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The story of Lisa- Pg1

An OC I made a few years back. Somehow, it got really popular on the internet. People are calling it "The Pink Backpack."
"This is Lisa. She is my friend. My mom and dad cant see her so they sed she is an imaganery friend. Lisa is a nice friend."

Seriously, stop using this without my permission. It's overwhelmingly frustrating. 
And people accusing me of stealing it from a child: Come on. It's really depressing to think that some people would rather believe that a kid was friends with a ghost who killed people and told a perfect story about it, rather than believing the obvious truth that it was an art project by an adult. 
I own the book I drew it in, I have numerous videos of me showing said book, and I have the words of the people who watched me draw it. I never expected it to gain such popularity; I thought it was stupid and cheesy. But jeez, if I'd known what a huge deal it was going to be, I would have recorded the ******* drawing process! Why is it that I can draw all this other crap I draw and no one questions it, but the moment ONE THING goes viral, suddenly everyone starts harassing me about it and refusing to believe I drew it? 

Check out the Creepy Pasta OC folder in my gallery. There's other stuff like this. Look in my literature folder. I write horror. Okay? It's what I do. And if you would rather believe that a little girl with a ghost friend actually sat down and wrote a coherent story with a beginning and an end, then you may want to seek special help, and in the mean time, have fun making your tin foil hats and playing with Ouija Boards in your mom's basement.
But stop harassing me, because I didn't do anything wrong. All I do is make art, which is what everyone else on dA does, and I don't see any other artists getting harassed over the legitimacy of their work. 
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Hello, I'm a New member from Finland. I'm looking scary children like drawings for a music video. Could someone tell me who has the copyright of those Lisa's drawings?

Ok! Could you give me your email so we could talk about this music video stuff In email. My email is

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Great! Mine is
look forward to speaking with you soon.

Hi there! Did you get my message? I'm not In a hurry, but like'd to know did you get it?

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No、I watched for it all day and never found anything even in my junkmail. Maybe I typed it wrong.

Strange indeed... I wrote it correctly... Now I send you mail from my hotmail account ( You can also send me an email just to get the connection

Thanks, I will email you later today!

I drew a bunch of copies of creepy children's drawings for my Halloween collection, and among them was a drawing of Lisa (forgive me, I didn't know at the time that the work was copyrighted or had a known author). I put all of the drawings in a stack in the cupboard. The next morning when I took them out, only the drawing of Lisa was missing. I still have no idea what happened to it.

Upon learning that this story is totally fictional, I find this even more strange.

Thank you for sharing your creativity with the community. I believe that the issues you have had with unauthorized use of your artwork is primarily based on the fact that originally the work was not attributed to an author, but believed to be an unknown child's drawings. I understand your frustration with the response, and although it may seem random that this story was the one to go viral out of all of your art, it is not crap. It's actually a well constructed story. Keep it up, and don't get discouraged by the negative responses. When people are able to hide behind the anonymity of the internet, they are unafraid to show how idiotic and mean they can truly be. Know also that most are more likely to take the time to say something negative in a comment than to say something positive, so you may not be hearing from the majority of those who appreciate your art.

I think that the reason this story tends to stay with people is because it makes them question whether or not it is actually real. That takes subtlety. It is really well done.
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Wow. This is pretty much the nicest thing anyone’s ever said to me. Thank you so much for taking the time to say all this to me. It means a lot. Honestly.
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That's so cute and creepy
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I will say, this story scared the shit outta me! 
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Thanks! Or... I’m sorry? XD Whichever.
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So your the owner of the famous Lisa ^^ well done my friend well done
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eternally greatful to the youtube commentor who pointed out that you drew this. 
thanks for the spooky shit, fam. 
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I hope the people who didn't believe that you made this also "go to sleep". Except I want them to never wake up. Haha, you know what I mean.
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One of the little girls feet is like way bigger than the other! XD
This is absolutely AWESOME.
Can I use this piece of art to create my final exhibition project about ghost stories? (This is course assignment so I won't get any money from it)
Basically it's a interactive piece of art with PC and Leap Motion, and I wanna build a virtual creepypasta museum.
I know you're very sensitive about the issue, so I will exclude this from the exhibition whenever you want to.

Of course I'll credit you, and let everyone who watches my work clearly know that this is made by you.
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Yeah I knew this wasn't done by a child from the first page when I saw it on YouTube.  XD
Children evolve their drawing skills pretty uniformly (at various lengths of time tho) and these images mixes these stages "wrong". 
Same thing with lettering and sentence structure, the mix is "wrong" for a child.
These stages are very well documented, go and google-fu, doubters. =)

This is done by someone who has mastery over drawing, writing and language emulating a person who has not.
Like someone who can sing really well and has done so for a long time trying to sing falsely for a whole song.

And that is not easy! I'm really sad that people are disrespecting the artists' skill in this.

This is really funny and cute!
Too bad you're not getting enough credit for this
I'm glad you have printed version for sale tho, it's going on my to-buy-list! <3
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Omg, I thought this was a REAL diary! Well done, this is extremely realistic! The art and the writing style made it look like a kid's work.
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oml it's this story again
This is brilliant!! Awesome job. 
The imitation of the a kid's drawing and hand writing is just too real.  

It is frustrating to see your work without being credited, even worse, being bullied by what's rightfully yours. I will spread the words and post this page whenever I see your work being posted. (I am pretty sure the did not receive any of your permission since it is already spread here in Taiwan). 
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Oh god, I remember this story. I was reading this when I was 9 or 10 and I was so, so scared(still is)! I actually thought it was a 5 years old girl who drew this! How can you draw like that? I want to draw like that too, I want to creep my family!

Oh, and I'm so sorry that people keep using it without your permission No, I disagree!.
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Oh man I remember this story (scared me so much haha) and I can't believe I found your account again!!  It's a shame about the art thievery, and I'm sorry to hear you recieved harassment from your own work :-/
But keep up with your work, its brilliant and refreshing to look at! Really, you have such a unique style!! :>
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