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The story of Lisa- Pg1



An OC I made a few years back. Somehow, it got really popular on the internet. People are calling it "The Pink Backpack."
"This is Lisa. She is my friend. My mom and dad cant see her so they sed she is an imaganery friend. Lisa is a nice friend."

Seriously, stop using this without my permission. It's overwhelmingly frustrating. 
And people accusing me of stealing it from a child: Come on. It's really depressing to think that some people would rather believe that a kid was friends with a ghost who killed people and told a perfect story about it, rather than believing the obvious truth that it was an art project by an adult. 
I own the book I drew it in, I have numerous videos of me showing said book, and I have the words of the people who watched me draw it. I never expected it to gain such popularity; I thought it was stupid and cheesy. But jeez, if I'd known what a huge deal it was going to be, I would have recorded the ******* drawing process! Why is it that I can draw all this other crap I draw and no one questions it, but the moment ONE THING goes viral, suddenly everyone starts harassing me about it and refusing to believe I drew it? 

Check out the Creepy Pasta OC folder in my gallery. There's other stuff like this. Look in my literature folder. I write horror. Okay? It's what I do. And if you would rather believe that a little girl with a ghost friend actually sat down and wrote a coherent story with a beginning and an end, then you may want to seek special help, and in the mean time, have fun making your tin foil hats and playing with Ouija Boards in your mom's basement.
But stop harassing me, because I didn't do anything wrong. All I do is make art, which is what everyone else on dA does, and I don't see any other artists getting harassed over the legitimacy of their work. 
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Do you have any thoughts on this being you're most known work?