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OCR project

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RD project is done. At least the music and stuff, we still need to get the logistics and stuff set. We'll be having a release party for it at MAGfest (magfest.org) in January, and that should be cool. I am flying all the way out to the east coast (first time there), and will get to meet a ton of cool people in person. Pretty exciting. :-D Work has been good, and I got to do the artwork for an online slot machine. It's just fruit and stuff, but you know i'm pushing for the next one to be pirate's gold or something cool like that. Working with TV stuff is cool, doing spinoff sites for big shows like Dancing with the Stars, Survivor (my fav)
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...at my job! It's been pretty sweet, I love working on websites and creating stuff. The pay is ok, the coworkers are fantastic, etc. Been working on a project to remix the entire Radical Dreamers soundtrack with some other people; I started out as just the guy doing the website and providing the forum. Some people dropped out, so I took a song and remixed it. More people dropped out, so I remixed a second song. Now, i am remixing a third and fourth, and if someone said i'd be doing a fifth, i'd just shrug. I am not even a huge fan of the soundtrack. It's by Yasunori Mitsuda, who is  one of my favorite game composers, but he totally phoned
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Been busy with work; I got a new job that's pretty awesome. Lot of one-shot design stuff so I have a lot of chances of mixing it up, and a lot of helping people out with code. Maybe a bit too much helping people with code, but my coworkers are all great and that makes a huge difference. I've been starting up some drawings while i wait on my remix submission's status for overclocked remix, including fanart fridays.
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Hi there! :D

I saw your remix here: [link] It sounded really great! :D
(I don't have account there so I found you here and I wanted to comment on it....)

And umm Sorry to bother you here but can I ask you if I could use that remix for my fangame I'm making?

You can ask me about it if you want...
Oh and... Can I also use this one too? [link]
nice gallery! XD

Pally is the most EVIL class in the WOW game!
Ah, so that's what it stands for...
Great gallery, I love WOW!

thanks for stopping by my page.
Its been a while man! Hows it goin? XD :highfive: