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I am M. Scott Ault, Fine Art Nude Photographer and I am going to be the First Person EVER to fully circumnavigate the globe by Human Power!

I am currently refitting a small 16' two person kayak- turning it in to a fully enclosed pedal powered boat of about 20' .. which I plan to pilot semi- supported around the globe.

I'll be scheduling Fine Art Nude shoots at (almost) every landfall.. sometimes out on the water.. and I'll be posting impressions, ideas, and more right here.. my purpose is to promote sustainable living choices and document environmental decay en route.

Your help and support is greatly appreciated-

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Favourite Visual Artist
Jock Sturgess
Favourite Movies
The Pillow Book, Unbearable Lightness of Being
Favourite TV Shows
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Pilfer, Mr. Pink
Favourite Books
"Fuck YES!" .. "V" (Pynchon) and a few others
Favourite Writers
Milan Kundera, Thomas Pynchon, M. Scott Ault
Favourite Games
Twister; Marbles (I lost); Backgammon; Poker (strip).
Favourite Gaming Platform
table... or living room floor.
Tools of the Trade
Nikon F5, D5100, N90; Calumet 4x5; Holga; Nimslo; Pentax; Macintosh; Wacom; Chisel; File; Sandpaper; Acrylic' Found Materials
Other Interests
Cycling; Running; Swimming; Sustainability; Sabina (daughter); Travel
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Did some work yesterday.. and today I did some work on my music.. While Tooker might not look all that different to the casual observer, she's now ensconced with two relatively rigid support structures.. not so levelled off as to be perfect but she's good enough for horseshoes and hand grenades, as the saying goes. The work that was done, while not too complex, was pretty necessary. She had been resting on a strap based cradle which was good for small tasks but the next "phase" of Tookers development is.. cutting and lengthening. Now, I’m no boat builder.. in fact, I’m more of an “averaging and temprary” builder of anything.. but, I can see what needs to be done- or, what can be done- in order to achieve my end result of a 22’ long and about 48” wide fully enclosed boat and that is.. the boat needs to be cut in half side to side and pulled apart then re- glassed at that new size.. then, she needs to be sliced down the keel (removing the central keel) and widening. The cradle
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So.. I'm really lagging on boat development.. and part of that is because I'm super uneasy about doing the work all on my own. I don't know many people in Calgary.. while we moved here almost 4 years ago, most of that time has been spent driving all over the country for craft markets and fairs.. and the rest of that time has been spent under the COVID restrictions... so, I haven't had opportunity to meet many folks. Specially people that might be like- minded in one way or another so that I could have "compatriots" to work with and quaff a few beers while tinkering with the boat. So.. I did some research and found a local fibreglass specialist.. kayak and canoe specialist. While I might be talking ahead of the game, he's expressed interest in helping me out with this absolutely crazy project of mine. To me.. this means a higher chance of success in a shorter amount of time. Oh- I'm also partnering with a super cool platform for semi- monthly FundRaising Event Broadcast.. think of
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So, as I've said before- Baby Steps.. and now, it's kinda like a Bee taking Baby Steps... Sitting and working on one, all- consuming concept for *right now* and then flittering over to yet another.. There's still a lot of work that has to be done on a day to day basis for The General Bean (my hand crafting company that I share with my wife).. so much so that we're not sure if we'll have time off this summer (and that comes with mixed feelings because "time off" usually means No Money.. next year will be totally different but this year.. we're *almost* prepared). That also means that I can usually only sequester a moment here or a moment there.. A great example has been music. I moved all the music gear out to the darkroom shed so that I could 'create' when ever I wanted to. But I never went out there because the shed wasn't finished. So, now it's back in the den beside my work computer reminding me.. I gotta work with the stuff. So, last night.. after the girls went to bed.. I
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