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well. I'd be not ready but I must to go.
This Sunday I' be for the first time in a
comicon with my stuff... so nervous!
Well, let's see.
The only important thing is that noone throw me tomatoes! :D


rinnovo l'invito a chi volesse, di venire a trovarmi ;)…
aggiunta la pagina con gli autori partecipanti! La la la la…

porterò alcune illustrazioni, che trovate postate qui, in fiera.
Se vi va di vederle in cartaceo... ;)
Quest'anno ho deciso di partecipare per la prima volta a un evento!!!! Sono pazzo.. :D
E la scelta è caduta sul Naoniscon di Pordenone , per vicinanza e comodità e 
perché diciamocelo, a me piace molto com'è organizzato e strutturato questo evento!:la:

Per cui se qualcuno fosse un mio fan sfegatato, un mio critico spietato, un curioso o
semplicemente avesse voglia di fare quattro chiacchiere e due scarabocchi al di fuori dell'ambiente virtuale,
io mi troverò il 20 maggio in Area Self  come illustratore per passarmi una bella giornata
nell'ambiente che mi piace di più a fare quello che mi diverte di più!

Vi aspetto eh! :D ;)

Vi lascio anche il link alla manifestazione in cui troverete  tutte le informazioni utili (anche se voleste partecipare !!)…

Sry guys, this journal is most intended for Italian people because it's a small event in Italy;
but if you want to come to see me, i'm waiting for you!!! You're ever welcome!! :)  

for further info, see the link below (sry it's in Italian)…


aggiunta la pagina con gli autori partecipanti! :la:…
Well, as someone of you probably have noticed,
recently my production had a decrease.
This has a pair of causes:
-I have less time
-I'm thinking about the nonsense of making a lot of sketches without quality
-I noticed my skills aren't improving 

so, as I before warned you,
I begun to organize and develop a comic project of mine.
Actually, this is an old project I put away two years ago
because I was not prepared , motivated or whatever else.

I decided to refresh all.
I wrote a main general plot +the  complete plot of the pilot episode.
... too many 'p'.....
I'm studying the secondary charachters  and remaking the protagonists.
Finally, I did the layout sketches for first and second page of pilot episode.

I think to finish at least 5 completed pages (b/w, ink on paper) before uploading.

If you have some suggestion or just a comment , feel free to express yourself.

Thank you so much for all your daily support.
It makes the difference, I can assure!!

Cya dears!!
Today is a sad sad day. I lost my little sweet love Loki. 
I feel a sense of void in my heart... some of you can understand I know..
So, if I'll be not present in following days, please excuse me.



LUV U ALL!!!!!

300 Watchers THANK YOU!!!!! by OcioProduction

A HUG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Go and watch her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I mean NOW!!!!
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I just want to thank some of my most active supporters. I love you so!!!!!! Let me hug you! Natsuki Shinomiya (Super hug) [V1] Big Hug 

GO to visit their pages and gallery!!!! Come on ! come on!!!!!!!

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Guys, Ladies! I must apologise, but the minimum time I have to draw and paint and practice forces me to reduce the time I can spend here on dA. 
Don't get angry for my late or absent responses or contacts. I appreciate enormously your comments and faves and messages and hugs, I want you know that I love you ALL!
But I must to profit by every hour I can steal to the evening after job, so my presence here in the next period will be at the minimum..just to submit something and reply quickly to some of yours comments. I MUST to improve, I WANT to do it,  I NEED this to change my life in every way possible. So try to understand, I know you easily can 

A great hug, yours Ocio
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Because I had some extra amount of work lately, I didn't respect the weekly deadline to submit the 3rd prologue page of MrTengu.
So, I decided to draw at last 4-5 pages of comic in advance before submitting a new page, in order to be able to show you the work regularly even if I were to have unexpected problems during the week.
Please be patient, and if you have some sensible tips on my comic, please tell me ;)
Thank you for your support !!!
Hey, I'm working ;) 
I plan to submit a page of "MrTengu" every week. I'll post the completed 1st page of Prologue ( filled balloons) whithin tomorrow.
From Monday 29th the second page, and so on.... I hope I'll mantain a certain regularity (job allowing....:bademoticon: ) :)  bye and cya soon!!!!
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Begin, at last!!! This is the absolute 1#st page of the official MrTengu comic (diaogues excluded).

MrTengu Prologue 001- blank balloon

After a long preparation and design of charachters , scenery and general storyline I feel finally ready to start
my completely personal comic. 
I'm really a bit excited and nervous,  I must to admit Bunny Emoji-83 (Oh you) [V5] 
Times will be forcedly long because my "regular" job as technical drafter, but I hope to offer you a good  ( or at least enjoyable)
In the next weeks, as the story will develop, I'll prepare some basic files of the charachters and the background of MrTengu world.

