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I must inform you that folders ,,Submit here" are not available anymore. Already we have enough deleting fanarts/random arts and journals all the time. That why I decided close these folders and return to 100% system voting.
I hope that many will understand and will respect our decision.
That is all from my side.
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Manga comics
Jamie Jupiter Season1 Episode4 Page2 by KarToon12
Jamie Jupiter Season1 Episode4 Page3 by KarToon12
OC page 25 by EJtheDemonKid
Twitch Plays Pokemon - The Unova Legacy of Bill by MadHatter-Himself
Fairy Tail - Exceed - Dollar Bones - Victory by SophieScarlet
Flash games

Mature Content

Dress up game- Zangiri by fenkata114
OCs cosplay
Everyday Mireille-chan cosplay 3 by XMireille-chanX
Merona Style exercices meme by CatharsisGaze
Submit here
joanczyks character outfit by kejtTENSHA
Submit here 2
Sanji in My Homies Still by TsukiNoKatana


:meow: Feel free, if you have visible "affiliates"~~ :meow:


#GetWatchers help artists to share their creativity, increase their audience and get more feedback by getting more exposure and pageviews. If you want more exposure of your arts, constructive critics, watchers and/or if you would like to discover new talented artists, come join us :pointr: Here :pointl:.


This group for people, whose loves anime/manga. :meow:


:heart: The request of a member is accepted automatically.
:heart: Please put in the right folder.
:heart: Only OC. Fan OCs are allowed too. Fan arts (If the art of groups/couple hasn't any OCs) will be removed.
:heart: You can draw cute, yaoi, yuri, sexy... whatever you want.
:heart: Do not put art is not yours!!!
:heart: Now limit is 3 arts per day.
:heart: If your art has expired, please submit it again. I could unintentionally overlooked.
:heart: If your OC was been declined, that mean you put in wrong folder. So do not be discouraged and try to add to another.

Folders (which frequently cause problem) :
:heart: Single girls - Alone girl (Anthro is allowed).
:heart: Single boys - Alone boy (Anthro is allowed).
:heart: Couple Friends - Relationships of two people. Person with any animals please put in single.
:heart: Groups - Three or more people.
:heart: Animals - Animals, ponies, dragons, pokemons etc.
:heart: OCs cosplay - Photography your OC. Not any art here.









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ReeSell Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2019
BiancaRoseTV Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2019  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hello everyone!
Looking for a cute,neat,colorful,high quality traditional anime commission? no problem! you just found what you're looking for here! because I'm open for commissions! 
How lucky you ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Here are some examples of my artworks:

Astrid Corinne by BiancaRoseTV   [COM] Blanca Kurie by BiancaRoseTV   [COM] Ailla by BiancaRoseTV   Bottle Miku by BiancaRoseTV   

Check the journal down below for the commissions info!

Commission Info!Statue: open
Latest update: 17.6.2019


Comment below or send a note with the following form:
Character name: (the full  name of the character)
Character personality traits: (likes/dislikes ,cute,evil,sad...ect)
References: (1-2 references with all visible details, you may also add a link to stash/toyhouse  with all the pictures of your character).

When your order is confirmed, that means I started to draw it and there is no way back.
cherry blossom Payment: only points! cherry blossom 

I draw: females, Males, Kemonomimi, fanarts, cute and kawaii.I don't draw: muscly men, NSFW, Animals, +18 c

Hope you're interested! if you are, what are you waiting for? feel free to order one! and don't miss the chance for such a neat commission! <3
legendarysilrox101 Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2019  Hobbyist Artist
Silro and Emerald Lee  by legendarysilrox101   Emerald Lee  by legendarysilrox101   Emerald by legendarysilrox101  
legendarysilrox101 Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2019  Hobbyist Artist
Sonic tiger adopts (OPEN) by legendarysilrox101   two adopts for 60 points each(OPEN) by legendarysilrox101   Sonic Tiger ocs adopts (OPEN) by legendarysilrox101  
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