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What has happened no new updates?!
Man, I come back from hiatus and I've missed all the partying. D: Ah, well. I can't wait until the next one! :3
I'm thinking there should be another Pool Party this summer :D I kinda wanna make a Visual Novel based on the events of last year's :P
Started early this time! :D
Fancy clothes yeaaah! (and it gives me a chance to draw a new OC too! :D )
After not participating in the first two events, I am working on art for the current party. Because I am probably gonna use this as an excuse to draw everybody in fancy party clothes. 
Third try er time's a charm I guess (sorry I was thinking I had a couple more days on the other party and was gonna try to squeak in at the 11th hour) 
Oh crap, it's November already... I might sit this one out after all and bounce back with the next party! I can't catch a break this autumn, it seems... :saddummy: