxin 3 10
Sparking Friendships: the Vacation -part 1
It was percisely 9 in the morning, when a big, commercial aircraft took off. It's destination: The Alola Region. In it, many people had prepared for the flight ahead, and included in the crowded plane were three familliar faces. Eirika had simply fastened her seatbelt and grabbed a small brochure about their destination. The young woman considered herself very lucky that after Matt asked the organisation in the forest, they were willing to help organize this trip, to make sure they wouldn't run into any problems with their were-forms.
Matt meanwhile, had a bit of trouble with the situation. Not only did his belt not want to snap in place, but it was also the first time for him on an airship. He felt rather... unnerved at the thougth of going 2000 metres into the air with no easy way of getting back down. That is, not without some collateral damage. To his luck, due to the relatively long flight time, a monitor was installed in the back of every seat. Matt was definetely planning on sta
:iconocxin:Ocxin 2 6
This Data Suffices by Ocxin This Data Suffices :iconocxin:Ocxin 7 44 Cocotama Dance! by Ocxin Cocotama Dance! :iconocxin:Ocxin 7 2
That Cool New Game (Tutomon TF)
The old schoolbell rang, it was finally time for the students to leave their cramped elemetary school, and go home down the suburban roads to enjoy some of their free time at their own place. So did a young boy in class five of maybe eleven years, but suddenly, while calmly walking down the hallway, two familliar figures interupted him.
"Hey kid, heard the news yet?", an older teen from the sixth class approached him. He had an odd, rebellic haircut and a band-aid on his arm, which was exposed by his yellow tanktop. "There's a new hot game that game out yesterday! The servers aren't so full right now, so why not check it out? Or are you scared?", the jock-looking teen's friend spoke, almost chuckling. With their intimidating smiles and teasing nature, an outsider might assume these two were bullies, but the fifth-grader knew better. They were his friends since three years, and simply enjoyed teasing him a little.
With this in mind, he tought about the suggestion for a moment, and then
:iconocxin:Ocxin 4 0
Eeveeclash: Flare as Stegi by Ocxin Eeveeclash: Flare as Stegi :iconocxin:Ocxin 9 10 A Revelation -Audino's Birthright: Conquest by Ocxin A Revelation -Audino's Birthright: Conquest :iconocxin:Ocxin 20 13
Below the Waterfall (Dewott TF)
Meanwhile, the older of the two men had finally reached his destination: a small but relatively powerful waterfall, peacefully flowing down a quiet river. The visitor smiled gently and nodded, laying down his towel and sitting on a smooth stone below the little turrent. The water was powerful, yet not so much that it was anywhere near painful. Instead, it felt similiar to a pleasant massage.
It did not take long before the expectable happened. Where the water hit the young man's back, blue fur began to spread gently. "Hehe... I got the feeling this will be an amazing day," he tought to himself, letting his morphing body sink down a little in relaxation. It was rather simple to feel how the wave of fuzz had spread  further down to his waist.
It was at this point that greater changes began to surface, as with a wave of water, a long, flat tail emerged from the transforming visitor's rear, poking trough his black swimming trousers. It appeared to be strong, strong enough to lift it i
:iconocxin:Ocxin 3 0
Wandering Worlds -part 9
Ocxin looked at the two unconcious figures around him, and sensed the sleeping Floramon in his new coat, then looked around. There was no way he would be able to land the airship without the controlboard. Instead, however, perhaps the adventurer could survive a... yes, and it was the only option.
He grabbed Jenna and the old man, stuffed them into his shimmering jacket and with a run-up, Ocxin broke trough the front window. Glittering glass shards flew around him as everything seemed to go by in slow motion for just a short moment. The young adventurer made sure his coat was closed tightly, so that first and foremost, none of his passengers would get injured.
Ocxin looked downwards, filled with fear. He needed to land on something as flat as possible. Luckily, a long street was just below the falling group. He turned around so his back would land first, and forceully closed his eyes...
There was now a hole in the ground, not deeper than a meter, as the airship had also fa
:iconocxin:Ocxin 2 0
till I fell asleep in your arms... by Ocxin till I fell asleep in your arms... :iconocxin:Ocxin 2 4 Slow Improvements by Ocxin Slow Improvements :iconocxin:Ocxin 6 0
Buck-Team: the Rats -part 1
"Jeesh, it's so rainy today," a young woman in her mid teens said. Her name was Heather, and she was making her way home from school. She was wearing a classic yellow raincoat over her grey hoodie, both protecting her long, brown hair from the bad weather. At the same time, she was listening to a bit of her favourite alternative pop-music on her dark blue headphones. Her mind was drifting off, but the young woman needed to stay focused and get to the appartment she, her parents and her younger brother lived in. She needed to prepare an afternoon snack for ther little sibling.
However, while going down her usual route, Heather suddenly stopped at a shady alley. It was not her way to just walk into such a dark, shady place where all kinds of dangerous scum could hide in, but she felt something... drawing her in. Utimately, she could not help herself, even with her little brother in mind, and walked into the ominous path...
Despite her outwardly calm appearence, the young woman felt unner
:iconocxin:Ocxin 0 0
What Darkness is (Gatomon to BlackGatomon TF?)
Nighttime in a dark alleyway of a grand city. A young girl with medium long, blonde hair, not more than 10 years in age, wearing a white dress, was hiding behind a rusty dumpster. She was making sure not to get caught up in the fighting close to her. Said battle was between her partner, a Gatomon with a serious yet calm demeanor, and a far bigger opponent: a massive Devimon, it's torn wings keeping it afloat menacingly, as it was crossing its horrifying, long arms with an evil smirk.
Previous to this fight, reports of several rampaging Digimon have made their way trough the city, and a few kids have decided to investigate these, until they tracked this Devimon down to be the leader of them. "Give up, Devimon! You know the light will always be victorious!", the Gatomon shouted heroically, throwing a punch towards the virus-attribute, but missing. "Hm-hm... oh you will soon find this statement to be most ironic," it replied with a deep and uncomfortably gentle voice.
The Gatomon was irri
:iconocxin:Ocxin 3 0
Dangerous Dunce by Ocxin Dangerous Dunce :iconocxin:Ocxin 3 40
Sparking Friendships -part 11
Joanna sat on the ground, holding her right leg; a small wound was located on her shin, the red dew of life slowly dripping out, but luckily not so much that it would pose a serious problem. It was simple to identify it as a bite, especially with the to Eirika all-too familliar sight just a few steps away: an elusive shadow, about a meter in height with white eyes. If it ran away or even vanished into the darkness it came from, it was not clear, but not important, either.
"W-was that... the thing we saw?", the nurse asked in slight pain, knowing already what the answer was. Eirika tried to help her friend up, looking at her with tears in her brown eyes. Deep inside of her heart was the sensation that she was unable to protect a person very dear and close to her. It burned, yet made her shiver.
Meanwhile, Matt had similiar feelings. He too, had thougths that told him he had been too selfish, and should have kept her in when Joanna walked outside. The only measurement he could take now,
:iconocxin:Ocxin 4 10

