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Patreon 180 :iconw4tsup:w4tsup 27 5


What makes this funny is how in your artworks you have one sentence that tells what is going on in the photo. Also the one sentence act...



I will name that little baby rock Sliverstream
With in a few minutes of 50 mile space strangely rock breaking off of the larger 1,700 asteroid Sliversream then says I will name the smaller space rock Sliverstream.

Terramar then types in the name Sliverstream for the rock's tracking number on the computer.

One of the things Terramar found kind of strange was that his sister and his niece Skystar were both kind of crazy with their playful bubbly personalities.

But it was this bubbly personality that made them very likable and funny among people.

Meanwhile the human Astronaut Stan walked in into the room and saw the two hippogriff Terramar and Sliverstream.

Stan said, "I don't really care if you two go break 15 billion dollars worth of NASA's equipment."

Terramar said, "Well me and my sister Sliverstream found two new space rocks."

Stan looked at the computer and said, "Oh no not you guys the Beautiful People again."

Terramar said, "What does this space rock have to do with the Beautiful People?"

Stan then ran out of the room  and said, "I'd rather get captured and caged by you for legged freaks then deal with the Beautiful people!"

Terramar said, "Did you see this space rock before?"

Stan said, "I won't be seeing this space rock anymore after a few drinks.

Sliverstream said, "I wounder why he is so upset?"

It's kind of complex to explain
The main characters in my storyline do get a explanation into why all of sudden Earth and a land of talking Technicolor ponies and  fish mammals called Equestria suddenly start getting merged into one another. 

How that happens is Dan and the Ship's cruise director let one of the ship's  crewmembers who used to be a astrophysicist get a chance to send two hours giving a presentation on Pocket Universes on a seaday.

Terramar finds this interesting explaining why he is seeing humans and humans are seeing seaponies and hippogriffs but his sister Sliverstream finds the ship's water slides more interesting.

After the two hours after watching the presentation was that somehow Equestria was a small pocket universe that was a offshoot of the main human universe and it developed it's own rules and laws. But the pony universe was no bigger  then the space between Earth and it's moon.

This pocket mini universe only had one tiny sun and moon that Celestia and Luna could control due to the universe having laws that would allow it to happen.

But when the humans broke open a hole into Equestria from Earth the pocket universe of Equestria is going to quickly merge with the main universe.

This in turn means that once the kitbash gets started it can't be stopped as the two universes merge with one another.
Undersea cable laying ships Terramar
Terramar the seapony hippogriff guy finds himself in Baltimore Maryland looking out at what the Ponies and hippogriffs call the land on the other side.

The land on the Otherside is what the hippogriffs and ponies refer to the land of the human world.

Dan meanwhile refers to the human world as the Port of Baltimore.

Terramar and his sister Sliverstream along with their mom Oceanflow don't leave the cruise ship while it is docked in Baltimore to avoid getting into trouble.

Terramar meanwhile finds looking at the human world to be quite strange with how many things in the human world are made out of metal and how their are strange lights all over the place.

The thing Sliverstream and Princess Skystar are impressed about is the river of headlights coming  from a flowing river of four wheeled creatures called cars and trucks driving down a eight line wide highway.

Terramar meanwhile asks his human friend Dan about what he is looking at.

Dan said, "Well the tall white tower with smoke coming out of it is the Baltimore Trash Incinerator power plant were 250,000 tons of trash are burned to make electricity to run the lights.

Sliverstream that river of cars is Interstate 95 if you drive south down it you will reach other highways like it that will take you to the United States Capital City of Washington DC. If you dive north on Interstate 95 it will take you to New Jersey and New York City.

But if you notice that the road dispears under the sea that is due to the highway running though a system of undersea tunnels under a 100 feet under Baltimore Harbor to get to the other side.

Those group of ships and warehouses are ocean going cable laying ships that lay the thick black cables that you sea ponies see on the bottom of the sea."

Terramar said, "What are those black  cables used for if you humans spend so much time building them?"

Dan said, "The cables are used for  humans to make phone calls with one another from around the human world."

Terramar said, "Well that sounds neat."

