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Start spread love instead of making war on Eclipse.

I simply came on a crazy,but great idea.

Instead of attacking Eclipse,

use your brain as I do!


If you have an own profile,

you make Admins happy!

If you have an own group,

you make Admins happy!

This is true that,

as long you dont hurt someone with your Username,

or groupname,

you can spread your creativity out through the whole page.

Deviantart is a very creative,open and tollerant page,

where you enjoy a lot of freedom,

and you should be thankful for this!

I take from you out your Eclipse-War-Depression.

I think we should do something,

to get back the childish people,

who run away because of hating Eclipse.

Maybe to spread the awesome idea,

it will be work.

Im proud,

that I am the only one person who think about the Idea.

I understand,

why the old Link to classic was outdated and have to be updated:

Look at this picture:

The enabled Stick menu,

a complete chaos,

where(for example)the Prints Shop is written twice.

Thats the chaos from an old,

outdated link.

So the admins make anything fresh and new,

so Prints Shop is now shown once in Eclipse like it should be.

enable(Stick Menu)(1)

Im self dont like Eclipse.

The two most important features of Eclipse(an awesome dark design+Delete comments),

could be intregrated in Classic,

instead of forcing a bugged page to us.

One of the Eclipse features,

who most pisses me off,

is the stupid Gallery snake,

the flated like a carton less worth Folders,

and that Scraps are at the end of the Gallerysnake,

and dont even count on your page as deviation:

Gallery Snake

That are all reasons for me to leave Eclipse.

Even if I stay.

As I closed one of my groups a brilliant idea leave my brain.

Here is now the awesome idea,

of which I was talking about the whole journal.

The GROUPS and Forums have the old classicdesign,



You would give your live

for getting back the old Classic Deviantart!?

You would shot your brother,

kill your Hamster to get classic Deviantart Back!?

I tell you how:

Im myself and no one other person,

(Im proud of it)

When the Deviation/Art/Upload is Just Right (icon)

plan to tell you that I make a new group,

and I make from the new Group MY OWN DEVIANTART-CLASSIC GALLERY-PROFILE!!!!!

Im not a terrorist,

dont shot at me and dont ban me and this account!!!

I mean look at a group,

it has a gallery-host for your pictures LIKE YOUR PROFILE HAS.

Here are the steps,

how to"win"your Classic back:



I mean lovely group.

Use as group name your username.

Be the Admin of the group.

As long as your Username or Groupname dont harm others,

you can use that.

Dont better call yourself"Hitler on Fire",

or you get in trouble:xd:

Why not useing a GROUP as your own Gallery or second CLASSIC-PROFILE on Eclipse!?

I see,

leave your hated Eclipse profile,

make the Gallery clean,

create a new group and maki from the group your own Gallery Profile in Classic style!

If you do,

you will win!

(As long as your Group-Profile)dont have on the page:

Too much Politic,

Rascism and discrimination,

Fotos of mutilated animals and humans,

Sex or child Pornography,


you can feel free to play around your new group.

You can open a group(whatever your creativity let you flow,

as LONG AS IT FOLLOWS Deviantart Terms of use.

No Administrator cares about it,

if you make a group and are ignored and have less members,

he have not the right to close your group,

because of inactivity.

without that you Founder do that!

Even if you make an own Classic Profil in your own created group

I have now make pictures from the old group,

and show you the Pros and Contras of making an own Group as your Classicprofile.

As long as Admins have not a problem with it,

I try to create a new group and use it for my own picturegallery!

As long as I dont harm others with my pictures/group,

anything will be fine=)

MAKE FROM YOUR GROUP YOU(your userprofile)!!



+ Plus (Symbols) Its the once option to get your loved green classicprofile back!!!

Old look

+ Plus (Symbols) People ask,

why they have not the classic widget"Visitors"back in Eclipse.

If you make your own group"Profile",

you have"Visitors".


+ Plus (Symbols) Your folders will look like this:

You cry to tears because you miss that so much.

This you get in your Group-Profile:


+ Plus (Symbols) In Eclipse are the people very angry,

because at first were the empty folders invisible,

if there is no art in it.

They fixed it a bit and the invisible folders with no/empty art are now visible only for you!

Thats still a scandal for a lot of people.

But have you your art in a group,

thats Classic style,

and even the empty folders look good and are everytime visible,

including the girl/Mona Lisa.

like the Stupid Gallery Snake from Eclipse:

Gallery Snake

+ Plus (Symbols) Another Plus is that if you click"New Folder"on your group Profile,

that the system add to"Devious Folder"a number"Devious Folder 2,then 3,etc.