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Well, that should be me, the guy you can call Ocxin.
(Not to be confused with my main OC of the same name.)

Here's a list of my current and future projects:
(future) ProjectsAs I now officiallly have a fan-base, how about a list of my projects?
(none of these are in order)
currently running:
- Sparking Friendships
- Buck-Team
- Wandering Worlds: shenanigans comics
- PMD: Mercenaries of the Invisible Ties
- Team Z (superhero-story)
- "when I..."-comics (or something like that)
- ??? (something in the style of a drama)
- ANOTHER Pokémon-thing
- my own version of a german webseries
- something that might have been inspired by a youtube-poop video
no series, but ongoing:
- various TF-stories (and drawings)
- fanart (Who will get some? I won't tell you.)

I only give llamas to people that impressed me with their art
or people that helped me out, so I expect you to do
the same, at least towards me.
No llamas for random people by black-cat16-stamps watch because you like my art by puppyhowler

You are the people on this site that are the most important to me.
I will use what little power I have to protect you whenever I can,
both from the world around you, and yourself.
Even if it doesn't always seem like it, I always want the best for you.
They're back!

Ahem, with that out of the way,
yes, just like last year, I'll be hosting
a Raichu-themed contest here!

This time, however, it is up to you
to give this month a few sparks.
(I'm sorry, but I felt really burned out
the last time, and I don't want this to repeat.)

So, until the last week of September,
I want you to make anything Raichu-related.
Draw your OCs with or even as Raichu,
write a story about a Raichu
or even make a Rap about one -anything is possible,
as long as you upload it in September,
and don't forget to mention me in the description!

#026 Raichuas always, you DON'T have to watch me
#26 Raichuno entries past the 23rd
#026 Raichuonly one entry per person

The price will be a free comission of anything you want,
as long it can be done in one deviation.

Well then, happy Raichu-month!026 Raichu Emote 


And if that doesn't appeal to you,
I will open up the offer from last year again.
I will draw your OCs with traditional german paper cones,
like you may have seen 
in a few drawings before for all of September.
These however will be comissions at the price of 5 points per character.
You can choose from 2 different styles for the cones

the 75cm long, classic shape like in:
Aqua is Ready for School! by Ocxin

or the 80cm long, six-sided shape like in:
Isamu is Ready for School! by Ocxin
If you want a custom size, it will cost an additional point.
The motif and broadness however, are free to your choice.
NOTE: The drawings will only have the ground-shading.
            If you want the rest, you can pay an additional point.)

I will open 2 slots for now. Send me a note with your comission, no comments.



I just realized a already have a Super-Albino badge, and wasn't even notified!

Eh, let's make the joke:

The Super-Albino ran off.
And now: The Super-Albino.
Ah... I finally figured out
PokémonLet'sGo's preorder numbers.

They don't even get 70000 together in the US.
I'm so glad to know it's failing...
(In comparison, Super Mario Party already has more in less of a timeframe.)
So, there were no entries...

I am not mad, but there
won't be any uploads this week.
I hope for more participation next time.
Today's your last chance!
Submit your entry to the Raichu-month!


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