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First Kisses--Short Scenes :iconoceanfairie:OceanFairie 4 8
Summer Kisses--Cute Contest Entry
Summer Kisses
It was a hot July summer day in Domino City.  While most Japanese teenagers would still be in school right now, the students of Duel Academy didn’t follow the Japanese schooling system.  As a result, they got time to rest up before school started up for them in late August to early September, depending on how active the hurricane season is in America.  16 year old twins Jaden and Melissa Yuki were on their way to the beach to spend the day with their friends.  The summer heat hasn’t been kind to them and they often hung out near the beach or the pool to cool off lately.  “Man, is it hot out or what, Mellie?” Jaden asked, wiping some sweat off of his forehead.  Winged Kuriboh appeared next to him, nodding in response.  The brown eyed brunette was wearing a white T-shirt, red swim trunks, and red sandals.  A pair of brown sunglasses covered his brown eyes from the sun.
Melissa “Mellie” rolled
:iconoceanfairie:OceanFairie 5 22
Mature content
Welcome to Our World--Late Birthday Gift :iconoceanfairie:OceanFairie 4 11
Rocky + Sun Star--Hanging Out by OceanFairie Rocky + Sun Star--Hanging Out :iconoceanfairie:OceanFairie 9 12
Some Girls Do
Some Girls Do
It wasn’t unusual for 15 year old Melissa Yuki to notice that she had gained quite the fan club in the Silfer Red dorm.  The boys loved her for her looks and compassionate nature while the girls loved her for her confidence and boldness.  She brought dignity back to them when they needed it most and it made her feel good.  What WAS unusual for the petite, forest green eyed brunette was that she had started gaining some of the Obelisk Blue students as her fans.  Sure, she didn’t mind, especially since there were some genuinely good Obelisk Blue boys and girls amongst the sea of…arrogant and elitist snobs.  The Silfer Red queen knew that from the very few Obelisks she had as respected classmates and friends.  But then, there was…him.  Chazz Princeton, the only Obelisk boy who made her blood boil.  He’s as elitist as they come and his attitude towards her older twin Jaden didn’t
:iconoceanfairie:OceanFairie 3 5
Waiting on a Man--Valentine's Art Trade
Waiting on a Man
Those who had believed that women would be the late ones on a date had never met Ryo Shirogane.  Despite the tan skinned young man learning to balance his work and social lives over time, some things didn’t really change at all.  Sure, he learned the hard way that his overworking nature, tardiness, and less-than-perfect mannerisms tend to be a turn-off to most women, but Mint Aizawa isn’t like most women.  Ryo is beyond thankful for that because otherwise, she would’ve dumped him ages ago for all of the times that he made them late for their dates.  He is also glad that the dark blue haired young woman knows him very well, so if he is running late, then she’d wait for him.  This time, though, Ryo is hoping to be on time for this particular date because not only was it Valentine’s Day, it was also their anniversary.  I hope that Mint likes what I got for her.  Normally, I’d wait until White
:iconoceanfairie:OceanFairie 3 12
Ultimate NOTP Meme--My Version by OceanFairie Ultimate NOTP Meme--My Version :iconoceanfairie:OceanFairie 7 50
Forever Lonely--Contest Entry
Forever Lonely
Yvette Smurfette was used to the rejections that she got from men that she had crushes on.  Hell, the first guy that she liked was her best friend Sun Star Smurf.  Unfortunately for her, he is gay, so of course he didn’t return her feelings.  She was fine with it at first and accepted the two-toned blonde’s feelings for Feral Smurf.  After all, there’s plenty of sweet natured male fish in the sea, right?  So, she’ll find somebody in no time…won’t she?  The ginger then started to learn just how dead wrong she was with that statement because her second crush, Wildflower Smurf shared the exact same feelings as his older half-brother: wasn’t into girls.  And of course, her older sister’s boyfriend Shy is strictly off limits since Autumn got to him first.  Yvette preferred them together, but still, the sting hurts…  Hell, even her older brother Austin FOUND somebody and s
:iconoceanfairie:OceanFairie 7 46
Crossover Couples Meme--My Version by OceanFairie Crossover Couples Meme--My Version :iconoceanfairie:OceanFairie 4 27 OC Facts Meme 2.0 by OceanFairie OC Facts Meme 2.0 :iconoceanfairie:OceanFairie 4 23
Mature content
First Christmas with You--Request :iconoceanfairie:OceanFairie 4 37
Pains of Parenthood--KibaHina Month Day #15
Pains of Parenthood
Scene #1: 0 – 6 Months
Kiba Inuzuka removed his ANBU mask upon arriving home.  The brunette was panting as he thought back to the mission that he completed while sitting on the sofa.  Thank God for Sakura Haruno-Uzumaki and her medic-ninja training or else he’d be dead…  Still, the remains of the Akatsuki have been getting stronger since the death of their leader and Kiba’s mission with his team proved that fact very well.  Sure enough, his wife came out, holding a small bundle in her arms.  “Hinata, I’m home.  How are you and the little one doing?” Kiba asked, relieved to see her face.  Hinata blushed before answering, “We’re just fine, my love.  Ayumu just had a nap.”  The brunette went over and got a look at his daughter.  She has short black hair, much to his shock.  Ayumu blinked her eyes open, revealing to be lavender like her mother
:iconoceanfairie:OceanFairie 5 21
Ask My Smurfs OCs--Round 2 by OceanFairie Ask My Smurfs OCs--Round 2 :iconoceanfairie:OceanFairie 1 26
Holiday Treats--KibaHina Month Day #12
Holiday Treats
Cooking wasn’t something that Hinata Hyuga-Inuzuka is used to doing, but she wasn’t terrible at it either.  Her husband, Kiba, on the other hand, is an excellent cook and the dark purple haired woman can believe it.  Sure, his biggest specialty is making dog food for Akamaru and his family, but the brunette has proven to make good human food too.  And the young parents-to-be are currently preparing treats for the Christmas party being held at the Hyuga household.  “I can’t believe it.  Our first family Christmas together and we’re expecting a little one as well.” Kiba exclaimed in delight as he stirred the cookie batter together.  Hinata giggled as she prepared the cutting board by dusting it with flour.  “I’m glad that Neji and Tenten are hosting the party and that our friends will be there too.” she added, her hair held back in a ponytail so it wouldn’t get messy.
:iconoceanfairie:OceanFairie 4 4
10 Facts Meme by OceanFairie 10 Facts Meme :iconoceanfairie:OceanFairie 2 59
OC October Themes Set 2
OC October Themes #2
Theme #6: Sword
The sounds of metal clinging against each other couldn’t be any more obvious as a battle had taken place.  The Greys were attempting to invade Smurf village again and both Gargamel and Apollo were in charge.  “Come on, Star!  Take that Grey down!” Colleen shouted over the roar of the fighting.  Hoku Thompson was currently focused on a single Grey Smurf right now and that was Warrior Grey.  “Go and get that bimbo, Warrior!” Thorn shouted before punching Lola.  Gargamel was watching the fighting with glee.  For once, nothing has gone wrong…yet.  “I hadn’t had this much fun since before I became a wrenched Smurf.” the older wizard chanted.  The Scottish Grey was panting before a smirk formed on his face.  “Ye ain’t bad fer a White, lass.” he said, readying himself to strike once more.  The brunette knew that he me
:iconoceanfairie:OceanFairie 5 13


