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Taokaka - Ver. 1

By octupus8
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Sketch Version of Taokaka, I'll ink it and trad/digi colour later.

Took 1 1/2 hours, comments and criticism is appreciated.
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Spooky character ._.

Hmm I think her torso is too long-- but I think if you try starting her legs underneath the jacket, that would make it a little more proportioned. Does that make sense? D: Also, I think her tail is a bit stiff, if it were curved a little bit more or the lines where more evenly spaced, that'd solve the stiffness. Hmm... the only other thing I could think of is get a scanner! xD Nah, I realise you may not have one, so I guess the only way to solve the quality issues would be to: set to greyscale (Image > Mode > Greyscale) and then level all the tones out (Image > Adjustments > Levels and move the black and white sliders toward the middle a little way). But if that leveling out doesn't work right due to the darkness of the bg, I would suggest making a new layer and tracing over it D: and erase your finger xDDDD although, it's a very nice finger, I have to say-- my nails behave like that D: BUT REALLY, GREAT DRAWING. EVEN FROM A PHOTO, IT'S PRETTY DARN AWESOME.

I have to say, I admire your line weighting-- the thicknesses of the lines is superb-- if these were emphasised with a dip-pen, my god, you would be a mangaka. Seriously. I also really like her design! She's so scary and very unique-- I really like that :D i also like the way you have drawn the lantern, it's a good shape 8) IDK, it's a pleasing shape, not too round.

I look forward to your ink/colour work later then :la:
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octupus8Student Traditional Artist
Thank you very much for all the feedback! It's very rare someone takes the time to comment, let alone comment this in depth :)

I know the legs are disproportioned, it was a long drawing session and I sort of just got too lazy with them ^^"

The tail does look too stiff, I definitely see what you mean there :XD:

A friend of mine took the time to make it into lineart for little old me (I have a scanner, but it stinks and I'm terrible with tablets...)and a version which is coloured uploaded already, but they're quite bad and I never really committed myself to finishing it :P

The design isn't mine, she's a character from Blazblue ^^"'

Thank you so much again for your comment!
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Sorry for the late reply! :(

Tch tch tch laziness! I suffer from that too, don't worry, haha =P

That's nice of them! I'll have to have a look when I have time :D

Glad to have helped :)