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Deviation Actions

We like to keep things fun, here, but of course for EVERYONE to have fun, this means there are a couple of things to keep in mind, so as to ensure that all our guests feel welcome and no one has their right to party infringed upon.

First, here's the simple stuff:

:bulletpurple: Be sure you submit to the correct folder - anything drawn goes into Illustrations, anything written goes into Prose or Script, and anything where you feature someone else's character in a significant way (more on that below*) goes into Character Interactions.

:bulletorange: Please make sure you submit during the days the party is active! If you miss the cut-off day, please understand why we might not make exceptions. The dates are what they are. We can't help if you found out about a particular party late in the attendance period, or if other time-chomping complications may have come up beyond your (and CERTAINLY beyond our) control.

Phew! So, there's that. Now with the technical jibber-jabber out of the way, there are a few other things you ought to know:

:bulletred: All characters must be your original creation. This also means they must not exist in someone else's IP, or show/movie/game/etc. etc. unless, you know, it's your friend's IP or something. (We know how it is to have creative partners. :D) Now, if they BEGAN as a fan-character but later became your own thing separate of the IP... that's fine! But please no characters that you, yourself, have not created.

:bulletyellow: You may send as many characters as you like. This also includes characters belonging to your friends (assuming you have their permission, or know that they would be comfortable with it), and cameos of other characters. Be sure to ask permission or work out details if you intend to include a cameo and aren't sure on what's okay with their creator! Remember to follow the folder guidelines above: if you simply have some other guests milling around in the background, that would go in the normal Illustrations or Prose and Script galleries. *However, if your characters actually INTERACT, either by having a dialogue or directly affecting the other, either through actions like dancing, hanging out, sharing drinks or food, or basically anything of that nature, we would like that to go into the Character Interactions folder, so that everyone can easily keep track of their character perhaps needing to respond or react, if they so choose. Anything illustrative, written, comic-centric, or of any other deviation type can go into this gallery!

:bulletpink: Don't worry if you don't use the venue map exactly. We allow a lot of leeway for creativity, so if you don't want to set your deviation in EXACTLY what we've set up for you, just be sure you're using the correct theme. We realize involvement and attention to accuracy may vary, and that's okay!

:bulletblue: Read the invitation and other supplemental materials! We promise they will help and should answer most of your questions. If they don't, feel free to leave a comment or otherwise let us know.

:bulletorange: Be respectful to your fellow guests. This means no harassing comments, messages, notes, or other correspondence. This also means no harming, accosting, or otherwise manipulating them in ways they do not approve of within your deviations. Of course you can contact each other to work out cameos and mingling, and we encourage you to check out the chatroom and meet other guests, but we expect you to know the difference between communication and aggravation. Should we find anyone is behaving in this manner, they will be immediately banned from the group. Being persona non grata is so not cute.

:bulletpurple: We'd like to try and avoid explicit content. This means no mature deviations - no blood/violence or nudity, please! (We understand that sometimes cursing happens, though, and will tend to give um, colorful language a pass.) If you aren't sure or don't trust your own discretion, you can always ask a mod!

:bulletred: Pay attention to the party details, and please understand that themes cannot always please everyone. While we don't mind if someone shows up dressed in an unusual fashion (not everyone owns a tux or swim-trunks or whatever else the theme might call for, after all), and we will turn a blind eye to party crashers (how are we to know the party is any good if people aren't desperate enough to sneak in?), we do try to pick the themes that we pick for a reason, and if it doesn't sound like something you would enjoy, you are free to sit it out until the next one comes up... or the one after that... or, hey, maybe parties just aren't your thing! That's okay, too, but then we might recommend a different group. On that note, we are not currently accepting party theme suggestions. We have parties lined up for the next three years (yowza!), but if we need any input from our members, we'll certainly let you all know.

:bulletyellow: If you have any questions or concerns, please contact a moderator! Sephiramy, Kayzig, or geekysideburns would all be happy to help sort things out for you.

:bulletpink: Most importantly of all... It's a party! Have fun!
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