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Crayzee Mayzee Ch5Pg17


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Chapter 1: Youth

I was young when I first met Cella. And while she wasn’t much older- only three short years- I often found myself feeling like a child in comparison. It is infinitely difficult to paint an accurate picture of her, as she was such an anomaly among people. At times, she radiated such a mature, even a maternal sort of air; one that made me feel as though I were just a little boy still. Other times, it was the opposite, and her childlike optimism and innocence shone through her carefully crafted mask of a woman. She reminded me of a faery in that way, at least from what little lore I overheard from the faery stories my mother read to my sis


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Lets Play

Drawings and paintings

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What's out there?


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French Girl 13

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She's on Fire

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A Lake was Here...


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Crayzee Mayzee Ch5Pg17


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Acorn Ring

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Stick girl 05

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Old Broken Polaroid Stock


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Smelling the Flowers

A Touch of Colour

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Don't stare with your mouth full.

Creepy Pasta OC

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The story of Lisa- Pg1


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Sisters- Page 1


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Best Friends

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Protest SOPA


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