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Emerald Reference Sheet by Oceanrush Emerald Reference Sheet by Oceanrush
man i finally got around to doing this!! i revamped her colors a little bit to make them blend better

so here's her backstory; on homeworld, emeralds were originally scouts for new planets, and she was a leader of a squad of emeralds. (like the ruby squad) this a VERY long time ago, when gem resources were fruitful and abundant. the diamonds decided that they no longer needed to find more planets to colonize, so they didn't need the emeralds anymore. and of course, a gem without a job was preposterous, so white diamond (who was the diamond of the emeralds) decided that all of the emeralds would be shattered. (gems were shattered more often back then bc it wasn't a big deal as they were easy to make) however, this emerald managed to escape before being shattered, and when into hiding. it turned out that there were a lot of gems in hiding from the diamonds who had to be shattered, too. eventually, word of rebellion spread and emerald heard of it. this piked her interest quite a bit, and decided to seek out rose quartz (this would be the scenario if she was a crystal gem insert)
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February 24, 2017
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