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TD Fans VS Favorites:On the Million Dollar Path(The episode opens with the final recap from Chris McLean.)Chris: Previously on Total Drama Fans VS Favorites, the last three girls, those being Courtney, Judy and Mackenzie engaged in an aftermath inspired challenge, where they were living pawns and had to walk around the board after rolling their dice and complete a challenge from past seasons, in order to get that sweet sense of nostalgia. And boy did I enjoy every bit of it. Some of the girls did a rather good job at their challenges, while others, that being Mackenzie didn't perform very well in most of them, as her luck has finally ran out for good and was beaten multiple times but kept going despite her injuries, until her rivals made it to the finish line before her and she had to take the boat instead of the firework to go home. I know, it saddens me too. And this is it ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, we now have the final battle of this season and our first ever female vs female finale, consisting of a rookie versus a veteran. But which lucky girl will be sent to the hall of fame and who will collapse under pressure, lose the big chance at the million and get sent to the hall of shame? Hehe, I know, I rhyme great. So, grab your popcorn and fasten your seat belts, because it's time for the epic finale of this season on Total! Drama! Fans VS Favorites! (We start the scene in the fancy cabin, where we see our two finalists, Judy and Courtney waking up from their naps and going to breakfast)Courtney: Good morning Judy.Judy: Good morning Courtney, I see you woke up earlier than me.Courtney: Today is the last challenge, and the final fight where you and I will face each other.Judy: True, but don't think waking up early will help you win.Courtney: No, but it helps me prepare better, and how did you sleep?Judy: I slept like a baby, I have never felt so good in my life, not only am I here in the final, but also Mackenzie took off and lost everything.Courtney: Hehe, that's right, in the end her efforts were in vain, and she got what she deserves.Judy: Yes, I didn't stop dreaming how she was hit in those nostalgic challenges, it was very satisfying.Courtney: I know, and it was funny how she reacted to seeing that the idol she was using was fake.Judy: Oh yeah, things didn't work out in the end to her.Coirtney: I'm glad you won, I'd rather fight you than Mackenzie, at least then she won't get anything if I lose.Judy: But you would have given her what she deserved, you hit very well.Courtney: Thank you, but I know you would take her teeth out of her if you face her.Judy: Heh, of course, but I'll be facing you this time, so I'll make sure I'm not too rude, for now.Courtney * smirk *: And I'm going to get ready to kick your ass. Chris*voice on the megaphone*: Hey lovebirds, you're done flirting with each other? I'm sure you don't wanna make your lovers jealous, do you?Courtney: Oh shut it Chris, is it okay for you to leave us eat in peace without interrupting?Chris: Well, you do know there's a big finale coming up so you better eat fast if you wanna win the million.Judy: Well, at least he has a point you know. So let's eat before we catch up with him.Courtney: Yeah, fine.*Confessional*Judy: I can't believe I am this close to winning the one million dollars! With that, I can definitely use them to get to a college for the academy and also share them with the twins, especially my beloved Akira *sighs romantically* But I better keep my head in the game in order to play fair and win and no veteran is gonna stop me.*End of Confessional**Confessional*Courtney: I'm so glad I was able to make it much farther than my previous seasons and being nice and laid back does have it's props. But still, that won't stop me from winning the million dollars I truly deserve after so long and I won't give up now that I made it this far.*End of Confessional*(Later on, we Chris, Chef and all the previously eliminated contestants, including Mackenzie with a bandage on her head and her left arm in a cast sitting and waiting for the two finalists to arrive.)Chris: They should be here any minute now...Yuki: *gasps* I see them! They're here!Judy: Oh hey guys!Courtney: Hello everyone!(Both Cindy and Yuki squeal with joy and go to hug Judy along with Violet.)Cindy: Oh Judy, we missed we missed you so much!Judy: *chuckles* I missed you too girls.Yuki: We are so happy you were able to make it to the finale after so long!Violet: Yep and I think someone else missed you a lot too. (Judy turns and sees her boyfriend Akira with bright eyes who also comes to see her after several days)Judy * eyes shining *: * gasp * Akira !!(Judy walks up to Akira and gives him a passionate kiss once she sees him)Akira: Wow, easy going love, we weren't apart for long.Judy: For me it was more than a hundred years that I don't see you, darling, and I missed you a lot.Akira: I missed you too, congratulations on getting very far in this competition.