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The Duchess of Ice -part 2
Lucian woke up the next morning, looking downwards. He hoped to find his Raichu laying close-by to himself, tough it was not there. Usually, it would snuggle up to him in such cold weather, and still snore peacefully. At this time of the year, it felt nice and soft. The cold weather... The young boy could only hope that his dear partner was somewhere else in their house by now.
He opened the door of his room on the second floor, still in his blue pyjama. He could hear his sister had also just woken up. Noelle could read through the teary, hazel eyes of her little brother that his partner still had not reappeared. Wordlessly, the two siblings made breakfast, still hoping to find the Raichu somewhere in the house, but no. The older's Lopunny was the only Pokémon at home with them.
Noelle couldn't help but feel guilty about what she had said yesterday. It was her fault that this happened, and she could only hope that her brother's Raichu
:iconocxin:Ocxin 2 0
The Duchess of Ice -part 1
It was a late afternoon on the 23rd of December in the cold north. Outside, it was already dark, but in the large halls of the local school, bright spotlights were shining on the very last moments of the annual student's play. All acting children were bowing down for the applause of the adults watching. Under the many children was Lucian, ayoung boyof ten years, and absolutely in love with the cold season. Their play for this year was "The Nutcracker". He himself had not been too keen on the main role. Instead, Lucian picked the role of a guard in front of the castle where the mainvillainwould hide in.
Sadly, his parents could not watch him this year. An urgent incident regarding a close family member meant that they would be absent for a few days. They have promised, however, to return in time for christmas, and besides, he was not alone. His sister, named Noelle, would already be waiting for him with hot chocolate and cookies. Lucian and his family lived relatively far outside of the
:iconocxin:Ocxin 1 0
Frosted Precipitation Indeed by Ocxin Frosted Precipitation Indeed :iconocxin:Ocxin 3 0 HL App: Ryan Ionad by Ocxin HL App: Ryan Ionad :iconocxin:Ocxin 1 10 It's getting cold. by Ocxin It's getting cold. :iconocxin:Ocxin 9 24
I Didn't Mean to (Munna TF)
It was already too late. The poison had been spewed from his mouth, intoxicating the person that may have been a friend at another time. Bright red eyes now looked through the nightly darkness, scared and hurt, as everything else was reduced to mere silouhettes "W-why would you do that? What have I done to deserve this!?", it spoke, rightfully shocked.
The other figure stopped for a moment, and gave the red-eyed one another look, then slowly spoke: " you think I do this because I want to, because I want to see everyone that could be a friend fall apart in front of me!? Who do you think YOU are!?" More of the vicious poison escaped his mouth, making the other shadow shrink right were it was. About half its height was lost to it. Once, it was a human, but now, with its more rounded head, it became hard to see this.
"Everytime I think I am coming closer to someone, I hurt them, and this happens! WHY does no one ever care for how long I tried not to spew venom!", the shadow shouted wi
:iconocxin:Ocxin 1 2
Buck-Team: the Hamsters and Rats -part 2
Heather and Snyde had been walking around the dirty canalisation for what felt like quite a while now. The latter was walking on all fours, and didn't seem to feel fatigued in the slightest. Meanwhile, the girl-turned-rat had trouble keeping up. She felt simply exhausted and tired from all the walking on slippery ground. Her claw-feet almost felt numb. "Snyde... how much longer will this take? My legs are gonna break off sideways...", she exhaustedly complained. "Maybe ya should use all four of 'em. That could 'elp. Eh, we're almost at tha meeting point," he replied, to then stop very soon, hearing someone else approaching. Heather could do the same, but something told her this was nothing to be afraid of.
