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Welcome to our original character party-themed art jam group! This post is to help get you acclimated and give you more time for enjoying yourself, and less time scratching your head wondering what we're all about here at OC Party Time. So let's start with the bare necessities...

     :bulletblue: art jam - when a group of artists/creators get together and all make similarly themed content.

We are proposing that YOU be part of this group! Our theme is, of course, PARTIES! CHARACTERS attending parties! What kinds of parties, you ask? Well, we switch 'em up every three or-so months. This means you get four parties a year, where dress code, activities, menu, music, and guests will vary every time! If the current party isn't your bag, wait for the next invitation and see if it's more your taste. Being a member of the group will never necessitate that you MUST participate or send a guest to every event... simply join in when you like, whenever you like, and with as many characters as you like!

Oh, and a little note on that... We don't mean to pop anyone's balloon, but we only allow original characters. That's where the "OC" in the title comes in. Sorry about that. There's more about that in the rules.

Here is how it works: you create any kind of picture or written entry you'd like to represent your original character at the current party, and submit it to the proper section. That's it! You may submit as much (or as little!) as you like. This means whether you want to draw a single sketch of your character rockin’ some hats-n’-spats, or create a multi-page sequential masterpiece that shows a detailed step-by-step waltz, you are welcome, either way!

We accept all of the following types of media:

     :bulletred: sketch

     :bulletyellow: traditional/digital drawing

     :bulletpink: full illustration

     :bulletblue: comic

     :bulletorange: prose

     :bulletpurple: script or screenplay

     :bulletred: I dunno, what did you have in mind? Ask a mod if you're unsure!

So long as you find a way to show us that your character is attending… you're good! Also, please don’t hesitate to create art that shows what happens PRIOR to the event, such as your character getting ready and preparing, if that sparks your interest.

At the start of a party, you'll always-always be able to find these things in the Featured gallery:

     :bulletred: An invitation that states theme, activities, and dates the party will be active

     :bulletyellow: A menu showing you what's available for noshing

     :bulletblue: A music prompt post where you can help us make a party playlist

We also, when applicable, will include:

     :bulletpink: A venue map that will show you where the party is being hosted

Once we reach the end date, everything will be archived into a sub-folder for that party theme, and we'll start a new one. Any other questions, comments, concerns, or compliments? Well, as always, there's a bit more in the rules, but also do not hesitate to give a shout to any of your generous hosts - Sephiramy, Kayzig, or geekysideburns!

We hope to see you at the party!
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Cool!!! I love making ocs, such fun...