Elly Stamp by TheifysSoul Elly Stamp :icontheifyssoul:TheifysSoul 2 3 Angelshipping Stamp by TheifysSoul Angelshipping Stamp :icontheifyssoul:TheifysSoul 4 3 Stamp: I'll ship whatever I damn well please. by Catthylove Stamp: I'll ship whatever I damn well please. :iconcatthylove:Catthylove 948 276 Gift for Kiananuva12 by sandapolla Gift for Kiananuva12 :iconsandapolla:sandapolla 2 3 The Second Smurfette by MissWolfGang The Second Smurfette :iconmisswolfgang:MissWolfGang 2 1 Beauty Smurfette by MissWolfGang Beauty Smurfette :iconmisswolfgang:MissWolfGang 4 9 Pokmon dreams  by Raysketchit Pokmon dreams :iconraysketchit:Raysketchit 1 3 Smurfette as a cat by MissWolfGang Smurfette as a cat :iconmisswolfgang:MissWolfGang 6 1 Lady Glow by MissWolfGang Lady Glow :iconmisswolfgang:MissWolfGang 4 2 What you called me by sandapolla What you called me :iconsandapolla:sandapolla 3 5 Equality by MissWolfGang Equality :iconmisswolfgang:MissWolfGang 5 10 Skylar by Alpha-Twinn Skylar :iconalpha-twinn:Alpha-Twinn 1 18 Cass and Lori yell at Brainy by MissWolfGang Cass and Lori yell at Brainy :iconmisswolfgang:MissWolfGang 3 4 .:YCH:. Summer theme *3/4 slots left* by KayeilE .:YCH:. Summer theme *3/4 slots left* :iconkayeile:KayeilE 12 5 A Girl Can Dream by MissWolfGang A Girl Can Dream :iconmisswolfgang:MissWolfGang 4 5 Smarty Kisses Brainy by MissWolfGang Smarty Kisses Brainy :iconmisswolfgang:MissWolfGang 2 3


