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Frostval Storybook Collector's Edition
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Published: January 1, 2017
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Given that the Frostval Storybook is transcribed by Loremaster Maya as a duty to the Swordhaven crown and Frostval is a beautiful time for magic to flourish, Occavatra is a lot more sensitive during that time than any other season of the year. No one knows if Maya gave Occa, Irene, and Europa the word to distribute the collector’s editions of the Frostval Storybook, however, an anonymous moglin living in Frostvale has told an adventurer that he saw the trio with his two brothers with a stolen copy from Oaklore in a hut where they ran the book through a printing press before the books were distributed. It was during that one Frostval when the Hero was frozen in Jaania’s icy prison where the brave Moglin Lady and the redeemed Undead Akriloth assisted Occavatra, Irene, Europa, and the moglin brothers on their last leg of distributing the collector’s editions to ordinary citizens across the kingdom, but they forced Akriloth to be inconspicuous the whole time via Irene’s and Europa’s combined elemental magic to create a thick storm cloud to camouflage the dracolich. Thankfully, the group didn’t have any additional problems to overcome because of that method. Before the two moglin brothers headed back to Frostvale with a copy of their own, they were given two pocket watches that granted them an immunity that changed the course of Frostvale in the years to come.

The making of the Frostval Storybook Collector’s Edition was a lot more challenging for me and I owe it all to Ergotth because much of the décor surrounding the pedestal was his idea when I first started. :P I am proud to say that this storybook collector’s edition is the first that did not have existing art from DF except for the Ice Crystals and the two Frostvale moglins because I wanted to practice shading in snow and lighting on objects and I’ll be happy to thank Bido, Charfade, and Nightwraith for their advice on shading in the snowballs that comprise the snowman and the piles that are scattered around the pedestal. When the snow piles, snowman, holiday lights & wires, and ornaments were done, I decided to use them as EpicDuel house items in addition to their usage as décor around the pedestal containing the Frostval Storybook. That means the wicked snowman is back and is glaring at the moglins as they frolic with each other. It’s most likely for the best not to ask how it managed to travel from Delta V to Lore because Occavatra and his co. aren’t really sure how it got there themselves. The important thing right now is the two moglins, like the others from Frostvale, are excited and joyful about the celebration and as long as they are getting along fairly nonetheless, Occavatra and co. can live with it. ;) Happy Frostval and a Happy New Year!!!

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