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What makes this funny is how in your artworks you have one sentence that tells what is going on in the photo. Also the one sentence act...



Some unexpected trouble is coming
Some unexpected trouble is coming 

Terramar and Sliverstream along with Skystar go into the lobby of the hotel were they start watching a moving picture device called a TV that humans use to show stories like cartoons or news or complain about this human called the President none stop.

The TV was interesting but Skystar and Sliverstream quickly got board of it so they started looking around the strange human built room they were in.

The humans in the room at the time starred and looked at the three hippogriffs but soon became more interested in the news story that was showing up on the large TV in the room.

Terramar then started watching the TV news story about about the large set of comets that he and his sister Sliverstream had seen get blown up that day over Lancaster County Pennsylvania.

The human News Announcer said, "This is News 12 Lancaster Breaking News the Military and NASA have conformed that ICBM's were successful in destroying what were a set of at least five massive 1000 to 4000 foot across asteroids made out of pure water ice that fell to Earth only a hour ago.

As if now the fatalities are at at least 65 people dead with over 200 injured. But several fire departments from as far as Philadelphia are sending in help for the search and rescue efforts.

Terramar looked at this and said, "This is bad I can't believe me and my sister were nearly killed by that thing but I can't believe what it did."

The News Announcer said, "There are a lot of talks of this asteroid impact being created by the none humans NASA and a source in the none human lands has conformed that this was not something from the none humans.

In fact a 1000 foot across asteroid has slammed into a mountain in a place refereed to by our Equestian News source as Yakastain and has totally destroyed a Yak settlement under tons of ice and snow.

Terramar said, "I hope Sliverstream's friend Yoyna was in Ponyville when this happened."

The Announcer said, "We have a emergency report from our live breaking news Weather Station.

The TV cut to a human refereed to as a Weatherman and the Weatherman said, "This is Charles Bakemen Lancaster News TV weather.

Charles said, "All of the counties along the Susquehanna River are under a Flash Flood warning and very heavy rain advisory. We don't know how this happening how so much moister has entered the atmosphere so fast to cause such extreme rain fall at at least seven inches a hour. But it is my guess if the asteroids that broke apart in the high troposphere are in fact made of water and have turned to steam then all that water volume is now making its' way to the earth's surface in the form of rain and snow."

Terrmar said, "It wasn't really raining out and it's winter how can their be severe thunderstorms now from a space rock?"

Charles the weatherman said, "Harrisburg Pennsylvania and Heresy Pennsylvania have reported that only a hour after one of the comets blew up over them that massive thunderstorms have formed and are now dumping at least seven to nine inches a hour of severely heavy rain and at least 14 inches of rain have fallen in the last hour.

If you are living along a creek or stream or the Susquehanna River get out of your house and run for high ground as fast as you can!"

Shorty what's going on here
Dahlia figures out something strange is going on when she wakes up one morning feeling hunger and notices that Lotto and Berry are now a foot shorter them them.

Dahlia a bit shocked at what is going on considering she was the shortest one on the star ship then says, "Shorty what is gong on here I'm like a foot taller then you it's like you and this place shrank or something?"

Lotto then said, "Dahlia how did you become so tall so fast it's like you grew over night.



:iconsenshistock: :) (Smile)

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This is the first time I've seen this happen
The small creek during the flood had pilled up angst the road and became a ten foot deep lake that went back several hundred feet and then spilled over the road in a 60 foot wide by two to three foot deep river that spilled over the side.

It had also opened up a eight foot deep hole were water would spill over the road and then spill into this large hole on the side of the road.
The last days of our double culvert
This is a photo of a 60 inch across culvert that normally lets a small creek go under a neighborhood street.

The heavy rains from Hurricane Florence dumped four and half inches of rain in a hour that triggered this small creek to grow into a monster and wash out the double culverts.


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Mr.Windy the Wind Turbine
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Well I like the Florida Key West Railroad old ocean railroad line and that is why I'm known as Ocean Railroader. I also like to make funny giant monster movies with the giant Bear market in the form of a giant Black Bear that eats banks and people. I also make youtube videos of the Toho Godzilla monsters fighting giant pokemon

Current Residence: Lock 1 on the Kanawha
Favourite genre of music: 80's oldies 1950-1970's Now to
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Favourite style of art: Monster Movies Pokemon
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Skin of choice: Steel
Favourite cartoon character: Pokemon Heroes Jonny Brovo
Personal Quote: The Lone Protector of the telegraph insulators

As for Art Requests I'm open to any ideas as long as they are with in my art style and type that I like doing.
Such as I don't mind drawing characters from TV shows as long as they act like they do in the show. I will also will not take requests for porn or things I don't like drawing.
Here is a youtube video of two lifeboats crashing on the Jade Cruise ship 

Here is a vidoe to show what was going on that day
What happened was I saw these two lifeboats hit one another on the lido deck of the Jade cruise ship.

What adds to this around 10.30AM in the morning it was sunny out when I went ashore and their where six foot high waves that the life boat was on. How this worked was you had to jump down from a cat walk on the ship down into the life boat and you had to time it to avoid going into the fish tank if a large wave caused the boat to get lifted up or dropped down.

On the way to land our life boat had to go at least five miles though six foot tall waves and water splashed in all over the place. People on the life boat where getting very nervous in that water did come splashing in though the open door in the roof and though a open window. The life boat really got thrown around like a bath toy that day.

I was not on the two life boats that crashed into one another.

The reason why I'm sharing this with you all is that I finally found a video of the event of the two life boats crashing into one another. What happened that day when the two life boats crashed into one another was it was sunny. But then a large wall of cold wind and rain came off of the ocean and came crashing into the port and the waves grew to eight feet tall and the two life boats couldn't dock up to the catwalk of the ship and the people spend over a hour to two hours in the life boat getting tossed around by the sea.



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I found a railroad crossing on Batsonaa Highway in Accra, Ghana, Africa. And it has an American-like signal and there was a gate but it's gone. Could be abandoned or at least inactive…

I learned Ghana isn't a railroad-rich country and railways only run in the southern parts of Ghana but not in a lot of places.

I couldn't find any railroad crossings in Zambia or Zimbabwe, I guess they're not doing Google Streetview in those places right now, or maybe they are I just haven't found the right places yet.

ADDED: Found another signal on Sekondi Road in Takoradi, Ghana. Unfortunately that signal is leaned over and busted. Too bad too, it was a good looking signal and a signal I would have been satisfied with too. It even had rear-facing flashers.…

I'm yet to find any good crossings in Ghana! Don't know if I'll ever find any! And I'm wondering what their crossing gates look/looked like.

ADDED: I am finding that some lines are out of service and some are still in service. They might even be rebuilt or under construction and yet to see service. I'm reading some things about this on Wikipedia.
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