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The First Cut is the Deepest--OTP Themes 4+5
The First Cut is the Deepest
This was not how 15 year old Melissa Yuki thought that her first experience with love would go.  Heartbroken, humiliated, and sobbing all alone on the island of Duel Academy on a cool fall afternoon.  In other words, she was rejected by someone that she loved and that someone was the popular boy in school, Zane Truesdale.  Melissa fell for him a few days after being in Duel Academy, having met him just after she had won a duel against an Obelisk Blue who wouldn’t stop bullying her peers.  Of course, his younger brother and her dear friend Syrus tried to tell her that Zane wasn’t the easiest person to win over, but love is blind, she realized.  In the end, her efforts to get a date with him were fruitless and he told her that he was going to the Autumn Ball with Jasmine Moore, one of Alexis’s friends.  The green eyed brunette kept her composure long enough to dash out of the school building and run off t
:iconoceanfairie:OceanFairie 1 5
Lazy Spring Morning--OTP October Drabbles Theme 3
Lazy Spring Morning
It was a warm spring morning at Duel Academy and it was Spring Break for everyone.  That meant no classes for a whole week and Jaden Yuki was taking full advantage of that.  The brown eyed brunette took a deep breath before saying, “Time for one of my naps.”  He then nestled underneath a tree and closed his eyes.  He was out in no time flat, snoring a little bit.  Things had begun to change for Jaden and not just in the school social food chain either.  He had started getting a little taller, same went for his twin sister, Melissa.  Unfortunately for the twins, that also meant that more people began to admire them.  Boys and girls who barely batted an eye at them at the start of the year suddenly took notice of them once they started looking past their dorms and physical appearances.  Still, Jaden’s ‘condition’ as his sister puts it, kept him from noticing a lot of girls.  Of cour
:iconoceanfairie:OceanFairie 3 21
Mature content
OTP October--Drabbles :iconoceanfairie:OceanFairie 3 19
Melissa Yuki's Deck Page--Part 1
OC Name: Melissa Diane Yuki (English), Maku Sora Yuki (Japanese)
Deck Themes: Love/Aroma (first year onwards), Love Knight (second year onwards), Ice (Society of Light), and Jewel Beast Warriors (third year onwards).
1. Maiden in Love
2. Sapphire Tiger (OC card)
3. Cupid Kid x3 (OC card)
4. Love Knight Apollo (OC card)
5. Love Knight Aphrodite (OC card)
6. Emerald Panther (OC card)
7. Love Queen (OC card)
8. Ice Queen
9. Aromage Jasmine
10. Love Knight Eros (OC card)
11. Aroma Jar
12. Snow Fairy
13. Aromage Rosemary
14. Valentine Knight (OC card)
15. Love Knight Zeus (OC card; Fusion Monster)
16. Love Knight Selene (OC card)
17. Love Knight Hera (OC card; Fusion Monster)
18. Queen of Hearts (OC card; Fusion Monster)
19. Diamond Bear (OC card)
20. Jewel Beast Queen (OC card; Fusion Monster)
21. Defense Maiden
22. Cursed Ring x2
23. Vows of Love (OC card)
24. Dreams of Lovely Value (OC card)
25. Call of the Haunted
26. Negate Attack
27. Love
:iconoceanfairie:OceanFairie 4 12
Mature content
First Kisses--Short Scenes :iconoceanfairie:OceanFairie 4 8
Summer Kisses--Cute Contest Entry
Summer Kisses
It was a hot July summer day in Domino City.  While most Japanese teenagers would still be in school right now, the students of Duel Academy didn’t follow the Japanese schooling system.  As a result, they got time to rest up before school started up for them in late August to early September, depending on how active the hurricane season is in America.  16 year old twins Jaden and Melissa Yuki were on their way to the beach to spend the day with their friends.  The summer heat hasn’t been kind to them and they often hung out near the beach or the pool to cool off lately.  “Man, is it hot out or what, Mellie?” Jaden asked, wiping some sweat off of his forehead.  Winged Kuriboh appeared next to him, nodding in response.  The brown eyed brunette was wearing a white T-shirt, red swim trunks, and red sandals.  A pair of brown sunglasses covered his brown eyes from the sun.
Melissa “Mellie” rolled
:iconoceanfairie:OceanFairie 5 22
Mature content
Welcome to Our World--Late Birthday Gift :iconoceanfairie:OceanFairie 4 11
Rocky + Sun Star--Hanging Out by OceanFairie Rocky + Sun Star--Hanging Out :iconoceanfairie:OceanFairie 9 12
Some Girls Do
Some Girls Do
It wasn’t unusual for 15 year old Melissa Yuki to notice that she had gained quite the fan club in the Silfer Red dorm.  The boys loved her for her looks and compassionate nature while the girls loved her for her confidence and boldness.  She brought dignity back to them when they needed it most and it made her feel good.  What WAS unusual for the petite, forest green eyed brunette was that she had started gaining some of the Obelisk Blue students as her fans.  Sure, she didn’t mind, especially since there were some genuinely good Obelisk Blue boys and girls amongst the sea of…arrogant and elitist snobs.  The Silfer Red queen knew that from the very few Obelisks she had as respected classmates and friends.  But then, there was…him.  Chazz Princeton, the only Obelisk boy who made her blood boil.  He’s as elitist as they come and his attitude towards her older twin Jaden didn’t
:iconoceanfairie:OceanFairie 3 5
Waiting on a Man--Valentine's Art Trade
Waiting on a Man
Those who had believed that women would be the late ones on a date had never met Ryo Shirogane.  Despite the tan skinned young man learning to balance his work and social lives over time, some things didn’t really change at all.  Sure, he learned the hard way that his overworking nature, tardiness, and less-than-perfect mannerisms tend to be a turn-off to most women, but Mint Aizawa isn’t like most women.  Ryo is beyond thankful for that because otherwise, she would’ve dumped him ages ago for all of the times that he made them late for their dates.  He is also glad that the dark blue haired young woman knows him very well, so if he is running late, then she’d wait for him.  This time, though, Ryo is hoping to be on time for this particular date because not only was it Valentine’s Day, it was also their anniversary.  I hope that Mint likes what I got for her.  Normally, I’d wait until White
:iconoceanfairie:OceanFairie 4 19
Ultimate NOTP Meme--My Version by OceanFairie Ultimate NOTP Meme--My Version :iconoceanfairie:OceanFairie 7 55
Forever Lonely--Contest Entry
Forever Lonely
Yvette Smurfette was used to the rejections that she got from men that she had crushes on.  Hell, the first guy that she liked was her best friend Sun Star Smurf.  Unfortunately for her, he is gay, so of course he didn’t return her feelings.  She was fine with it at first and accepted the two-toned blonde’s feelings for Feral Smurf.  After all, there’s plenty of sweet natured male fish in the sea, right?  So, she’ll find somebody in no time…won’t she?  The ginger then started to learn just how dead wrong she was with that statement because her second crush, Wildflower Smurf shared the exact same feelings as his older half-brother: wasn’t into girls.  And of course, her older sister’s boyfriend Shy is strictly off limits since Autumn got to him first.  Yvette preferred them together, but still, the sting hurts…  Hell, even her older brother Austin FOUND somebody and s
:iconoceanfairie:OceanFairie 7 46
Crossover Couples Meme--My Version by OceanFairie Crossover Couples Meme--My Version :iconoceanfairie:OceanFairie 4 27 OC Facts Meme 2.0 by OceanFairie OC Facts Meme 2.0 :iconoceanfairie:OceanFairie 4 23
Mature content
First Christmas with You--Request :iconoceanfairie:OceanFairie 4 37
Pains of Parenthood--KibaHina Month Day #15
Pains of Parenthood
Scene #1: 0 – 6 Months
Kiba Inuzuka removed his ANBU mask upon arriving home.  The brunette was panting as he thought back to the mission that he completed while sitting on the sofa.  Thank God for Sakura Haruno-Uzumaki and her medic-ninja training or else he’d be dead…  Still, the remains of the Akatsuki have been getting stronger since the death of their leader and Kiba’s mission with his team proved that fact very well.  Sure enough, his wife came out, holding a small bundle in her arms.  “Hinata, I’m home.  How are you and the little one doing?” Kiba asked, relieved to see her face.  Hinata blushed before answering, “We’re just fine, my love.  Ayumu just had a nap.”  The brunette went over and got a look at his daughter.  She has short black hair, much to his shock.  Ayumu blinked her eyes open, revealing to be lavender like her mother
:iconoceanfairie:OceanFairie 5 21


