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Ocie's godmother and Sabreona's sister, she's known to many as Lynonna of Strange Medicine. She is a doctress and possesses a mastery over her spirit color allowing her botanical manipulation. She spends most of her days developing remedies for the very few illness Leopora are capable of contracting. She's singlehandedly cured and inoculated many of her species against deadly diseases which is in part why kitties are so resilient. She believes there's not a single problem nature doesn't have the tools to fix. She also played a big role in Profelina's modernization in harmony with the environment. As one of the few doctresses of her caliber, she likes to make herself as available as possible should the people need her, while also seeking out other powerful doctresses.
Young Ocie and Margo
Self explanatory I guess.
Little miss Ocie-cat wears the same draped skirt thingy she wears as an grown up. These kitties have identifying colors and styles they carry with them to maturity. Not all cats do this, but Ocie and Margo have.
Cats are young for about twice the length of humans, reaching grown up-ness around a human's mid to late 40s.
Young Ocie is just as weird, goofy, and smart as big Ocie but with completely butchered English.
Margo speaks no English.
I actually came up with a long intricate backstory for them that can actually be it's own whole story. It involves like all 5 or so other cats i have and maybe some other characters/races.
You'll never see or hear any of it because that would require me to draw and write a slew of stuff. I can't even do my homework which is essentially the same thing smh
You can ask me personally about the story part if you REALLY wanna know I guess
I can't do backgrounds so I put pretty bright colors that can be grass and sky if you want.
Pink sky
Olie(Ocie) and Mara(Margo)
Olie (Olicica) and Mauriel (Mara)
I'm not sure how to pronounce Olie's name even tho i made it up...I forgot lol

These are Ocie and Margo if they were human. I like not having to remember to leave room for their fur puffs, freedom to choose more human outfits.... although I guess their clothes could work with their fur.
Fun fact I guess ... this is more or less how Ocie's hair was originally intended to look but I couldn't do it back then, and now it's just a pain to draw that many lines again. . again. ... and again.

They're still twins but since they're human, fraternal.
Mara is the more responsible disciplined sister, supporting Olie financially. She has two jobs, one in a boring office and the other she works from home as her career... idk what it is yet... but she's cool with them.
Olie is a super genius. She finished highschool at 12 and college at 15. She got a master's in like 3 fields by the time she was 20.... but she doesn't do anything with them cause she's too busy being a giant child smh... She sucks at socializing cause she's oblivious to people. She just stays home and makes money from commissions or digital comics. To her, the only reason she finished school so early was so she could gtf outta there. She doesn't think she's smart and doesn't pay enough attention to other people to compare. She sucks at social cues so she never picks up when people are romantically interested in her. Even if she did, she's too lazy (or oblivious) to maintain or understand a relationship. She got a speeding ticket once but didn't want to think about it so she forfeited her license instead..smh..
Mara has to be a boring grown up to compensate for her dodo sister. She doesn't really mind tho cause Olie is so dumb it's morbidly entertaining.
Olie's room is a mess with lewd pics she uses as references, if anyone saw it they'd think she's some kind of pervert. She's also a gifted singer but refuses to sing around people.
Mara can draw too but prefers not to, she thinks it's a waste of her time to devote that much precision to something so pointless. Shes lowkey a skilled fighter in the event she has to protect her sister.

I'm sure I had more but I don't remember right now
They own 18 cats
Ocie and Margo
Ocie and her twin sister Margo.
In rp, Ocie is ScarlettDragon1's cat because Ocie is weird and her instincts lead her to treat the dragon like her owner.
Margo is like a more disciplined and aggressive version of Ocie
The Dragon Lady
ScarlettDragon1's oc and my oc Ocie's owner in rp
I was gonna put her staff thingy but there were already so many lines and things I was tired of redrawing/going over... plus I couldn't remember what it looked like. 

I asked what she wore on her "human half" and she likes things that can go around her monster hips and dark colors. I added chainmail type thing cause I figured the rest of her was pretty well covered by natural armor except thighs which are sensitive so I'd give her something external along with random kitty gifts


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