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Welcome to OC Party Time!

This is an art jam group for original characters to get together and have a good time! We cycle to a different theme every few months, and you can jump in any time you like. Feel free to take a look around, grab a drink, and don't be afraid to mingle!

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If you found the formalities of a masquerade ball - bright-colored costumes aside - a bit stuffy, then we invite you to start 2015 with a far wilder bang! Loosen up and celebrate at a NEW YEARS BASH! You can find just about everything you need on the invitation:

You're invited to a New Years Bash! by ocpartytime-mod

And if there is anything you CAN'T find there, maybe try retracing your steps, stick with a friend (the buddy system!), or perhaps just ask a mod! We want you to have the time of your life, and that doesn't tend to happen when one is too confused to know up from down.

Or, well, I mean, if that's your thing... sometimes that is when you start having the MOST fun.

All the important finer details you might need about our group should be included in the links off to the side. We like to think it's all pretty straight forward, though:

   :bulletred: Join Our Group!

   :bulletyellow: Make some properly-themed party art of your original character(s)!

   :bulletpink: Submit...

   :bulletblue: ...and mingle with other guests, if you like!

If it's anything trickier than that, maybe save it for once you've sobered up, but it never hurts to seek out a moderator or co-moderator for assistance. More than anything, we want you to have a fabulous time - so what are you waiting for? Let's live it up!
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What has happened no new updates?!
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Man, I come back from hiatus and I've missed all the partying. D: Ah, well. I can't wait until the next one! :3
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I'm thinking there should be another Pool Party this summer :D I kinda wanna make a Visual Novel based on the events of last year's :P
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Started early this time! :D
Fancy clothes yeaaah! (and it gives me a chance to draw a new OC too! :D )
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After not participating in the first two events, I am working on art for the current party. Because I am probably gonna use this as an excuse to draw everybody in fancy party clothes. 
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Third try er time's a charm I guess (sorry I was thinking I had a couple more days on the other party and was gonna try to squeak in at the 11th hour) 
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Oh crap, it's November already... I might sit this one out after all and bounce back with the next party! I can't catch a break this autumn, it seems... :saddummy:
Ann-Cygnus Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2014
Can I join in, with my OCs?
Sephiramy Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Sure thing! Just join up as a member and you should be able to submit to the galleries. c:
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Thank you. :)
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