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Happy holidays, everybody. I taken the time all last week before the holiday weekend to build a snowman with pointy claw-like branches alongside coloring in a huge pile of scattered ornaments to honor the hard work and dedication that every member of the in-game EpicDuel team does to shape the game into what it is today. It's so awesome getting to know everybody on that team and working alongside them so I thought I'd make them these ornaments as a nice gesture. If you're up for it, you're welcome to play a brief game. Can you guess which ornament is for who? The only hint I'll give you is the link to the in-game staff pages on the ED Wiki. Good luck. ;)…

The snowman's wicked smile and claws would be unsettling to catch a glimpse of on a winter's hike, but it's fortunately not alive. Not now. And if does come to life, just make sure you have a fire weapon on you. I recommend both physical and energy versions of Desire of the Hated from Seth Juron. If not, I'm sure the Infernal Mines has plenty of fire to arm yourself if that snowman runs loose. Thanks to Nightwraith, Charfade, and Bido for their advice and assistance, it's no wonder that this snowman turned out to be deadly on the inside. :O

It's easy to get a winter vibe from the snow piles scattered around the background and behind the snowman even with a blank background, which means that the lights hanging above the pile raises a curious question. How is it staying in midair? What illusion is behind this? No magic is behind this, yet a cutting edge microscopic technology on the wires might be the culprit. Christmas Tree 
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December 26, 2016
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