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United States

Saw this in bossusaurus's journal, so I thought, why not?  She gets the first feature.

- Comment here and I'll list my favorite pairing of yours! 
- I'll be choosing only one ship for the sake of fairness. 
- Features are currently unlimited!
- I'll include same-sex ships, but only ones that I completely enjoy.

1. bossusaurus

[YGO] Red Carpet by bossusaurus

For those who don't know me, I may be a big Seto Kaiba fan and I have OCs paired with him, but I have no issues with sharing him with other fans' OCs.  And Ami is just one of those others' OCs that I adore and I love their relationship too.  Plus, I just love that white suit of his.^_^

2. demonofnothing

I'm Lost Without a Trace by demonofnothing

Biased, yes, but this is one of my favorite what could've been couples for Bon.  I'm still hoping for Daiyu to find someone of her own.

3. sandapolla

Love Couple 2 : Sun Star and Feral Smurf by sandapolla

I love these two.  Hell, this is one of several same-sex OC x OC couples that I love.  And that's saying a lot if I praise the living hell out of a same-sex OC x OC couple.

4. Alpha-Twinn

*hand slips* by Alpha-Twinn

This is my only Snappy x OC OTP that involves others' OCs so far.  Nikki just fits him so well.

5. VongolaSky27

Vanessa Devlin x Kanato Kaiba by VongolaSky27

I don't usually feature couples that I barely know anything about, but I owe this girl a feature since she featured me.  So yeah, sorry if I have nothing more to say...

6. pitufotontin

los trajes de disculpas by pitufotontin

These guys are Smurfette x Hefty done right.  I know that it's their GB counterparts, but still, they're one of my favorite couples in Lili's bunch.

7. MissWolfGang

Sadness by MissWolfGang

Silly's such a perfect fit for Jokey, what else can I say?  So glad that she picked him instead of Brainy...

8. AmazingSuper27

DrakexJulyette as Pichu by AmazingSuper27

I love all of this guy's couples, but this is one of my favorites.

:new: 9. Kaitie1543

:Valentine's Day: Recolored by Kaitie1543

Returning the biased feature since Kait featured me.  I adore these guys and that's saying a lot since you guys know that I'm the biggest Fianceshipper on here.  But yeah, I'd love to see more of these guys. :new:




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