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Sunstone cosplay

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Two sexiest latex beauties

Pixiedust-and-Purrs's avatar
Omg it’s perfect!  I absolutely adore Ally & Lisa 😍😍😍
devduck01's avatar
Oh dear lord... :heart:
nahp75's avatar
JakeBondage's avatar
did they really chain you up or just use the camera angle to make your cuffs look connected?
Khalaiiss's avatar
we need more set like this one !
awesome !

selfbondage-boy's avatar
I've never seen you in a ballgag before, I love it!
Velox-Mortis's avatar
Love Sunstone! <3
harryf's avatar
Wow, this is the best ever!!
HePhoto's avatar
A pure beauty, great cosplay :)
Gibert's avatar
Beautiful play
NercisM's avatar
This reminds me of that black and red song 🤘
JakeBondage's avatar
oh... NOW, we're talkin'...
kiuman's avatar

Wow! Superb everything... the costume, the lighting, the expressions! Well made!

rpgstilltheend's avatar
Wow, Sunstone cosplay, and yuri S&M too. 
Cockatoo-Keeper's avatar
Love this, keep up the great work.  :clap:
llArbiterll's avatar
not sure whom of the two I envy more haha
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