Alexis Rhodes - render 3 by AlanMac95 Alexis Rhodes - render 3 :iconalanmac95:AlanMac95 187 28 MemoryShipping~SamaraXSeto by Kaiba-Loves-Samara MemoryShipping~SamaraXSeto :iconkaiba-loves-samara:Kaiba-Loves-Samara 94 79 Teana by AliceKuroCross Teana :iconalicekurocross:AliceKuroCross 66 10 Something that you can't see! by SetoxZakuro Something that you can't see! :iconsetoxzakuro:SetoxZakuro 4 4 Cracktober 19: Scorched by Zikore Cracktober 19: Scorched :iconzikore:Zikore 3 1 Ready for a Fight by GozenxYuji Ready for a Fight :icongozenxyuji:GozenxYuji 1 3 [FE14] Opal by bossusaurus [FE14] Opal :iconbossusaurus:bossusaurus 27 9 ~Arc-V BF's ~[Collab] by xLunar-Queenx ~Arc-V BF's ~[Collab] :iconxlunar-queenx:xLunar-Queenx 28 23 Cracktober 17: Swollen by Zikore Cracktober 17: Swollen :iconzikore:Zikore 2 5 Duke stamp by KisaraAkiRyu Duke stamp :iconkisaraakiryu:KisaraAkiRyu 21 0 Sherry stamp by KisaraAkiRyu Sherry stamp :iconkisaraakiryu:KisaraAkiRyu 6 0 Alexis stamp by KisaraAkiRyu Alexis stamp :iconkisaraakiryu:KisaraAkiRyu 14 3 Chazz stamp by KisaraAkiRyu Chazz stamp :iconkisaraakiryu:KisaraAkiRyu 35 0 Black Sapphire Elf Princess Gown by DaisyViktoria Black Sapphire Elf Princess Gown :icondaisyviktoria:DaisyViktoria 191 13 Holly Rhodes Yu-gi-oh Gx: Request by GozenxYuji Holly Rhodes Yu-gi-oh Gx: Request :icongozenxyuji:GozenxYuji 3 3 Essence of Halloween by r0se-designs Essence of Halloween :iconr0se-designs:r0se-designs 688 36


