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Brightening Rainbow Weapons Tier 2
Your perseverance while traveling further down the mystical road in the sky during the aurora borealis marking the first day of summer is recognized by your shady foes when you obliterate their shadows with this breath-taking sword/scepter/dirk. Its pulsing light grows alongside your mental strength, a symbol of your passion to accomplish an out-of-reach goal despite the odds stacked against you.

I designed another version of this weapon set to see if I can do better than I did on the first version as Bido encouraged me to do in an effort to teach me to take pride in my skill and continuously look for ways to improve. The styling on the weapons still contain the Greco-Roman influence while also increasing a celestial vibe that the gold-like, gradient-free color schemes on the pieces now presents. I lightened the sword's and orb's textures so the rainbow gradients stand out much more and the orbs are what I am most proud of. Don't forget that the Tier 2 version of the Brightening Rainbow Weapons are trickier to obtain on the road that only appears during the 
aurora borealis in the South Pole and the road ahead of the destination where the Tier 1 weapons is precarious due to effects of the Elemental Dissonance and a possible disturbance at the Fissure. I hope you enjoyed the significant difference between the two versions as I am as a testament of my determination to succeed with the guidance of my fellow artists in Artix Entertainment. Which tier in the Brightening Rainbow Weapons is your favorite? ;)
Brightening Rainbow Weapons
You've made it to the end of the mystical road in the sky during the aurora borealis marking the first day of summer and for that, you are rewarded with this breath-taking sword/scepter/dirk that is capable of reversing any severe ailments inflicted on you. May it serve you well in keeping shady foes at bay.

This weapon set, particularly the sword and the daggers, contains Greco-Roman elements because I have always been fascinated with its history and for this specific weapon set, I observed several images of the types of swords that Greeks used during battle to get a good feel of what they are like before sketching them. I also added rainbow gradients to the blades and the orbs used for each weapon while keeping their textures intact with a technique in Flash that Bido taught me this summer and I was looking into testing if it works just as well on colors that aren't solid and it worked like a charm. What started off as a simple concept took trial and error to piece together smoothly because what I thought was a challenging aspect of the design process was adding textures to the shapes after vectoring them sketches I drew beforehand. The vectors didn't always come out nice at first, but I managed to turn my luck around by drawing the borders of a shape first and moving it around the sketch to add the shapes. I hope you all enjoy this vibrant weapon set. :)

Background Information:
Leslie was a klutzy upper-class Galician resident who was stricken with a case of bad luck for as long as she can remember. Prone to being an unintended victim in undesirable situations almost every day, she overthinks how her daily routine could suddenly go awry and attempts to take precautions in order to prevent such mishaps. Even so, she is not fortunate enough to avoid even a single stroke of bad luck at least once a day. Leslie has no memory of her parents nor has any known close relatives for she was raised by a banker named Uncle Sham, a leprechaun who resided in Galicia by disguising himself as a short human being to avoid scrutiny. Since she and her Uncle Sham were wealthy individuals, the former had no trouble getting what she wanted and was often invited by the Romanos family to their estate to have tea parties with their daughter, Irene, and several other upper-class girls in the town. Irene grew distant over time and preferred the company of her older brother, causing the tea parties to stop abruptly.

By Uncle Sham’s direction, Leslie moved to Falconreach to find employment at its bank because he believed that settling in a smaller community might teach her the value of life beyond materialistic desires. The decision seemed strange to her, but she nonetheless enjoyed her independent life unaware that Uncle Sham was actually eyeing the gold in Falconreach’s Bank the whole time. Her klutziness, unfortunately, continued to follow her wherever she went. Five years later, she volunteered to join a group of local heroes in Falconreach that assist the influx of refugees with housing and adjusting to life in the city. There, she slowly developed a mature, studious side that led to an increase of good fortune. Sometimes, however, that side of her goes to her head, causing her to be occasionally uncooperative with decisions and rules made by figures of authority.

One notable instance of this side of her personality was on one night when Leslie traveled to Swordhaven against the wishes of the leaders of her group to steal a book transcribing the history of Bladehaven to read it in hopes of finding instances where magic was used as a necessity to save lives even within the kingdom’s capital. Once she finally did take a copy from the city’s library, members of the Rose who were on patrol caught her and would’ve been taken into custody had it not been for David the Wanderer who rescued her on short notice. A select few individuals know that Leslie is actually capable of manipulating nature magic at her fingertips, but she never uses it for combat.

As a part of her duties to her group, Leslie uses her magic for agriculture purposes. She is able to secretly grow small fruit trees and bushes that bear vegetables in a small garden at her cabin to provide to refugees who cannot afford basic necessities. Given that her group was founded under the condition where they do not get in the way with the Rose’s affairs, Leslie and her teammates are constantly stuck in a thin line between wellness and trouble and the former’s subtle defiance of authority is not helping matters. Only time is tell if one daring act could lead to the group’s demise, which is a factor that Leslie fears above all else.

Design Description:

Two of my designs, the green leather boots and the Emerald Key that I drew last April, were used when I created Leslie. The rest were basically either recolored or replicated assets from AQW and the long-lost game, Bladehaven. Her outfit is a palette swap of Irene’s Book 1 attire prior to the Great Fire War and she dons the Glossy Flow hairstyle. Leslie rarely combs her hair despite her wealthy status because she wants it to “curve gracefully.” The book on Bladehaven that she is holding onto is a recolored version of the Vaxen LoreMaster Omnibus book with Bladehaven’s emblem on the cover.

