11/16 - Masquerade Extension

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Greetings, to all our lovely guests! As I'm sure you know, the Masquerade was scheduled to end on the 19th, but as I'm sure you've already picked up on from the journal title to the last use of the word "was", plans are being changed. We are extending the Masquerade to end on 11/26. We just need a little extra time to prepare clean-up and preparation for the next event, given that even in real-life, this is a busy time of year with much to-do and planning.

We hope that all sits well with you, and you are still enjoying participation and observation of the current festivities!
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OH THANK THE GODS I was feeling like total trash because I was sure I wasn't going to make it. Thank you!
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YAY! I was literally working on a totally last-minute entry right now and regretting not having time to send more characters!

Hahahahaha, real life, yeah, tell me about it... I got a totally unexpected job right at the beginning of November and of course it's due before Thanksgiving along with another job and it's eaten up ALL the time I thought I'd have for this or anything else whatsoever. SO MUCH FOR PLANS. ^^;
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Real life happens! :nod: I was looking forward for the next event to happen next week but really I have enough on my to-do list to find what to fill an extra week with.