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SNAIL'S SNACK - free texture pack

(rhyme in the title initially not intended)

a funny looking surface i found outside... i assume some sort of plant in combination with dirt/pollution is the reason for it - but if anyone knows better (or knows which plant), i'd be happy to know!

thanks to heartfullofhell for clearing things up, check the comments or this link to learn more:

these textures are 100% free for you to use but it would be nice if you fav'd it!
of course i'd also be happy to see what you've done with it!
have fun!
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This explains it a bit (sorry for the double comment)
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no need to apologize for constructive notes - actually, the more the better.

thanks again, i'm gonna change the title accordingly!
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These are the tracks left by snails or slugs eating the algae growing on the surface
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ahhhh, i see! snails! and i was wondering whether or not somebody tore the plants/algae off...

thanks! :dummy: