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I know I'm a bit late, (I just woke up lol.)but I still want you wish you a happy New Years! So what's your new year resolution?
I'm sorry I keep going on and off on here, it's just my grades kept slipping. Plus, my art and journals wouldn't upload. But, I'm back and will be posting art tomorrow.
Also, my Forgotten Realms story will be uploaded next Saturday ( or a bit earlier.).
And another thing, the comments on my profile. It'll take me awhile to reply, because my phone is really slow and keeps exiting me out of it. So, note me instead.


I think that's it. Have a good day Dudes and Dudetts.  <  (  ^ o^)>
That moment when you study long and hard for a test, but fail it...
I'm back and will post some art in a few days. I got my grades up, YAS! \( ^ o^)/
I have lots of homework to do, so I'll have to be off for a few days. Sorry, I'll be back in a few days.
Do you think you'll survive a zombie apocalypse? Why or why not?
What's your least favorite number?
Has this happened to you? You dry you hands on your pants, and it looks like you peed yourself... It happens to me all the time lol.
What's you favorite electronic device?
They reason why I post around 6 or 7, is because of school and homework. I'm sorry.
If you listen to What Makes You Beautiful by One Direction 3,000 times, you'll get 8,000,000 dollars. Would you do it?
If you let a venomous snake bite you, you get 1,000,000 dollars. Would you do it?
What's you favorite time of the day?
If someone put you phone in water, what would you do?
How many sit ups can you do in 30 seconds?
How many push ups can you do in 30 seconds?
I'm sorry I keep going on and off on here, I'm going through some things right now.
Have you played Pokemon Go?
How many doodles can you do in one minute?
Sorry for not uploading. School just started and it makes me pretty busy.