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RD project is done.
At least the music and stuff, we still need to get the logistics and stuff set.
We'll be having a release party for it at MAGfest ( in January, and that should be cool. I am flying all the way out to the east coast (first time there), and will get to meet a ton of cool people in person. Pretty exciting. :-D
Work has been good, and I got to do the artwork for an online slot machine. It's just fruit and stuff, but you know i'm pushing for the next one to be pirate's gold or something cool like that. Working with TV stuff is cool, doing spinoff sites for big shows like Dancing with the Stars, Survivor (my fav), and lots of sports ones (not my fav).

PVP Season 3 for WoW started yesterday and I cashed in and got a ton of new gear for my Paladin. Not quite "Decked", but doing much better. :-)
I rolled on a new server with some coworkers and though our guild is tremendously sad (every PVP server sterotype rolled into a 90-person dysfunctional mess), there are 4 or 5 cool people, and we have a good pvp team.
Also, I'm going to rocking out with Nate, Disa, and Mel with some rock band. I'm going to drum the hell out of that game. I have that strange disease that inhibits my guitar heroing because I try to play it like a real guitar, but the rock band drums are close enough to real drumming, and I am enough of a drumming n00b, that it'll work great for me. :-)

Artwise, who even knows what's going on. I've been spending all my free time doing music that I need an excuse to draw. :-(
I blame working so much on it, but at least I can eat now. :-)
You can't see my ribs anymore, so that's good news.
Anyways, not going to write anymore until next year so lets have a good new year everyone! :-)
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It's been pretty sweet, I love working on websites and creating stuff. The pay is ok, the coworkers are fantastic, etc.
Been working on a project to remix the entire Radical Dreamers soundtrack with some other people; I started out as just the guy doing the website and providing the forum. Some people dropped out, so I took a song and remixed it. More people dropped out, so I remixed a second song. Now, i am remixing a third and fourth, and if someone said i'd be doing a fifth, i'd just shrug. I am not even a huge fan of the soundtrack. It's by Yasunori Mitsuda, who is  one of my favorite game composers, but he totally phoned this soundtrack in. There are about 5 good tracks on the album, and those were all snatched up right away. Then the rest of the soundtrack is him basically digging though his "unfinished ideas" folder full of midis and wanking them a bit.
If anything though, having to do all these songs has improved me a lot as a remixer. I am going to feel really dumb though if 1/3 of the entire project is going to be stamped with my name though -_-
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Been busy with work; I got a new job that's pretty awesome. Lot of one-shot design stuff so I have a lot of chances of mixing it up, and a lot of helping people out with code. Maybe a bit too much helping people with code, but my coworkers are all great and that makes a huge difference.

I've been starting up some drawings while i wait on my remix submission's status for overclocked remix, including fanart fridays.
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i've been writing music as fast as I can. I'm working on a project with my Maxchange homies to make an rpg using the rpgmaker 2k3 program, and i'll be doing a good chunk, if not all of the music for it.

some of my favorites thus far include:…………

all of them were made on garageband 2.0, with help from my 12 year old midi program, a saxophone, a guitar, some drumming by jazzy, and a lot of sleepless nights where i was in the zone and didnt want to lose what I had going.

I hope you guys like them. :)
2005 was pretty sweet, here's my recap:

I got a house, *and* a nintendo DS, all in one year! *sniff* What a country..

Several of my friends all got married, Jeff, Jaime, and Chadam, and Chadam had a baby (though he looks kinda like me... no, just kidding ;-).

I finally started making some decent recordings with my computer, and have gotten comfortable with the whole process. Here's a recent song I wrote and recorded. All the keyboard and saxophone is me!  ( >_> )/…

Most of the art I did was in the "practice" vein, and though I didn't have much finished output, it was a good year for growth.

I spent a lot of time playing world of warcraft, and played it pretty much exclusivly, with a minor pit stop into Y's ark of napathasomething (it was ok, and difficult to find out what to do next), and a bigger dip into Dragon Quest 8 and Mario Kart DS.

but i think 2006 is going to be way better:

Work looks to be picking up with a whole variety of new projects, as 2005 was pretty much just working for three

Coming up I have a lot more stuff, as well as some print design and some newsletter stuff. Not terribly glamourous, but it pays the bills and my coworkers are awesome.

I have been commissioned to do a ton of saxophone songs, and will be posting those as well as some rock stuff as I finish recording it. I'll be posting the links here in journal entries as well as on my homepage. I might even do some cover stuff as well, we'll see.

Speaking of my homepage, i've spuced up the front a little bit with some cute icons, as well as update infoz inside it. Check it out at .

