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Clay Icons - A macOS Icon Pack


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Massive update! Celebrating the 10th edition of Clay Icons, my first iconpack ever that grew through the years.
It now has 750 icons, just like Tile Icons. In fact all of them have been revised and updated to match the new look adopted on that iconpack. This means that both iconpacks will receive parallel updates so they both remain up to date.

You can download it here!

I decided to share it as a folder so i don't have to upload everything again each time i need to change/update/add an icon.
I also included a folder with the previous edition in case you want an older version of an icon.

Made for macOS, compatible with Windows. Available as ICNS, ICO and PNG.

If you like what i do and want to support my work you can donate on mi ko-fi page
© 2017 - 2021 octaviotti
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Thank you so muuchhh❤❤❤

Thank you very much, they are excellent


first of all - amazing icon pack! Using it on a great deal of icons. Only thing I'm missing is an icon for foobar2000. Would it be possible to make one? I assume the .psd isn't publicly available, otherwise I'd make one myself.

Thank you!

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i love the icons a lot...they are so amazing but iam a work focused i use a lot of mails...a gmail and a yahoo mail icon would be amazing...i hope it isnt too much to ask

Hey, I absolutely love this icon pack! I'm only missing icons for a couple apps, if possible would you consider making app icons for Todoist and Sorted?

why i can't download it

Hey can u add JetBrains Rider icon? Thank you for your work. Your icons are awesome

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I follow this great icon pack since it was released, but it was always missing a Microsoft Whiteboard.

Am I asking too much for that? ^^'

Thank you for the nice work her

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You’re welcome!

so good man 🔥🔥

looking so beautiful . tnx all . i know a good apps use this .

When I take them on my Mac than the Icon is not loading I mean there is the PNG picture file

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verry nice Icon pack but cann you add icons for:

- TikTok


- Amazon

- 7 Days to die (game)

- green Spotify

thank you!

Hey, could u update facebook messenger icon? The icon now has a gradient and looks a little better than the old version. Amazing icons <3

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Could you please make an icon for Popcorn Time?

Beautiful icons btw.

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is beatifull ! thanks for upload <3

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how to get the icons?

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I love this, thanks and bye bye

AndiiKurniaa's avatar

I love your work! 🥰

can you add soundcloud icon? it would be great 😳

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