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Stealing once again from AntoniMatteoGarcia's journal.

Send me a fandom for these memes and let me know if you want me to answer #1 or #2 first.  Not both at a time please!

Meme 1

Are you in the series?:
Top 10 favorite Male characters?:
Top 10 favorite Female characters?:
Any crushes on the girls?:
Any crushes on the boys?:
Least favorite characters?:
Top favorite Hetero OTP's?:
Yuri and Yaoi OTP's?:

Meme 2

1. The first character I fell in love with:
2. The character I never expected to love as much as I do now:
3. The character everyone else loves that I don't:
4. The character I love that everyone else hates:
5. The character(s) I find most attractive:
6. The character I'd want to be like:
7. The character I'd slap (some sense into):
8. Favorite character (M/F):
9. Who are your five favorite characters?:
10. Who are your five least favorite characters?:
11. Which character are you most like?:
12. Pairing(s) that I love:
13. Pairing(s) that I despise:
14. BROTP Pairing(s):

Fandoms I'm most active in:

~Fire Emblem
~Looney Tunes/Tiny Toons

Fandoms I'm sorta active in:

~SWAT Kats
~Avatar: The Last Airbender
~Sailor Moon
~Ed, Edd, & Eddy
~Power Rangers
~Teen Titans/Justice League

Fandoms that I'm not active in, but still have my favorite ships/characters:

~Code Lyoko
~Ben 10
~Winx Club

I tag whoever wants to do this.




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