Well, tomorrow morning I'll have a little surgical operation, so don't be angry if I'll not replay you for the next 3-4 days.
Ok? Cya later :hug: ;)
AHHHHHHH! I CAN'T BELIEVE !!!! 200 WATCHERS FOR MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEBig Fool Emoji-07 (Cry) [V2] Squee! Fool Emoji-47 (Star) [V5]   I LOVE YOU GUYS Natsuki Shinomiya (Super hug) [V1] Big Fool Emoji-28 (High Five YES) [V4] 
AND I LOVE YOU TOO BEAUTIFUL LADIES!!!!! Bunny Emoji-24 (Wave Kiss) [V2] :Heart Love: 



Well, Lucca Comics&Games is ended, I'm back home and at my job!! Thanks all visitors during these days, and excuse me for the late replies....
If you want to see some photos of cosplays I took in these days:…
It will be updated in the next days, so stay tuned ;)

update: some photo submitted, take a look ;)
AH ! as promised, although I'm late, her another part of feature!!!! ENJOY!!!! I COMMAND YOU!!!! XD

Deinocheirus in 'Don't Forget to Duck' by Smnt2000 Beast Master! Do you love dinosaurs and other prehistoric stuff? Well, you'll love his work

Strange friends by bemain she's bbbeautiful and TALENTED!!! wow! :rose:

Not Like Them by mislyd well, how to say? YEAH!!!

Uruk-hai Warlord by francesco-biagini francesco-biagini.deviantart.c… now,I can do nothing but dry the blood from my eyes......

excuses by anastipanic DAT PICTURES!!!!!!!!!!!!! :la:

[LoL strip] Everyone's a critic by do you know Lol?  Well, he/she  makes it REAL!!!! *_*

Thank you all for supporting this amazing, great, extra artists!!!!!!
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More 'n' more variety in this second part of my feature journal!! Enjoy 
Our Hero! by NinaWolverina as I promise you MUAHAHHAHAHAHA ( ;) :hug: ) she deserves more attention , people!!

Niederstotzingen lamellar armor by enrico-ors-91 TAKE a look to this man, guys!!!!!!! More and more crafting, drawing and COMBAT!!! YYARRRRRR!!!

Queen Bette by TheGalleryOfEve lovely, and one of the most kind person on dA ( and she make a LOT of stuff)
Krampus commission by marklaszlo666 hey, I go mad for his style ( I wonder why :D ;)  )
about stone by Karviniya  o yes, SHE's a master of tattooes!!! heyy 
Milla beating Zombies by raultrevino man, you ROCK!!!!!!!!!! 
stairways by scheinbar ah, this Lady with hers incredible eye :rose:

stay tuned for more and more featured art!!!!!
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Ah! Since I'm a bad bad person, I never featured noone of a lot of amazing artists I know here on dA. Time to repair!!!!!!

To begin, the BRO!!…
ADRIEL - Police Robot Enforcer by The-Last-Phantomthank you man for all the support!!!

the supersweet and amazing photographer :
When the whole world comes crashing down by Nikonfinest :la: I'm mad for this pic

the multitalented   :rose:
Seer of the Dust City by pin100 ;)

a visionary photographer and great supporter that delight me with his pics
The Light... by soultaker82heyyyyyyyyy!!!! :D
now, a girl whose works I ADORE literally 
Happy Holidays! by SayuriMVRomei hi deaaar!! :rose:

And last but not least,  a beautiful & special person to me on dA
moth and owl (2in1) by ViviCastleI ever wish you the best :hug:

NOW, this is ONLY THE FIRST PART,  so don't come to whine to me if you are not here. I must feature a LOT of people an I need time and more more more journals, for all you that I love!! 
Tuned, guys!!! ;)
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Since actually I'm very busy at job and home, I decided to suspend commissions. 
I'll finish works in progress, but for a while I can't accept others... Have patience, I'm only an ugly geezer living alone:youcrazykidsgetoffmylawn: 

Life is stressing sometimes.........stress 

aGH! I had edited the journal because megamistakes... this is stress  stress stress stress stress stress 
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Commissions opened for a while. 


All my drawings are traditional made, I don't use digital tablet yet ( because I have no one yet :D)


:cute pencil: Pencil sketch (single figure)    5 :points:  ( +3 points each figure more)

2nd entry for liv's contest Inked sketch (single figure)  10 :points:  ( +10 points each figure more)

Scared of the emote Pencil/inked drawing +shadows (single figure)  40 :points:  ( +35 points each figure more)

Town Walk Scene with environment from 100 :points: , price could change depending by scene's complexity

Since this is my first commission time, I'll accept a maximum of 5 commissions, because I don't know
exactly how much time this work coud take me ( and I have a job and a private life to manage too ;) ). 

So, if you are interested, please leave a comment on this journal and send me a note with your request.
Payment will be required after the work will be finished, with a low res preview before definitive delivery.

I DON'T draw:

-sexual themes ( included yaoi, yuri and related)
-anything could disturb me =P (Razz)