Out of the cloudy shadows, a troop of hamsters emerged. They all had some sort of metal armor, tougher-looking than the Rat's leather jackets, and were equipped with crossbows. One of them seemed... familiar. It had an odd tuft of hair on its head, reminiscent of a human's. It and He
:iconocxin:Ocxin 0 0
Sick Day (Pichu TF)
It was a quiet morning in the suburbia of a peaceful town. A pair of parents were preparing to leave the house for a few hours, but were faced with a problematic issue. Their preschool-aged son was sick. He caught a cold the other day, tough his parents could not possibly mve around their appointment. As much as they'd want to stay, the two adults had to leave. Luckily, their child was not alone. The family had a Herdier to guard the house, even if it realistically was way too lazy for that.
"Alright then, we will be back soon, and we'll also bring you something nice for lunch," the child's mother explained, waiting for her husband to put on his jacket. The young boy smiled gleefully, "Yay! Pizza rolls, ...a-achoo!" Finally ready, the parents mirrowed their kid's expression, after which the father added:"Don't play around too wildly. Herdier, make sure he doesn't go overboard." The Pokémon perked up from the place it was sleeping at, then let out a tired bark.
A short goodbye late
:iconocxin:Ocxin 2 0
Wyngro: Fabio by Ocxin Wyngro: Fabio :iconocxin:Ocxin 9 0 Wyngro: Agnes by Ocxin Wyngro: Agnes :iconocxin:Ocxin 5 4 Freshly born! by Ocxin Freshly born! :iconocxin:Ocxin 7 0
A Birthday Visit
It was a calm day at the café of Hana and her friends. She and Karen were still absent, but the rest of them were able to manage everything just fine. While Isamu was quietly sweeping the floor with a broom far too big for him, Kokoa was busy with calculating how many ingredients they'll need for the next month and Lex was cooking in the kitchen, the others were sitting around idly, as not many guests had come so far today. Out of boredom, Spruce felt like looking trough the front windows, only to see an already familliar figure.
It was Ocxin, who despite the still relatively warm weather had the hood of his white coat pulled up. Seeing this, the Servine told the others:"Oh hey, Ocxin's coming by." The rest of the Poké-staff perked up after hearing this. "But... it's not raining, and it's not anyone's birthday, either," Gin interjected, as the rest looked around to see if anyone would disprove her claim.
Tough this did not last long, as the adventurer opened the wooden door.
:iconocxin:Ocxin 1 2
They'll hatch soon. by Ocxin They'll hatch soon. :iconocxin:Ocxin 6 0 A Fabulous Ditto (Animated Version) by Ocxin A Fabulous Ditto (Animated Version) :iconocxin:Ocxin 3 0 Fake Wyn by Ocxin Fake Wyn :iconocxin:Ocxin 11 0
Wandering Worlds -Side Stories: City of my Dreams
It was already late outside when Jenna finally came home from visiting her parents. Ocxin was sitting on wooden chair at the table behind the couch in the living room. He was doing something on his black laptop while drinking fizzy apple juice. "Heya", he simply greeted his feathered friend, not moving away his face from the bright screen. "Hi Ocxin...", the Biyomon replied, visbly distressed about something.
The adventurer didn't fail to notice this, "Jenna, is everything alright?" "I... well, I've thougth about the whole Digimon-thing again...", the young woman replied, looking at her clawed arm-wing-hybrids. Ocxin stood up from his ligneous chair, nodding once, then saying with his eyes closed:"We are always ourself, Jenna. Nothing can change this." This however angered the Biyomon, "What do you you know about it!?" She stormed off into her room, leaving behind Ocxin, who was know deeply in thought.
After an hour or two had passed, jenna decided it was time to sleep. She the was onl
:iconocxin:Ocxin 1 0

