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Anny and Undertaker comic by FanasY
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Black Butler Pair Off Meme by SpiritAmong-Darkness
Page Dolls, Stamps, Icons, Pixels, etc
Vernon x Misty Pagedoll by SpiritAmong-Darkness
Oc Cosplay, Memorabilia, Game Avatars, etc
Terence's Old Cottage by SpiritAmong-Darkness

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Page Doll - AloisxTerence by The-TimeRunner Page Doll - AloisxTerence :iconthe-timerunner:The-TimeRunner 22 18 HappyStamp | TerencexAlois by WilnaahStamps HappyStamp | TerencexAlois :iconwilnaahstamps:WilnaahStamps 6 0 Commission 117 by Kyrigos Commission 117 :iconkyrigos:Kyrigos 12 2 I Admire You (RonaldxNarina Comic) by TheBlackIceKing I Admire You (RonaldxNarina Comic) :icontheblackiceking:TheBlackIceKing 2 1 Landon VS. Lusion (Eating) by MySancuaryLittlePony Landon VS. Lusion (Eating) :iconmysancuarylittlepony:MySancuaryLittlePony 3 14
Do You Love Her? | William T. Spears x Serena(OC)
William T. Spears x Serena (OC)
It hadn’t meant to take as long as it did. It was a simple task; go in, collect the soul and then leave. It seemed easy, it sounded easy, it was easy. But then she appeared, and as always, she ruined things. Not only did she startle him, appearing beside him like she’d always been there, but she distracted him to the point where he almost missed the time the man below’s death was supposed to be.
With a slight huff, William stepped off the roof, gracefully landing on his feet and walking calmly over to the man, who stood completely oblivious of his fate. He was looking down at something, some sort of piece of parchment, but William didn’t bother paying any attention to it. He was here for death, not pieces of pieces of writings.
William waited, ignoring the protests of the woman who stayed on the roof before huffing herself, until he finally saw the woman who would end the man in front of him. He stood a couple
:iconladycookiecupcake:LadyCookieCupcake 3 8
All Mine and All Yours|Alois Trancy (OC - Request)
Alois Trancy x Terence (OC)
Alois Trancy was always an extravagant young boy. At just the age of fourteen, he was understood far more than he should for someone so young, and often Terence would find himself wishing to shield the boy from the world, but Alois was nothing if not outgoing. He was loud and would not shy away from...more crazy situations.
So, honestly, when Terence knocked on the door to his master's office, after having been ordered there by said master, he hadn't expected much. Maybe he had expected Alois to order him to get him something that, that blasted Faustus wouldn't, or maybe just a demand to be in his company. Either he wouldn't mind, always willing to make his beloved young master happy, and so when he stepped into the room, he had stepped in with expectancy of being ordered to do something...
He had not expected to see Alois half way in a dress, trying to do the corset up while also trying to cover up his body. It
:iconladycookiecupcake:LadyCookieCupcake 6 16
Vlada and Luis~ by SonyaMoon666 Vlada and Luis~ :iconsonyamoon666:SonyaMoon666 37 1 That Reaper, Happy Together (Commission) by The-TimeRunner That Reaper, Happy Together (Commission) :iconthe-timerunner:The-TimeRunner 18 9 That Reaper, Hazy (Commission) by The-TimeRunner That Reaper, Hazy (Commission) :iconthe-timerunner:The-TimeRunner 14 13 COMM - Hey! by ElfBean COMM - Hey! :iconelfbean:ElfBean 23 6 Oc Sketch Dump 2 (Commission) by Pink--Reptile Oc Sketch Dump 2 (Commission) :iconpink--reptile:Pink--Reptile 15 5 That Butler, Oriental by The-TimeRunner That Butler, Oriental :iconthe-timerunner:The-TimeRunner 16 3 Those Butlers, their Danse Macabre (bonus) by The-TimeRunner Those Butlers, their Danse Macabre (bonus) :iconthe-timerunner:The-TimeRunner 18 6 Let Us Dance For You by MySancuaryLittlePony Let Us Dance For You :iconmysancuarylittlepony:MySancuaryLittlePony 4 5 Swamp princess by SonyaMoon666 Swamp princess :iconsonyamoon666:SonyaMoon666 35 2

About Us

Welcome all Black Butler / Kuroshitsuji Oc fans and artists

This group was founded to spread love for your characters belonging to this anime / manga, and give them a place to go, where they may develop a fan base

There are no requirements necessary. All that we ask is that you follow a few group guidelines of ours


Tini Red Rose by King-Lulu-Deer All submissions must be related to an Oc or fan character
Tini Red Rose by King-Lulu-Deer Please submit deviations to the right folder
Tini Red Rose by King-Lulu-Deer Be kind to others. Treat your fellow members with respect
Tini Red Rose by King-Lulu-Deer New members NEED to have been on DeviantART for over a month
Tini Black Rose by King-Lulu-Deer No haters / trollers / flamers
Tini Black Rose by King-Lulu-Deer No stolen or traced art (Including colored over screenshots)
Tini Black Rose by King-Lulu-Deer No vulgar art outside of DeviantART rules
Tini Black Rose by King-Lulu-Deer No anti-Oc art, stamps, etc
Tini Black Rose by King-Lulu-Deer No advertising on the group wall
Tini White Rose by King-Lulu-Deer We support Canon x Oc and Oc x Oc pairings
Tini White Rose by King-Lulu-Deer Yaoi and Yuri are welcome
Tini White Rose by King-Lulu-Deer Base work and art made from doll maker games such as Doll Divine or Rinmaru Games are also allowed

With all the chaos happening on DeviantART right now, I would like to make an announcement. For those of you who are staying and need some reassurance, this group will still be here and function as it always has, even with Eclipse. All of the groups run by me will remain open for anyone who are staying and would still like to be a community with us

*This is not meant as an insult to the protesters or the deviants who are leaving, that is your choice and I respect your cause. I want Da to stay the old site too, but I don't want to cause anymore tension. These are hard times

I know this group has been quiet, but know that we are still here, and I hope you are still enjoying the group. :heart:
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