+ Plus (Symbols) That what I write now is super awesome:

You can have in your Gallery 160 Folders

and in your Favorites Collection 250 Folders!

Stupid Deviantart,

the attention for others is MORE IMPORTANT as YOURSELF!!

Normally on your new Eclipseprofile you can have:

160 Folders normal Gallery or,

160 Folders Watchers Gallery or,

160 Folders Premium Gallery,

so if you choose one of the Gallery,

you can have at last 160 Folders in one of the three chosen Gallery.


this opens and asks for pictures from your own Gallery.

That means it is nothing bad to put your pictures to YOUR CREATED GROUP,

or even to a group created by another person:

If I ask

So I think that my idea is not bad of creating a group for only my art,

calling it my classic Profile.


In Favorites on your Eclipsepage,

you can only add Work from others,

not your own work.

But in the Group Favorites you can even submit YOUR own Deviation to the Favorites.

Not being a narcisstical asshole or egoist,

but use folders smart.

So let us do math and trick Deviantart:

If in your self created group,

for your Classicprofile,

you can make in the Gallery 160 folders(and put in your own art),

and in the Group Favorites Collection 250 folders(and put in your own art),

so you can have in a Group for your own art:


meanwhile you can on your lame Eclipsepage only have 160(for example)Premiumfolders.

As Non-Coremember you can be an admin of three groups!!!

Would you use these 3 groups as own Classicgallery Profileaccount,

(one Group account for Pencildrawings,other for Landscapedrawings,

another for AniMemes),

so you would have seperated in(Gallery/Favorites)of your group,

3x410=1230 Folders for your own workuse.

your Favorites

+ Plus (Symbols) You can uninstall even Favorites on your Grouppage:

Uninstall Group(2)

+ Plus (Symbols) You can display your folders as Links:

Display Folders as Links

+ Plus (Symbols)

+ Plus (Symbols)

+ Plus (Symbols)

As long as you do anything to have a green classic Gallery/Profile on Deviantart,

so DISADVANTAGES should NOT exist,

but I list here also the DISADVANTAGES of haveing a own Gallery/Profile

on a self created group:

-_ Dash,Minus,Underscore,Hyphen (Symbols) Curious thing:

You log in first to your Eclipse Profile and use seperated your Classic-Gallery in your group.

-_ Dash,Minus,Underscore,Hyphen (Symbols) You have in your Eclipse Profile Stash,

this is not included in your group.

But Clubs collaborate with your Stashpictures.

You can submit in your Group your Gallery and Stashpictures.

-_ Dash,Minus,Underscore,Hyphen (Symbols) Notes cannot have Folders in Groups,

like in your Eclipseprofile!!

-_ Dash,Minus,Underscore,Hyphen (Symbols) Even if you have in your Group 160 Gallery and 250 Favoritesfolders,

so Subfolders are only possible in a Supergroup.

Supergroups are an insult to humanity,

they cost 60$ and 120$ to renew them,

but Supergroups allow Subfolders.

It should be forbidden to sale something expensive in Internet/a webpage.

So many people in America are homeless and have less food,

no health insurance!!!

-_ Dash,Minus,Underscore,Hyphen (Symbols) Like in Good old classic,

you cant delete comments in a group(your Profile),

but only hide them.

Also the commentsection cant be removed.

If you can live with it,

because you drool and fall on the knees before Classic,

so good!

-_ Dash,Minus,Underscore,Hyphen (Symbols) You have no Scraps in a Group,

be aware of it!

But if you have in your group so much folders,

you can make your own Scraps(negative things/unfinished works)Folders.

-_ Dash,Minus,Underscore,Hyphen (Symbols) If you name a group"once"you cant rename it,

till you close it.

A lifelong username also.

-_ Dash,Minus,Underscore,Hyphen (Symbols) Even if you are an Administrator,

you have a Limit of 10 submissions per day.

So you will upload your work very slowly.

At your own Eclipse Profile you can upload about 100 pictures per day!

-_ Dash,Minus,Underscore,Hyphen (Symbols) An iconcover Picture for your folder is missing in groups.


-_ Dash,Minus,Underscore,Hyphen (Symbols)

Im a livesaver,

I know.

In the first comment of this Journal,

I ask the admins questions,

if something went doubtful.