For art, I plan on rejoining the maxchange and doing warcraft commissions as well, and trying some new stuff as well. I want 2006 to be a big portfolio year, and I've alreayd hit the ground running, so let's hope I can keep up.

With all this extra stuff i'm adding on, something has to go, and i think all this drawing and music will be cutting into vidoe game time. I'm somewhat disappointed, but i'll still be able to raid twice a week with my guild, and pvp now and again, so it'll work out I think. I have one Tier 1 60 priest, a 55 rogue, and a 39 (and staying there for pvp) mage, so I think a little bit of a break is in order. :)

anyways, I hope everyone had a great 2005, and that 2006 is even better. I am really looking forward to it. :)

well ive been busy doing stuff, as you can see by my drawing our guild can totally rock ragnaros now, and have been doing it for a month or so.

my priest has 6/8 of his prophecy set, and I have the benediction staff, which is basically a giant target in pvp :(

artwise i've been doing mostly woodshedding, trying to improve this that and the other. Whether or not it shows i'm not sure of, but there are a few things that are working out nicely.
a lot going on, but most of it is videogame related and not drawing related.

a few weeks ago, my warcraft dude started raiding the molten core with the alliance uberguild on the server. I've been earing my dkp points with the group so when an item drops that i can use, i can buy it.

The problem about that is now that i can start to get super badassed epic gear, it'll ruin the cool look i have going on with my priest, who finally has all matching clothes.  I have a pretty awesome drawing of my guy in his beautiful armor set along wiht his good buddy Gaets. It should be done in a week or so.

I've actually had a few cool warcraft guild hangout meetings, since a good chunk of the guild population lives in minnesota. We had a BBQ a month or so ago, and just last friday we went out and did karaoke.
It was fun as hell, and I tore the house down with my awesome renditions of 'symphony of destruction' and 'everybody (backstreets back)'.

i've been working on a lot of new songs too, but still deviant art isn't a good place to post those, so eh.
my warcraft dude is now at the maximum level of 60, so now it's raid raid raid! How i love to raid.
I have been threatened with a very painful death, so i had better do this quiz ;-D

1. Andrew
2. Oceans Andrew
3. Opeth

1. Andrew Luers
2. OceansAndrew
3. profesorsketchy

1. I always have tons of energy
2. i'm a good cook
3. I love to write music

1. I find it hard to focus
2. I have a hard time saying no
3. Still haven't been able to go super saijin

1. the dark >_>
2. any movie even remotely catagorized as "horror"
3. having my hands crushed or otherwise rendered inoperable.

1. reading penny arcade
2. lots of hugs <3 disa
3. heavy metal

1. t shirt
2. glasses
3. pants

1. into eternity
2. n.ex.t
3 angra

1. sit beside me
2. must be dreaming
3. akagi party

1. go to epcot center in florida and go "around the world" drinking different beers XD
2. to have fun drawing projects
3. win a prize or something

1. respect
2. trust
3. some pretty decent sized tots ;-)

1. I was a finalist in the nintendo world championship
2. i have 3 eyebrows
3. I think N-sync is super talented

1. Attitude
2. smell
3. skills. nunchuck skill, bow hunting skills, computer hacking skills..

1. stay totally focused on work for more than an hour
2. lie convincingly. i always crack up
3. eat seafood. any or all

1. blink
2. open my mouth
3. wave my arm

1. Drawing and painting
2. Listening to music
3. playing games

1. play games
2. eat super fries and buffalo wings
3. go on a trip

1. UI design
2. babysitter
3. your evil boss MUHAHAHA

1. new zealand
2. japan
3. southern france

1. kevin
2. gaia
3. daphne

1. have some nachos
2. clean my room, so when im dead peope don't think i'm a slob
3. maybe some more nachos

1. ter210
2. taekwondogirl
3. guks
for those who havnt noticed, i'm doing a series of world of warcraft speedpaintings depicting the areas i've been in.  So far the number of areas is around 11 or so, so i've got some catching up to do. Eventually i'll make a minisite for them and a faux journal for my character, because i think that would be cool.

in other news, my personal website is slowly crawling towards 100,000 visits, take a screen cap of 100k, and i'll draw you a present or something.
well i survived washington.
the kids no longer call me "bendrew", it actually regressed to "bedroom".
meh, like i care a lot. by next year, the oldest will be 6, and if they can't get my name right by then, i just won't get them a christmas present.
that'll make them learn quick!

i actually did very little drawing there, but worked a ton on writing music, which is very hard to share through deviantart. maybe i'll just post links to my webspace or something.

regardless, they are just midi right now, and even with my nice wavetable card making mp3s, no one wants to hear midi. I've begun saving up some cash for studio time for recording some songs, so maybe i can have some in progress stuff. post the mp3 of the midi, post the finished? I really don't know.

have a happy new year everyone, like a week late :P
well im leaving for seattle area until next wednesday where i'll be hanging with Disa's family and trying to avoid getting killed.