The emblem itself was recolored to match some of the colors on King Alteon’s armor in AQW so it would look as if the history of the city was written sometime after Swordhaven was formally established so its story would not be lost in the mists of time. That was also why Leslie stole that copy because in a way, she was terrified that The Rose would have parts of the book censored. In Book 3, Leslie dons a SureWould Camo Cloak that she found on a hike in the forest and uses it to blend in with a tree during a risky mission, but it only works for so long because there isn’t always one in sight to help her cover her tracks.

In addition to the cloak, she carries a pair of Leprechaun's Curse daggers with her if she had to throw one at a rickety object so it could collapse on multiple foes at one time. Although the concept was simple, it took trial and error to decide what she will equip and what her background is like. More of it could be explored later if her adoptive guardian gets any bright ideas with the Falconreach Bank.

Summer Forest
It was a humid summer after the Mysterious Stranger was vanquished by the Hero of Falconreach in a climactic showdown when Occavatra, Irene, and Myron went on a quest to look for the missing Ultimate Orb shards that were scattered in the Maguswood Region. Irene and Myron went off to get water nearby when Occavatra decided to wind down on a rock under a tree because his feet started to hurt. The afternoon sun was high in the sky, gazing down on the planet for the first time since the Mysterious Stranger consumed it. Secretly, the night was the way he liked it, but he knew well that opposites must coexist for there to be balance. A half-hour has passed and Irene and Myron were still out trying to fetch water. Occavatra began to grow anxious. The pond was a short walk from where he was standing and he could've checked on them if he wanted to, but he knew his compatriot can handle themselves. He did have one question that sparked in his head; what is keeping them occupied? To pass the time, he conjured a fireball in his hand and played catch with himself by tossing the flame back and forth in both hands. He smiled because he finally found an activity to occupy himself even if it meant playing on his own. Five minutes into his solo game, a celestial wanderer that hiked through the woods found him in the area. Excited that he found another living soul, he approached him quickly. "I'd extinguish that flame if I were you." he said with a smirk on his face. Occavatra was quick to put out that flame and hide his hands behind his back, embarrassed by the remark. "But what for? I've always been mindful with my magic." He replied. "Well, it's because a couple known pyromancers became power-crazed maniacs that put cities and possibly the whole world in danger." the celestial wanderer said. "Their victims are still traumatized to this day and because fire is not easy for even a skilled mage to control, that type of elemental magic is a sensitive topic." Occavatra lifted his head down, thinking that others will perceive him this way. He sheds a couple tears from his left eye socket and they land on the grass. "It's not news to me, sir." He softly spoke. "I've heard about them and I met one of them. You only just met me so how would you know I'll turn out that way?" The celestial wanderer softly smiled. "I'd like to know you." he replied. "It won't hurt to find out, but I know already that you're awfully quiet and if I'm not mistaken, kind-hearted." Occavatra sniffled and continued to stare down at the ground, but it did not deter the stranger who reached his hand out for him. "My name's Bido." he said. "What might your name be? Come on, you can tell me. I won't bite." Occavatra took a deep breath and lifted his left arm. The tears stopped, but he still felt a little uncomfortable thinking that he might hurt him by accident. "It is Occavatra. It's a pleasure to cross paths with you." He stood up and shook Bido's hand, a gesture that marked the beginning of a friendship that cannot be easily broken. When Occavatra looked at Bido's face, he began to gently smile as well.

I put together this background yesterday by recoloring a variety of existing assets including the flowers on the Trollola Plant which I placed on two green bushes in this area of the forest while Bido drew his own NPC in the DragonFable style several years ago as a commission. I later added him to the background when I finally decided where he would fit in Occavatra's backstory which would be around the time Book 1 concluded and Book 2 was just beginning. The background is my gift to Bido to celebrate his birthday and my friendship with him. Happy birthday, man. Thank you so much for everything you've done for me and vice versa from receiving feedback from you on my works-in-progress and finished products to being one of my best friends. I wouldn't trade our friendship for the world. :)
Maegwyn and an Otter Bond
I had enough time today to design a scenario where Maegwyn met an otter at the river in between The Shears and the Oculus Tower near her hometown. There, she befriended him immediately and they became inseparable companions. While Mae was in no mood to frolic with the other otters, she did not dismiss the attention they gave her. As an experienced hiker, she was not uncomfortable with getting her boots soaked or drenched in mud from time to time as shown as she stuck her feet in the water without taking them off to talk to her newfound friend. That was when Maegwyn discovered that she has a gift. To others, all they could hear were short, mild squeaks whenever otters made a sound, however, Maegwyn can hear them speak in human tongue and otters can understand her. She was at first astonished and shocked by this revelation at first, but she happily wasted no time putting her unusual skill to use by gathering the group around to talk to them about her experiences as a waitress in her hometown's diner and regaling them with stories about titan-sized machines and advanced technology that are rarely seen nowadays. The otter that stuck to her was fascinated with her stories and lifestyle so when it was time for the young woman to return home before sunset, the otter tagged along and they lived together since that day. Maegwyn named the otter, "Aaron Charon Wilbur," after an old friend she knew from the era prior to The Reset or "ACW" for short. The otter spends either most of his day as Maegwyn's animal companion looking for relics that survived The Reset to add to the isolated village or assist his friend at the diner when it is one waiter or staff short. Sometimes he can even get into mischief by smearing ink on the customers or the townspeople, which can cause Mae to secretly laugh so much that her eyes would water. What started out as a simple, touching moment became another learning experience regarding natural posture and I have my Beacon of Hope clanmates to thank for that. Unexpected feedback can pop up at me, but learning from them helps me grow stronger as an artist overall.


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