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Second for Silvery! I'm on a bit of a roll cranking these suckers out! One more before all the claimed ones on this batch is completed!

This one took me a little bit of thinking of how to interpret the prompts, but once I hit on something, it was fun pursuing something I don't see very often - Basilisks are surprisingly not often seen here, at least not in their hexapod forms. There's just something about doing monitor bodies, with their slinky chonk musculature.

- Angry - When it comes to large lizards, most folks are aware they can be quite moody noodlecats when it suits them, but visually I added in plenty of scutes from crocodillians, and throat spines found in Iguanas, who are notorious for being fickle buggers. Not to mention getting whapped by an iguana tail is not a fun time for the recipient.

- Sharp - A two-parter in translation - what are squamates known for? Sharp sharp claws and pointy pointy teeth. So I threw in the curved talons of arboreal monitors, the recurved teeth of boas and other cone-toothed carnivorous reptiles, and plumped them up with the huge neck muscles notorious in monitors, and majority of lizard species.

- Hidden - This one had me thinking for a while on how to approach, and I remembered that most animals that are brightly colored are either counter-camouflage (stripes breaking up profile) or warning of being venomous/poisonous. There is also the hide-and-hit tactic a lot of repitles use to obtain food, so why not combine all three into a kind of super-monitor apex predator you do not want to cross during a caravan across arid deserts.

-This design came from this palette group! If you're interested in getting one, there's still one available, and stay tuned for the next batch! -

Character (c) - :iconsilverystormwing: SilveryStormWing
Art (c) 2019 - Myself
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