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eclair express - aeria by oceanfarmer eclair express - aeria :iconoceanfarmer:oceanfarmer 3 0


eclair express - aeria
my app for :iconeclairexpress: is finally done! :')

I know that she doesn't look like a """traditional""" fortune teller but I think that her design works!

○ ○ ○

Name: Aeria (air-ee-ah)
Gender: Female
Age: Twenty (20)
Species: Human
Job/Occupation: Fortune Teller
Birthday:Winter 21
Orientation: Het.

Loved gifts: moonstone, milk chocolate, milk tea
Liked gifts: eggs, vanilla, marigolds
Disliked gifts: coffee, fish
Hated gifts: failed dishes

resilient, charming, short-tempered, unfocused, carefree, inquisitive

Aeria's inquisitive nature has opened up many opportunities for her. She is relatively charming

Aeria's inquisitive nature has created many opportunities for her. She freely speaks her mind, usually voicing her opinion when asked and occasionally when she is not asked. She is quite charming; while not necessarily "popular", she is approachable and has an easiness to her that encourages others to open their heart to her. She has an easy time making acquaintances, although she is does not have many close friends. She comes and goes when and where she pleases, living carefree. There are many instances, though, where her lack of focus causes her trouble and her short temper doesn't help! While she is usually a patient person, she can be judgemental towards others (although she keeps these thoughts to herself most of the time) and her quick tongue can be quite hurtful at times.


Aeria grew up on a grand estate, although in the servant's quarters. She lived with her father in a one-bedroom home near the stables - where he worked - and spent most of her evenings helping him to care for the horses. It was by chance that she was lured to an antique shop where she spotted the most magnificent, most beautiful set of cards with navy and gold stars decorating the back.

For many afternoons, Aeria was only able to admire the old, worn deck through the glass case. Attached to it was an extravagant price so high that on upon her first visit, Aeria vocalised her qualms and made an offer substantially lower. The old woman laughed and insisted that these cards were magic and that they can tell the future. She dreamed of owning the cards. One day.

Her childhood went by quickly and with ease. She was well-mannered and well-liked at school. She attended most days and enjoyed the long walks home, ofting stopping at the antique shop to make a new, slightly higher offer on the tarot deck. Soon summer - a permanent summer - came and Aeria no longer spent time at school. For a long time, she did not visit the antique shop and instead spent her days and nights working at the library. She became stagnant. This was not the life that she wanted but she had no aspiration. There was nothing in particular that she enjoyed or dreamed of.... other than that blue and gold deck of tarot cards.

She returned to the shop with an offer, although it did not match the price of those cards, and to her surprised, returned home with the deck wrapped in satin cloth. Aeria unfolded the package at home, and noted how the cards were stiff in her hands and how the edges frayed, gold splitting into gray. She studied each card individually as she went throuh the deck and amongst the cards was an ad for Toffee Town. Maybe it was fate (if you believed in that sort of thing) that eventually led her here.

Additional information:
○ her hair is naturally curly !
○ she has a "sparkly" appearance i it's as if sparkly, shimmery glamour surrounds her

RP methods / availability: docs, discord



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