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Uncovered by a Necronaut in the Afterlife during his condemned research, these two swords are not the kind that should be wielded by someone who is not protected by the madness the creeps through the Void, but if its wielder is brave enough to fight back against the sword of the underworld he or she wishes to carry with them, it can light their way through darkness. What mischievous ghosts dwells inside the two blades that could cause such bright light?

The Hallowed Claymore of a Scarred Wraith was an extremely challenging project for me to take on and at the same time, it was my first collaboration with whom I am blessed to call my friend, Seth Juron. He had done the initial concepts and while he did post his own versions on Twitter, I made my own version of the sword, which took nearly three weeks to make. I would like to thank Deuce, Dracelix, and Charfade for pitching in as well by providing advice. I also owe my gratitude to Bido for his help with the cross-guard. I really learned a lot about shading, lighting, and the recoloring process through the entire making of the sword and I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did when I finished. Thankfully, it won't be the last time Seth Juron and I will collaborate, which is why I'm looking forward to that opportunity. :)
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January 25, 2017
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