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Next Folders Iconpack

[UPDATE] Added Games, Favorites, Devices and Study icons, making a total of 24 icons. Refined Dropbox and Sketch icons.

Inspired by the icon on the Files iOS app. Requested by ImaW1nn3r. It currently contains 18 icons ( IN TWO VERSIONS, with circle or without circle) for:

* Adobe CC
* Apple
* Apps
* Blank
* Books
* Desktop
* Devices
* Documents
* Downloads
* Dropbox
* Favorites
* Games
* Google Drive
* iCloud
* Images
* Library
* Messages
* Music
* Public
* Sketch
* Study
* User
* Videos
* Web

Available as ICNS, ICO and PNG
© 2018 - 2021 octaviotti
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Does it used 7tsp icon ?

Amazing Craft! Tks a lot buddy!

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How can i download them ? I'm new to DeviantArt

Plzzz help me

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Hi! Press the icon with the arrow facing down that's under the preview :)

So where do you paste these files for it to work??

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I think you have to replace each icon

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You're welcome!

thanks you amazing

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Much better contrast than stock icons

hi, how can I change the folders icon from system, not cmd+c / cmd+v, I would like to change the color blue in all the system and when I create a new folder also and not repeat the process, please help, thanks

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I don't think its possible

Hello and thank you for sharing the icons I find them beautiful, 2 missing folder I would love to do it myself but I do not know how really. The System X folder, the group folder, the burnable folder and that's about it. Again thank you for sharing this here.

Too bad these don't work anymore. Or better: how come your .icns files show a generic icon after hitting Command-I? I can't copy and paste them to use them.

Your icons are that cool.. You're probably the best icon designer! I've been watching for amazing icons.. and I found them! My only question, is it possible to use them for personal or commercial purposes?

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thanks! though i'm definitely not... not possible for commercial purposes..
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Is it possible to change the color of the folder and not the color of the icon?

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The color of the icon is actually a transparent black, so it matches the folder color, i guess with photoshop you could change the folder color alone...
Good stuff!

Could you add an Adobe folder?
also, how do I globally change the icon of the folder in Windows?
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There's an adobe CC folder. I think that for windows, you have to right click the folder and press properties... then i think there's a customization tab and an option to change the folder's icon... 
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The Fantastis icon....Very Good.
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Thanks! Glad you liked them!
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