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February 29, 2012
The Beauty Of War by ~occasionallyxxx is outstanding in it's detail.
Featured by DomiSM
Suggested by 4EverYoungKid
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The Beauty Of War

Widescreen wallpaper: 1920*1200

Soft: Illustrator

Enjoy! :D

Please VOTE for this artwork at DesignByHumans, if you like it: [link]
Thank you in advance! :w00t:
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SonicTheDeviant's avatar
ah god this makes my eyes hurt.
happyhorseshoe303's avatar
i faved this a while ago, but i think i forgot to tell you how TOTALLY AWESOME this is!!!!!! really, though, beautiful. drop-dead beautiful.
Mannyaaj's avatar
i like your work...!
occasionallyxxx's avatar
Guys, I haven't logged in here for a while and imagine my emotions when I saw that one of my works earned a DD :D I am very grateful for all your guys comments and opinions and for all kind words.
Hope to realease some new stuff soon :)
Have a great day everyone :bounce:
ReygarFaust's avatar
Beautiful work! I love you!
TriadischArt's avatar
i have always tried to stress that there was a beauty in war , glad someone understands that
davonne's avatar
There's a beauty in war? Please explain how my friend.
TriadischArt's avatar
it takes a special mind to understand the beauty of war. and it would be hard to explain to someone who didn't already understand. i think guns bombs explosions grenades ammunition, all of that is beautiful. thousands of people fighting at the same time in the midst of it brings a certain sense of honor and thus beauty. read up on samurai culture to further understand. war was a more beautiful thing back in the day when battles werent fought with guns and it was more sword to sword type deals. thats what they should bring back haha
davonne's avatar
Taking your words carefully, I'd wager you've never been in a war yourself? Most of those who possess such "special minds" tend to feel the way they do about war through spectating rather than experiencing. And in most cases, it is these same people who fail to realize the notion of enlightenment and tolerance in understanding that we're all human beings. Many don't understand why 18 U.S. veterans on average commit suicide daily. There are things that happen in war that a person shouldn't see.

"We must live together as brothers or perish together as fools." - Dr. Martin L. King

I understand what you mean when you say war was more beautiful in the old days where people used swords rather than guns. Although I disagree with your stating it as being beautiful, indeed there was far more honor present in the battles of old times, specifically in those of Feudal Japan. Anyone can shoot someone or drop a bomb on a little village, it requires less morale and less thought. However, in the old times, you had to look your opponent in the eyes when you're killing them. Warriors at that time took it very seriously to respect even their opponents after defeat. I know well of the Samurai and their history. And they certainly did fight for their honor. But that's not the way things go anymore. Soldiers fight for the interests of corporations and bankers. Presidents are quick to send young kids to war but have never been in war themselves.

"I hate war as only a soldier who has lived it can, only as one who has seen its brutality, its futility, its stupidity. When people speak to you about a preventive war, you tell them to go and fight it. After my experience, I have come to hate war. There is no glory in battle worth the blood it costs." - Former U.S. General Pres. Dwight D. Eisenhower

It would be for better if that was the case. We would have less war if you took the guns away from the soldiers and instead gave them swords. They would be a lot less inclined to step on the battlefield. It appears the U.S. may be heading to war with Iran soon, which will spark WW3, I'm sure someone with quite the "special mind" as yours would love to enlist in the upcoming months. I'm not one to tell you how to think, but it's never great to encourage murder and genocide, that is unless you're willing to experience it yourself. I'm guessing you're still in your teens, so you might not even be able to lift a rifle yourself yet. Understand that war is the ultimate failure of any culture to bridge peace. I quite fancy the words of the character 'Nameless' from the movie "Hero": “The ultimate ideal for a warrior is to lay down his sword.”

"How vile and despicable war seems to me! I would rather be hacked to pieces than take part in such an abominable business." - Albert Einstein
TriadischArt's avatar
i dont fight for countries interest, i would rather fight for my own interests. but yes im highly anticipating ww3, im 26 and own several guns (with ammunition, i have a picture in my gallery if u like to check them out .but yes i encourage as much death in humanity as possible. i call it population control.
davonne's avatar
Hmm, I see. So you are indeed enlisting then?
Zmaslo's avatar
Nice vector work. But as wallpaper - useless.
slinkygrrl's avatar
Gorgeously graphic. Congrats!
CORY-MARINO's avatar
I like this, the mushroom cloud reminds me of the way chinese artists used to use the Ling Chi Mushroom of Immortality in clouds, but with the opposite effect. Cool!
icygumball3000's avatar
I thought it was supposed to be a tree until I read the title. :XD:
Rikiwulf's avatar
I like the background
uranusamara's avatar
wow. has a dip message
Hullabalooh's avatar
beautiful and frightening at the same time
kittiexLioncourt's avatar
It's an awesome pictureee!! You choose a perfect name for it
Minkymy's avatar
This is clearly the WMD tree.
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