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Pocket Pony Background Edition

So here's a quickie to fill some requests i had lying around :D
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What is a pocket pony for???
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Initially, I got a request from a friend to make a pony for him to literally "stick in his shirt pocket" and I made a couple of him, and they ended up being quite popular on the Google+ Pony stream, so I ended up making more.. The actual USE of them.. idunno, pony up your surroundings! attach them to monitors, posters, signs and so on. Put one in your pocket, use one as a bookmark, their usage is practically limitless*

*actually not limitless

The blue and white pony is called lightning bolt, she does a loopy thing in the intro sequence and is sometimes seen in the background
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Oh I just notice for the function .
Now I know...... :D
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Wait, who is the one with blue mane and a white body???
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Hell yeah, seafoam's in this!
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there should be princess celestia as a pocket pony
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Any chance of future pocket ponies for Celestia and updated Luna?

Or possibly FlimFlam bros
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Carrot Top <3
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WHAT NO DERPY??? you eeeevvvviiillll bastad
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Derpy actually made it into the second one :D
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oh.:stare: i so stupid.
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Are you going to make 11th Doctor pony soon? <3.
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How do pocket ponies work exactly?
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Can you do one for Rainbow Day/Rainbowshine?
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OMG! raindrops?

am i the only one excited?
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Yes Colgate!

*turns on printer*
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Berry Punch! Now I can have a drunk pony in my pocket while I get drunk.
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Could you add Rainbow Day/Rainbowshine to a future set please?
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