Im excited and cant wait to open a new group full of my own Pictures in it!

Nobody says on Deviantart,

that I have make a group for OTHERS,

Im not a narcisst or egoist,

but I make a group for myself as my Classicprofile!

So I have not loose Classic!!

It's up to you whether you do that too!!

I have no bad intentions with that Idea,

and hope even get back users to Deviantart,

who run away.

I use three Group for my works.

Nobody says,

you have to!!!!!make a group for other people!

You can make three groups for YOURSELF,

and use them as a Classic Profile.

As long as you dont exagerrate!

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OchTropsHofDBZHeKari's avatar

It would be terrible,

if Administrators would change later the classicgroupdesign,

to Eclipsedesign,

ruin my idea,

and I would again not know,

where to go with my pictures!


Thats stupid,

if the Classicdesign in a group mean to KEPT the last users,

who you have on Eclipse,

that you dont support it,

change the Groups interface to Eclipse,

and then loose the last users of Eclipse who was hopeing,

even with this idea!

OchTropsHofDBZHeKari's avatar

I would like following things to know:

1.Can I submit unlimited Journals and Notes to Groups,

like outside on my profile!?

2.Can I block 500 users in groups,

like outside on my profile!?

3.Have you lower the prices to the Supergroups!?

4.Have Groupnames like usernames only 20characters,

or have groupnames more!?

5.I hope,

that no Admin closes my group

behind my back without warning.

OchTropsHofDBZHeKari's avatar

I hope that Admins get not angry on me,

and dont ban me!

I have no hidden bad intentions with it!

If you think,

I abuse groups for my own games,

so explain me"Abusing on groups"exactly.

ggMattB's avatar

Good morning!

While I'm not on the product team (or any team really that can help you with such things) I can say this is a really cool way to use groups to fit the way you like! I'm constantly trying to "hack" profiles and features as well to make them look the way I want. We don't ban people for things like this, there's no violation of terms of service. :)

However, we do plan to update groups in the future. You can see it mentioned here:

I would just hate for you to spend too much time utilizing this, and then having it changed in the future.

I'll make sure to pass along your feedback on the gallery view to the team working on content, so it can be considered! Thanks for being so passionate about your DA experience.

OchTropsHofDBZHeKari's avatar

Dear Matt,

you gave me the confidence to do that now!

I created three groups with my wish-usernames,

which I use as Classicgalleries:

Here in my(160)Galleryfolders will be alphabetical Art.

In the(250)Favoritesfolders will be Landscapes from

lovely German Landscapes,

where I grow up.

Here in my(160)Galleryfolders will be art dedicated to my

own drawed Manga.

In the(250)Favoritesfolders will be Animepictures,comparisons,

funny faces.

Here in my(160)Galleryfolders will be art dedicated to my

own?Dragon Ball

In the(250)Favoritesfolders will be

Trends Pictures:




The rest hidden in Stash.

Im so excited,

but it will cost me a lot of work.

I dont want that other think,

I am only an egoistic asshole to show off my art.

ggMattB's avatar

Excellent! I hope you enjoy them while they are still in this phase!

Have a really great Wednesday!

OchTropsHofDBZHeKari's avatar


how cute!

But it would be horrible,

if the Admins would plan to give groups the new Eclipselook.

So anything would be for nothing!

I hope the Admins dont plan it.

I wish you to relax and have fun with your family!

I really have no bad behind thoughts with all of it!

schönen Abend noch!

ggMattB's avatar

They do plan on updating the groups eventually, it's mentioned in the journal I shared above. There's not a set date for it, so you can enjoy the old look in the meantime.

OchTropsHofDBZHeKari's avatar

Is updating the group meaning

takeing the groups the Classiclook away!?

If yes,

so all my work would be for nothing.

Can you guarantee me,

that the groups stay in the classic style,

even if they update the group!?

They could win a lot of Eclipsehater/running away user


if the groups stay in Classic,

and people put the own Galleries into the new maked

own groups.

I hope the best for all.

I like the Classicstyle.

Are you angry on Eclipse too!?

ggMattB's avatar

Updating would mean the classic look is going away at some point in the future, which is why I wanted to let you know that the change would be coming. I don't want you wasting your time unless it's something you want to enjoy in the present.

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OchTropsHofDBZHeKari's avatar

You are a nice and lovely guy.

Thank you so much,

old friend!:hug:

You gave me brave,

to try to do that.

I feel now joy.

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