As the kitbash between Earth and Equestria was happening in random unpredictable phases merging the two worlds into one super earth.

The first man made thing to suffer from the kitbash was the human Earth's vast system of undersea cables that linked up Europe to the United States.

The sea cables were a system that had been growing since the 1860's and by the 2020's a lot of the internet and TV and phone systems depended on them.

Such as when the portal between Earth and Equestria would grow it would teleport a chunk of ocean floor away and the section of undersea cable that ran on the ocean floor along with it.

The kitbash also causes the distnaces some of the cables would have to travel grow by a factor of 20.

It was not uncommon to have a kitbash worm hole open up devour up a chunk of ocean floor. Then another portal called a kitbash opens up 5,000 miles on the other side of Equestria which opens up a 5,000 mile gap between sections of Transatlantic cable.

The cable laying ships had been bushy sailing in and out of these kitbash portals lying as much cable as they could to extend the cable system to relink the cut up links.

But now the question was soon coming up should we link some of the pony cities like Manehattan into this cable system or not?"
Food for Girl Kong
One of the things Cadence liked about being a Princess of Lilliput was she could eat  as  much food as she wanted and she didn't have to pay for it.

Such as Cadence when she grew past 90 feet tall found herself constantly looking for food.

But what was nice was as a Princess she could simply pick up a truck load of snack food and devour it.

The food would  then be billed to Lilliput Castle and she could eat as much as she wanted.

:iconsenshistock: :) (Smile)

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Food to make Kaneshia feel better
Kaneshia smashed out of the containment unit after out growing it and feels quite hungry.

Kaneshia meanwhile finds herself walking around in what is now a tiny city that barely reaches up to her hips.

She looks down and sees a hotdog stand and then says, "Hum that looks good."

Then Kaneshia rips it up and eats it.


Tis' The Season by Cervidian94

:iconsenshistock: :) (Smile)

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Mr.Windy the Wind Turbine
United States
Well I like the Florida Key West Railroad old ocean railroad line and that is why I'm known as Ocean Railroader. I also like to make funny giant monster movies with the giant Bear market in the form of a giant Black Bear that eats banks and people. I also make youtube videos of the Toho Godzilla monsters fighting giant pokemon

Current Residence: Lock 1 on the Kanawha
Favourite genre of music: 80's oldies 1950-1970's Now to
Favourite photographer:
Favourite style of art: Monster Movies Pokemon
Operating System: old junker
Shell of choice: Steel 66 Maser Cannon
Wallpaper of choice: Insulators
Skin of choice: Steel
Favourite cartoon character: Pokemon Heroes Jonny Brovo
Personal Quote: The Lone Protector of the telegraph insulators

As for Art Requests I'm open to any ideas as long as they are with in my art style and type that I like doing.
Such as I don't mind drawing characters from TV shows as long as they act like they do in the show. I will also will not take requests for porn or things I don't like drawing.
Here is a youtube video of two lifeboats crashing on the Jade Cruise ship 

Here is a vidoe to show what was going on that day
What happened was I saw these two lifeboats hit one another on the lido deck of the Jade cruise ship.

What adds to this around 10.30AM in the morning it was sunny out when I went ashore and their where six foot high waves that the life boat was on. How this worked was you had to jump down from a cat walk on the ship down into the life boat and you had to time it to avoid going into the fish tank if a large wave caused the boat to get lifted up or dropped down.

On the way to land our life boat had to go at least five miles though six foot tall waves and water splashed in all over the place. People on the life boat where getting very nervous in that water did come splashing in though the open door in the roof and though a open window. The life boat really got thrown around like a bath toy that day.

I was not on the two life boats that crashed into one another.

The reason why I'm sharing this with you all is that I finally found a video of the event of the two life boats crashing into one another. What happened that day when the two life boats crashed into one another was it was sunny. But then a large wall of cold wind and rain came off of the ocean and came crashing into the port and the waves grew to eight feet tall and the two life boats couldn't dock up to the catwalk of the ship and the people spend over a hour to two hours in the life boat getting tossed around by the sea.



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