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Well, that should be me, the guy you can call Ocxin.
(Not to be confused with my main OC of the same name.)

Here's a list of my current and future projects:
(future) ProjectsAs I now officiallly have a fan-base, how about a list of my projects?
(none of these are in order)
currently running:
- Sparking Friendships
- Buck-Team
- Wandering Worlds: shenanigans comics
- PMD: Mercenaries of the Invisible Ties
- Team Z (superhero-story)
- "when I..."-comics (or something like that)
- ??? (something in the style of a drama)
- ANOTHER Pokémon-thing
- my own version of a german webseries
- something that might have been inspired by a youtube-poop video
no series, but ongoing:
- various TF-stories (and drawings)
- fanart (Who will get some? I won't tell you.)
- Unofficial Ventures with Agnes and Fabio!

I only give llamas to people that impressed me with their art
or people that helped me out, so I expect you to do
the same, at least towards me.
No llamas for random people by black-cat16-stamps watch because you like my art by puppyhowler

You are the people on this site that are the most important to me.
I will use what little power I have to protect you whenever I can,
both from the world around you, and yourself.
Even if it doesn't always seem like it, I always want the best for you.

Also, a little warning:
I sound like I hate your guts no matter what I say,
so please have patience with me.
Trust me, I'd make it very, very clear if I'd try to insult you.
They're back!

Ahem, with that out of the way,
yes, just like last year, I'll be hosting
a Raichu-themed contest here!

This time, however, it is up to you
to give this month a few sparks.
(I'm sorry, but I felt really burned out
the last time, and I don't want this to repeat.)

So, until the last week of September,
I want you to make anything Raichu-related.
Draw your OCs with or even as Raichu,
write a story about a Raichu
or even make a Rap about one -anything is possible,
as long as you upload it in September,
and don't forget to mention me in the description!

#026 Raichuas always, you DON'T have to watch me
#26 Raichuno entries past the 23rd
#026 Raichuonly one entry per person

The price will be a free comission of anything you want,
as long it can be done in one deviation.

Well then, happy Raichu-month!026 Raichu Emote 


And if that doesn't appeal to you,
I will open up the offer from last year again.
I will draw your OCs with traditional german paper cones,
like you may have seen 
in a few drawings before for all of September.
These however will be comissions at the price of 5 points per character.
You can choose from 2 different styles for the cones

the 75cm long, classic shape like in:
Aqua is Ready for School! by Ocxin

or the 80cm long, six-sided shape like in:
Isamu is Ready for School! by Ocxin
If you want a custom size, it will cost an additional point.
The motif and broadness however, are free to your choice.
NOTE: The drawings will only have the ground-shading.
            If you want the rest, you can pay an additional point.)

I will open 2 slots for now. Send me a note with your comission, no comments.



In a few hours,
I'll throw a new contender in the ring.
So, the reviews for PokémonLet'sGo are in,
and it becomes obvious there is something wrong.
Not only do they have the same weak and easily refutable points as a simple comment on Youtube
("it's just for casuals", which is just as unfounded as "it's just for kids" or "fans will feel entertained" to which I can only quote PhantomStryder: "Of course they'd be entertained, but they'd also be entertained by something better."
TL,DR: They say nothing about the game's quality.), but they also make opposite statements (One site praises how little battling there is, while another one praises how much battling there is.)
and directly lie (They talk about improved graphics, while the game mostly uses the same models the the previous ones, alongside worse textures and effects.) If this isn't enough, they use strawmans and skip over aspects of the game to make it look better.

Simply said, don't trust these websites at this time,
as they often do shady things to aquire early review copies (see the Driv3r scandal).
Wait until after the hype has died down and watch a let'splay for better information (You should also wait with the former)!

Also, please see the interviews with Junichi Masuda. He is trying to spread lies about the Pokémon fans and their wishes and is generally being inconsistent on what he says.
There is no better reason to boycott these things than hearing him.
You money is better invested in the new Smash Bros. and the interesting-looking Pokémon movie!

Take care!
*whisers: Happy birthday to me!
I won't be on for much of tomorrow,
as I'll be visiting my grandparents for
a few days.

I expect plentiful birhtday gifts upon my return!

(Really tough...  if you want to do me a favour,
 maybe someone could fix the black background
 on my latest drawing?)


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