With all the chaos happening on DeviantART right now, I would like to make an announcement. For those of you who are staying and need some reassurance, this group will still be here and function as it always has, even with Eclipse. All of the groups run by me will remain open for anyone who are staying and would still like to be a community with us

*This is not meant as an insult to the protesters or the deviants who are leaving, that is your choice and I respect your cause. I want Da to stay the old site too, but I don't want to cause anymore tension. These are hard times

I know this group has been quiet, but know that we are still here, and I hope you are still enjoying the group. :heart:
:new: The gallery is now clean and open again. I will be going over it in more detail still to make sure all the content is Black Butler Oc related. Then it will be officially done

I noticed the gallery is in need of some major cleaning from letting it go a while, so I locked it temporarily.
All submissions will now be sent to the 'New Submissions' folder and I will fix it later

I will make an announcement once it is finished
:iconcautionplz: :iconcautionplz: :iconcautionplz:

Due the the recent spike in bully / troller / hater activity here on DeviantART, we are adding a new rule here...

It has been proven... some trouble makers have been creating anonymous accounts to say hurtful things and harass others

~ Now, all new members must have been a deviant for at least one month. NO exceptions ~

No, your friends cannot vouch for you, so you can get in sooner. Better safe than sorry

On a similar note, Anyone being bothered or harassed by another member of our group, please contact your admin, me SpiritAmong-Darkness
We do not tolerate poor behavior. Anyone caught doing this will be banned from the group

I'm sorry for the inconvenience.... but it will be worth it in the end. Thank you for your time

Good day / evening everyone~ Sebastian Michaelis (Hawt look) [V1] by Jerikuto
Your founder, SpiritAmong-Darkness here

I am happy to announce the opening of a new group, dedicated to our young master, Earl Ciel Phantomhive
:iconthe-ciel-fanclub: Pixel Rose - White version by emoticonpixel

All fans and artists are welcome!

It is currently being run by my second account. I expect to have the admin position switched to this one in time.

It'll function like my other groups, in hopes for it to remain active and be able to share your work freely

I'm pleased to announce the group has reached it's first milestone, reaching 100 members within the span of 6 months no less

Thank you and welcome to all who have joined :iconsebastiandesuplz: We hope your stay is a fun and enjoyable one

Don't forget to read over the rules on our group's home page

All that we ask too, is that you state clearly somewhere in the deviation you submit that there is a Black Butler / Kuroshitsuji Oc present, if they are in a pairing with others in the piece or just friends, and the race of your Oc (Demon, reaper, angel, etc)

It will be a lot easier on me when going through when straightening up or requesting work to the gallery

And a brief update, I will also be adding a few new folders soon to organize the group pictures into 'Family and Friends' and 'Enemies and Other Groups'

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