I do have a special bonus where her nephews and nieces like me (i'm "Uncle Bendrew"), so maybe i can use them as a shield if things get ugly.

Washington is a lot like minnesota actually, except the tree are bigger, and they have teriyaki fast food places everywhere. I've yet to try one, i think that will be a goal for my trip, as well as see that gothic looking movie with ace ventura in it.

I also plan to draw a ton, since i'll have no distractions. We'll see how that goes i guess.
just finished this site (well, i'm waiting on the font for the logo, and should probably add a preloader), for work, and it's not too bad.

in other news i managed to break my internet at home last night (im at work now) while trying to install world of warcraft, so i'm going to have an exciting time trying to get it to work. For some reason, I actually am excited...
maybe i'll get to play this weekend, maybe not.
we'll see i guess.
well ive pretty much finished a lot of stuff, 4 and a half Ragnarok cards (ill stop at 6 or 7 i think), a big picture, and i'm almost done with a website.

I've been lining up a ton of other stuff too, so we'll see how that goes.

I've hooked up with a screenprinter and i'll be making some shirts for myself to wear, I'll post the designs as they get finished.

I someone or another use this thing as a checklist, so thats kinda cool.

i'll do it too for my own sake.

-MAX 3rd anniversary round
-RO cards
   -goblin leader
-drawing for taekwondo girl
-comissioned drawing
-misc sketches im sure ill do anyways

overall, there are lots of excuses to draw! i love it!
well i'm almost done with a lot a things, first, the largest drawing i've ever done is nearing completion, just have to finish the background and touch up some areas, and the 3 month project will be finished!

I'm also done with a website for work, making the end of november a big closure month. /no1

Its also the beginning of some stuff, as I finally was able to get back into Ragnarok after a work tornado hiatus. I went adventuring with a guild member named Nokye, and we had a lot of fun. He gave me a welcome back item, and so I'm thinking of what kind of item i can get for him in return.

there's a lot of other stuff i'm doing too, but i don't want to post anything prematurely. I want to have at least 4 or 5 pictures in the series before i post them, so maybe by the weekend?
well i'm sending a few hours a night painting now that I have a working tablet, and it's great. I'm already starting to get cramps because i'm not used to it. :P

They should clear up in a day or two i suppose. I'm not worried.

I was actually excited enough about recieving it to take a few pictures, and of course, I needed a cute model to help me out, so without further ado, her is my new tablet, presented by Lucca.…

i'm using the tablet now to rock out the largest painting i've ever done, with like 9 figures and literally 15 million pixels (5000x3000) :P

my video card is *pissed*, since my computer is old. :P
well, i just about finished my Echoes Eternal site,  I just need to fix some people in the flash, and add the content, but the hard part is over.
checkit, even the forum is rocking!
I had to host it myself, because work wasn't to keen on the idea of hosting it. Good thing i have plenty of space. :)

I got possibly the coolest thing ever...

an intuos 3 9x12 tablet, which is about as close as you can get to heaven when your old tablet has been broken for over a month.

there will be paintings being produced very soon now. :D
started work on this over the weekend, and it's now in a presentable state for the most part. It's a website for the guild, and hopefully it'll be actually used. That's my only worry right now.

check it!…

oh yeah, i htink im missing a few guild members, but i don't know who..
i'm pretty much building this based on Disa's collection of Screen shots.
i've started to piece together bits of a new pc to get a nice working one,  and soon i'll be able to play computer games again, and much better ones, at that.

i've been pricing tablets and havnt yet decided on the 6x8 or 9x12 wacom intuos 3. I think i'll go for the 6x8 and spend the rest of the money on candy and beer, or maybe just save it for something.

I heard today that Disa quit RO, which makes me sad, but i know why she did it, and I'm totally supporting her on it. Kinda sucks that by the time i have a working computer, that she and I can't adventure together, but I get to see her everyday in RL, so it's not like I'll miss her or anything.

She was really close with a lot of her guildmates though, and hopefully her plan to stay in touch with them works. I'm actually working on that right now, getting the graphics for their site all ready.

Work has finally slowed down so i can get some drawings rocked out.
check out this silly fact:
2003: 365 drawings
2004 (so far): 151 drawings
Though i would say that the worst drawing for 2004 is probably comperable to the mid level stuff in '03, so it's not all bad news.
ok, i figured out how to make a journal entry.