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WP 46: Home



Hi guys I'm Kite and I did overkill on this prompt. Funny how "I'll JUST add a background to this" turns into... this >_> It's nice though! I'm happy with it. Since this is my first contribution to the group (excluding my wyngling's application) I decided to make something nice \ovo/ neveragainpainandsuffering It took hours to make this but hopefully it turned out good? This is also kinda complicated so counting wyns is going to be hard o_o;

Anyways, I included a lot of characters in this, as you probably have seen! I wanted to give the city a populated look to it. So without further delay, credits for the owners owo/

Nymble belongs to :iconnestly:, who owns the group and created wyngro ovo Nymble's got a pretty cool design, hahah B)
Rosie belongs to :iconfrozen--star:, the nice mod who helped me get Allie approved! So this is kinda a thank you for helping me and all the others get their wynglings approved, there were a lot of them XD Hopefully I got Rosie's design right! She's about as hard to draw as she is pretty. (And she is really pretty!)

Sandwich and Dragon, the two adult quads on the left, belong to my GREATcough pal :iconpurrtok: who got me into the group into the first place. Also Rye. Since Rye, the greenish wyngling below Allie, isn't actually approved yet I won't count him for wyns. When hes actually approved, with whatever edits to him made, this will probably be an outdated picture but when that happens hE AND ALLIE WILL BE FRIENDS

There are two npc's... Hermes, and Mayor Tendarei...

And a whole lot of Wynglings!
I just picked a few who I saw had already completed this weekly prompt. Hopefully they are in character and i got their designs right! ovo seriously if I drew anyone wrong I'll fix it

Alwid - :iconbluewing-the-dragon:

Raspberry - :iconminorraindrop:

Eliza - :iconmysteeria: 

Naz - :iconpeanutcake26:

Cha-Roos - :iconcatlin56:

Pudding - :iconlouise955x:

Styx - :icondeliriousfawn: 

Dorian - :iconpsipumpkin:

And if anyone's interested in the single characters:

I think thats all >_>
wait I need to count wyns. DANGIT

+2 fullbody of Allie
+1 bust of the Mayor? His one leg isnt showing +3 for the mayor, he counts as a fullbody!
+3 weekly prompt
+ 1 x 2 = 2 busts of Cha-Roos and Sandwich
+ 3 x 11 = 33 fullbody gifts of all other adult wyngew and wynglings, excluding the unofficial Rye.
+1 background B)
+4 mod bonus! Thank you! Im flattered ;w;
42 wyns? thats a lot;;;
42/44 wyns, then

new total:
48/50 wyns!

someone please tell me if i counted wrong or did anything in general wrong o^o


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HOOOOOLEEE heck man this is amaaaaazzziingg! +w+ I wish I had the motivation to stick to such an epic background! Well done!! 

Funny how "I'll JUST add a background to this" turns into... this >_> <-- lmao I feel ya though. :XD:

Thanks for including Nymble too! He's just hangin' back and watching awww. Good job Nym. Stay back and be quiet and stop causing a ruckus all the time. >D 
Wonderful work again!!