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Name: Camille Chestain

Nicknames: Cammie

Gender: Female

Birthday: July 5th

Age: 16

Height: 5'6

Weight: 125

Orientation: Pansexual

Occupation: Student/Coffee Shop Employee

Nationality: French (fry)

Super Hero/Evil Villain Identity: Sangfroid

Powers, Abilities, and Weapons:

    An alligator-shaped hair pin that turns green upon transformation. The amount of teeth are the timer for when she transforms back.

    An acrobatic-styled set of hoops and chains. The chains can stretch due to magic reasons.

    -Excellent swimming
    -Resilient and physically able!
    -Good lie detector

Special:  Siren Scream
    An unearthly scream that temporarily paralyzes anyone in a certain radius for a 15-30 seconds depending on how close the victim is to her. (Not too far) It can only be used once.

    - Impish
    - Deceptive
    - Audacious
    - Indulgent
    - Carefree
    - Broad-Minded
    Camille and her brother lived with their mother, who was single at the time. Later on, their mother remarried to a man who made an excellent father, to their happiness. Afterwards, the whole family moved to Paris for business purposes. Hero business followed shortly after.
Likes: Gatorade, Macarons, Mystery Novels, Math

Dislikes: Debby Downers, mild dislike towards Seafood (probably will eat it anyway haha), paint-smell, Science (frick you bill nye)


Kwami Name: Aaola

Personality: Fashionista that's basically that one sassy divorced middle aged lady in every sitcom ever

History with Kwami:
    Camille and her brother were left to their devices in the Coffee Shop at closing time when they discovered two boxes in the tip jar. Very quickly, they found that they were not normal boxes. Very quickly, they became very confused at finding not normal things in the not normal boxes. Later, they found out that there was a larger destiny for them. Aaola and Camille became acquainted, and speedily learned how to be a hero.


Partner's Name: Theo Chestain // Carnivore

History with Partner: "he's my brother ok what do you think"


Significant Other: no

Relatives: no

Friends: NO ;-;

Enemies: probably

Other Relations: no

Extra Info
  • She switches places with her brother sometimes, since they're so alike. She flirts with people in his guise to mess up his day.
  • Camille gives little to no darns about food. She has very good taste tolerance, and can probably eat whatever.
  • She's on the local swim team w/ her bro

first group, i'll try my best, although im not as experienced as fam-chan  >:')
partner : DreamDriftSprite

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!!! What a cool character!
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Pls give me the link to the blank canvas of this!
Please can you make me a OC my name is leo I have black hair I brown eyes  for the superhero form that you can choose im 13 yo
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hey there :]
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Yay someone responded! :D
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of course! how are you?
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;D that's nice to hear
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I'm gud thank you :^D
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Miraculous lol
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soo adorable omg !! 
Hahaha love her suit !
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she's so pretty aaaaa
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shE LOOKS SO NICE AAAA I look forward to seeing her!!:iconnbplz:
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