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shadey said this meme would kill me instantly

Journal Entry: Sun Aug 27, 2017, 4:33 PM

name - lexi
bday - oct 30th 2002
sign - scorpio bby
gender - fuhmale
fave animal - bATS
fave colour - royal purple
fave genre of music - rockish pop
fave music artist/band - I M A G I N E  D R A G O N S
fave aesthetics - halloween aesthetic iS MY SHIT, also purple nighttime thing i love too
fave outift/thing in your closet rn - dude i have this red flannel with shoulder holes and its honestly the best thing ever
fave jewelry/accessories - i barely wear jewelry ever but i wear chokers once in a while
fave hobby - this should be obv but animating/drawing
fave place to hang out - my desk pROBABLY LMAO
fave time of day - that time right before morning at like 5 am
fave drink - cREAM SODA
fave youtuber - markiplier lmao
fave fruit - W A T E R M E L O N
fave smell - bubblegum
fave hairstyle - mmm basically my usual hair which is long with side swept bangs
fave kind of dog (if u dont like dogs, cat?) - chihuahuas are my SHIT
fave cereal - that captain donut crunch shit thats my fav
fave chip - bbq pringles
fave flavour of frito - bbq
fave icecream - moose tracks

1. what's your opinion on seafood?
depends on the seafood, but overall i like it! except haddock gross

2. would you get a tattoo? if u already have some, tell us about them!!

3. what kind of deodorant do u use??
i forget what brand but its like lavender

4. take us through ur haircare regime!
shampoo and conditioner, also i use this Moroccan hair oil bc my ends get really dry and dead sometimes 

5. do u like candles, incense, and bullshit like that?
i don't like incense but candles are ok

6. do u have OCs?? if you do, show us who ur fave is rn!!
yes i have shit tons! but i don't really think i could choose a fav

7. do u drink? if you do, whats your fave? beer, liquor, cocktails, w/e is all game!

8. what are your plans for this weekend? 
animating cats

9. what are you wearing? ;0
neon green shirt and black shorts

10. do u collect anything?? if so, what?? 
i used to collect lps when i was 11

11. do u wear any jewelry?? piercings count!! 

12. what was your worst phase?
for 6th and like half of 7th grade i was a really annoying shitball

13. do you ever judge people based on their interests? 
sometimes, but i dont judge them completely by it ever.

14. you have to become an animal! what kind do u choose? 
cat bc u can sleep all day

15. make up a dream outfit for urself! what is it? 
oversized purple hoodie with black leggings and i never take the hood off ever

16. if u smoke weed, whats your fave blunt wrap?
what the fuck

17. is it acceptable to wear socks w flip flops n sandals?
ok how the hell are you going to wear socks with flip flops like u cant insert the toe thing between your big toe and your other toe bc of your sock wtf
short answer, not really

18. opinion on buffets?
good but i cant eat more than like 1 plate bc my stomach is microscopic

19. opinion on wafflehouse?
we dont have those here, but we do have ihop and i hate ihop

20. do you like cartoons? if you do, tell us about your faves! 
;))))) steven universe, stvfoe, voltron

21. do you listen to any podcasts?? 

22. do you like Nintendo? what about the DS? if you do like the DS, what's your favourite game? 
hell yeah i love nintendo, twilight princess is my SHIT

23. show us your current favourite piece of art of yours!!
this will change but it's almost always my most recent, e. x. :
Flexibility, Love and Trust by Oceanrush

24. whats one thing you miss/liked from childhood? 
getting all these cool toys for christmas

25. have you ever eaten gas station food? not just snacks, like the hot dogs, pizza, or w/e else they might have? whats ur opinion 
depends on the gas station sometimes its good other times its gross

26. do you like early/mid 2000s music? 
tbh yeah

27. name 3 pet peeves! 
1. people who will completely disrespect and hate you if you have a differing view point
3. people who can't take a joke

28. if you won the lottery, name 3 things you'd spend the money on!!
college, a cintiq, and a car

29. do you like baths? 
hell yea

30. what always makes you feel better? 

31. show us a friends art, or a friends OC that you rlly like!! 
Magie Benzin by mangarrow
i picked magie bc she has a cool story n shit

32. name 3 things that you rlly like about a friend!!
ummmm LUCY
-rlly energetic
-fun to be around

33. do you have a lot of secrets? can u tell us even a rlly, rlly lil one? 
honestly i dont really keep secrets
i guess a little one is that i cry a lot but idrc if you know that or not

34. do you like vienna sausages? what about spam?? potted meat??
idk abt the other two but I LOVE SPAM

35. whats a guilty pleasure of yours?
having 6 pets i guess

36. what food do you think you eat most often? 

37. tag 3 of your art-crushes!
im not going to tag them but
vivziepop, nifty-senpai, and finchwing!

38. name 3 foods you hate!
potatoes, pickles, and brussel sprouts

39. whats something you cant live without?
idk probably drawing ability if that counts? like im really happy with how far ive come with drawing

40. tell us about your favourite mug! 
i dont use mugs
THIS -OR- THAT - also lmfao i encourage u to add ur thoughts on these and explain to make things more interesting
1. where u a wolf kid, a horse kid, or a dragon kid in elementary school? 

2. hibachi or chinese takeout?
chinese idk wtf hibachi is

3. flip flops or sandals? 
flip flops ftw

4. snapback, buckethat, or beanie? 
i don't wear any of those but i guess a beanie?

5. family guy, bobs burgers, south park, american dad, futurama, or the simpsons? lol even if theyre all terrible just pick one

6. rottweiler or doberman? 
rottweiler !!

7. mexican food or indian food?
mexican !! but only like authentic mexican not this americanified fake mexican food where they just add shit tons of spicy stuff, authentic mexican can be spicy but not all of it is, and its really good.

8. scooter, bike, or skateboard? 
bike probably

9. wild dogs or big cats? 

10. vaporwave or future funk? 

11. PC or console?

12. chili cheese fries or nachos?
nachos lmao

13. salami or pepperoni? 
i dont like either

14. hot tub or pool? 
pool swimmie swimmie

15. big mac or quarter pounder? 

16. chicken nuggets or pizza bites? 
chicken nuggets ofc

17. breadsticks or mozzarella sticks?
mozz sticks i lov

19. PC or mobile? 
depends but usually pc

20. palm trees or fir trees? 
fir trees i guess?

  • Listening to: haMILTON
  • Reading: tallstar's revenge ; )
mangarrow Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
woh im glad you like magie lmao
Oceanrush Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
tfw you only have one friend w/ an oc that has a story known to the public
mangarrow Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
and the full story isn't public either : (
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