Please read! Reminder about the group rules!
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First of all, a big welcome to all you new members! Glad to have you here!

I just wanted to remind you guys to read the group rules before submitting, it'll only take a second :)

Quick note, if you're confused about which folder to submit a certain piece to, I wrote folder descriptions for each one. You just have to click on the folder in the gallery section, and under the name at the top you'll see the description. If you're sure that your canine masterpiece doesn't fit the description of any of the folders that I have up there, feel free to shoot me a message and I'll make a new folder!

I have also been disheartened to find out that I can't make a polls in this group - you have to be a supergroup to do that :(

I was gonna make a poll about which is best: big dogs or small dogs! I would definitely have to go with big dogs myself. If I had my own place I'd totally be considering getting a giant Alaskan Malamute lol.

Since sadly polls are not an option, feel free to comment your choice below!

(Lastly, if you're one of my watchers who unfortunately got their inbox spammed again, I wholeheartedly apologize but there's nothing I can do about it until DeviantArt gets their act together. Feel free to tell me whether you like big or small dogs though!)

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Rollingdesigns Artisan Crafter

thanks for the add! hmm in the poll i would say big dogs too :p. Also medium dogs are great!!

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oceans-and-galaxiesHobbyist General Artist

No problem! Thanks for answering :D