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Andrew Luers
United States
Current Residence: usa
Favourite genre of music: game or metal
Operating System: osx
Personal Quote: Yow Yow
RD project is done.
At least the music and stuff, we still need to get the logistics and stuff set.
We'll be having a release party for it at MAGfest ( in January, and that should be cool. I am flying all the way out to the east coast (first time there), and will get to meet a ton of cool people in person. Pretty exciting. :-D
Work has been good, and I got to do the artwork for an online slot machine. It's just fruit and stuff, but you know i'm pushing for the next one to be pirate's gold or something cool like that. Working with TV stuff is cool, doing spinoff sites for big shows like Dancing with the Stars, Survivor (my fav), and lots of sports ones (not my fav).

PVP Season 3 for WoW started yesterday and I cashed in and got a ton of new gear for my Paladin. Not quite "Decked", but doing much better. :-)
I rolled on a new server with some coworkers and though our guild is tremendously sad (every PVP server sterotype rolled into a 90-person dysfunctional mess), there are 4 or 5 cool people, and we have a good pvp team.
Also, I'm going to rocking out with Nate, Disa, and Mel with some rock band. I'm going to drum the hell out of that game. I have that strange disease that inhibits my guitar heroing because I try to play it like a real guitar, but the rock band drums are close enough to real drumming, and I am enough of a drumming n00b, that it'll work great for me. :-)

Artwise, who even knows what's going on. I've been spending all my free time doing music that I need an excuse to draw. :-(
I blame working so much on it, but at least I can eat now. :-)
You can't see my ribs anymore, so that's good news.
Anyways, not going to write anymore until next year so lets have a good new year everyone! :-)
  • Listening to: Kenshin OVA 2 soundtrack
  • Playing: WoW, Contra 4, Mario Galaxy
  • Eating: yes :-)


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Guks Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2006  Professional Interface Designer
"The" Andrew !
I was off DA for 2 years... came back a few weeks ago.
I see youre great as always, man =)
Felixavier Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2006  Hobbyist General Artist
No problemo! You, sir, are an amazing artist.
aprilchild Featured By Owner May 15, 2006  Professional Writer
Hey, thanks for adding me btw. You've got a sweet gallery, some nice music too!

Good luck with the RPG Maker 2003 game =)
McClounD Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2006
Nice freaking gallery man! High Fiving work you got laying around dood ^^
MissWiggle Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2006  Professional Digital Artist
Andrew! I am stalking you now... mwahahhahahehheh. :pirate:
Sifle Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2006
jesus christ man !! your backgrounds are amazingly cool and not only because i love WoW, the colors are just amazingly awesome. (im ally on polykarbon btw)
jinh-yuhn Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2005
thanks for the watch, u got some really sweet artwork here =D
Panda-Valentine Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2005  Hobbyist General Artist
Great Gallery!
GaleforceRin Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2005  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for the favorite~. :3
talonserena Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2005
Heya, thanks for the devwatch! :D

... out of curiosity, I see you play WoW. Evidentally Alliance, which is a shame since I'm for the Horde all the way, but still... what realm?

I play as Taqua, Queen of the Shadowspear Trolls, on Earthen Ring. If you ever stop by, feel free to wave hello.
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