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Peppermint ART/WRITING Contest 2016

Sun Nov 6, 2016, 1:04 PM
Updated 12/15/2016



I love contests... a little too much. This one, however, gives you the

creativity with out many restrictions. All you have to do is make a creative piece!

Only a few rules and the rest is up to you! 


-Must be my OC Peppermint
-Must have the tag-- #pepperscratchccc
-No humiliating Peppermint... I will not be happy if you do. In fact, I will find you...
-Yes, you may have your OCs with Peppermint picture or story wise, no shipping them with your OCs.
-If your OCs are involved, Peppermint must play a major part in the story.
-Gender bending my characters is fine.
-Please try and get Peppermint's colors right.  
-NSFW? I dunno... maybe. Let me know what your thinking first...
        1. -I’m fine with gore!
-Do not kill my characters, unless in a dream or drug sequence, I’m also ok with drugs, but not for my characters please
-If you have characters in an Alternate Universe, and need to change Peppermint to fit, thats fine.
-Yes, you can do just about anything for this, I will go more into detail on this below with a list of possible ideas
-Bases are fine, buuttt---
-No pony generator!!
-Keep Peppermint in character.

And thats it! You can enter what ever you want. I will be putting each art piece into its respective CATEGORY. I wanted to give you guys the freedom to be creative. You guys can pretty much draw/write anything. I honestly want to leave this all up to you guys... I've seen the awesome stuff you can make and I feel like you would all enjoy doing your own thing. You really don't even need to be good at art. I'm looking for creativity




-Create a Journal and SHARE this with your watchers letting them know your joining.
-Favorite this Journal
-Watch me, if you haven't already


        -1st place in ART

                -500 points (400 donated by DataPony)
                -Anything you'd like from me, fully colored and shaded. 

                -Critique by GJ301 

        -2nd place in ART

                -Full body art from me.
                -Custom pony from puppetgirl27 

                -Head shot from MyMelodyOfTheHeart 

     -1st place in WRITING

                -500 points
                -Anything you'd like from me, fully colored and shaded. 

                -Critique by GJ301 

        -2nd place in WRITING

                -Full body art from me.
                -Custom pony from puppetgirl27 

                -Head shot from MyMelodyOfTheHeart 

(If you want to donate prizes, send me a note.....)

Peppermint's BIO--

Peppermint's BIOName: Peppermint
Nicknames:  Pepper, PepperMint-CrUsh / PMC (DJ)
Gender: Female
Age: 22
Species: Unicorn
Height: Above Average
Weight: Slim and curvy
Hometown: Canterlot
Current Residence: Ponyville
Occupation:  DJ/ Musical Composer
Mane Color/Style/Length: White with vibrant red highlights that fade into a radiant pink. Usually flowing down to her shoulders, but sometimes spiked up, similar to Spitfire. When peppermint
Coat Description: Shimmery, clean white
Eye Shape/Color: Elegant, long lashes, deep blue eyes.
Accessories: Black dress shirt with a blue tie, sharp sunglasses. She usually goes “naked”, and wears her outfits on special occasions, or when she DJs.
Allegiance: Republic Of Equestria; The four princesses. (Does not agree with the existence of Flurry Heart.)
Cutie Mark: A peppermint with four pink and red stripes, and a yellow spark.
Special Talent: Dealing with magic through music / manipulating music with magic.
Mom- Sugar Sunrisen (Cherry Su


December 14, 2016


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Inquisitive Peppermint by blah23z  Peppermint Contest by PaintingStrides     Pepperscratch by Tillie-TMB     Battle of the DJs *Animation* by pretty-pegasus-wings

Battle of the DJs: Pepperbit Clash!

Peppermint Contest -- Entry (Part 1, Prologue)
Peppermint Contest -- Part 2 (Chapter 1)
Peppermint Contest -- Part 3 (Chapter 2)
Peppermint Contest -- Part 4 (Chapter Three)

More Journal Entries









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