(The couple begins to kiss and on the other hand we have Gwen, Richard and Dawn approaching Courtney)Gwen: Hey Courtney, you really surprised me, you made the last two.Richard: Yes, you have really improved, not only in your behavior, but also in your abilities.Dawn: Yes, that's what you get when you improve as a person, I'm very proud of you.Courtney: Thanks guys, and to be very honest, I couldn't have achieved this achievement without your help.(Courtney hugs her igos and they hug them back, while Mackenzie rolls her eyes still annoyed after being expelled in the previous episode)*Confessional*Mackenzie: Great, besides having lost my fame and dignity, now I'm forced to watch those two stupid women win my award, this is so INDIGNANT, next time I swear I'm going to win, I swear.(She hits the confessional with her arm in a cast and begins to suffer pain from the blow)*End of Confessional*Chris: Enough of reunion feelings, we have a show to do and a final challenge to perform, and I don't want to waste precious time watching stupid actions of affection and honeyed days, so get back to your positions now!Violet: Can't you give us a moment to at least say hi to our finalist friends who went far?Chris: And you don't want me to cancel the final challenge, let's leave the boring for the dangerous and exciting!(Most roll their eyes and go back to their seats, with Akira giving Judy a quick kiss on the lips and retreating to his seat) Chris: Now Courtney and Judy, may I have your attention please?(Both girls turn to Chris.)Chris: As you can tell, you two have made it to the last challenge of this season and both of you worked very hard to get all the way to the top. But only one of you will prove worthy today. So, you wanna know what the final challenge is going to include?Courtney: Yeah!Judy: Yes, sure.Chris: Very well, for the last challenge of Fans VS Favorites, both of you are going to participate in a point collecting challenge where the first trial includes shooting targets just like the All Stars challenge that Judy participated in but failed at the last 5 seconds, the second trial involves some treasure hunting where there will be hidden treasures chests all over the island and inside them there will be a certain amount of coins, traps or thin air, just like the one Harold brought back in our scuba diving challenge.(Harold scoffed and rolled his eyes.)Chris: And if you collect 300 coins, you'll have to create a golden flag with your respective logo and have a foot race to Mt. McLean. But this race won't be easy since there will be many crossroads, obstacles that can slow you down and even traps to activate. Once you reach the top, there will be a giant dragon that you must fight with lots of powers and abilities.Courtney: You know that dragons don't exist nowadays right?Chris: You got a better idea then? No. Because you don't have the creativity and budget that I have. And whoever adds their flag to the pedestal will be the victor of Fans VS Favorites and win one million dollars! Oh and I almost forgot, before you begin, each of you must choose two of the other 18 eliminated contestants to be your helpers throughout the final challenge. But remember, you have to choose them wisely...Courtney, let's start with you. Take your pics.(Courtney looks carefully at the crowd until she makes her choice.)Courtney: I choose Gwen and Dawn.(Gwen and Dawn stand up and get to join Courtney.)Chris: Very well, Dawn and Gwen will join Courtney on her mission for the million bucks. And Judy, who will you choose to fight with you?Judy: I think I already know who should I pick.Chris: Really? Feel free to tell us.Judy: I choose...Akira and Yuki. (Akira and Yuki stand up and get to join Judy.)Yuki: Yay, we are a team with Judy, bro!Chris: Okay, now the twins are part of Judy's team. Your helpers will be very useful in the challenge so that you can win the million dollars.Gwen: Seriously, we won't be dead weights like All Stars anymore.Chris: Nope, this time you are important. They can help your finalist to get a thousand points more easily in the challenge of shooting the targets or distracting the opponent along with their helpers, and if asked, their weapons are going to be paint guns as in the challenge of the war of painting.Yuki: Hey brother, let's go back to using those paint guns one more time.* Confessional *Akira: I have memories of that challenge, I sacrificed myself and got along with my father-in-law, a second time shooting paint again is not bad.* End of Confessional *Chris: In the test of the. Search for coins, having two more books in your group makes the search very easy, and for the last test, the helpers can help their finalists to reach places that they cannot alone or harm their opponent with traps by just like Harol, Cody, Courtney and Lindsay did in a section of the volcano at the end of the World Tour.Courtney: Don't even remind me of that moment please.Cody: I had a good time though.Harold: Me, even being a part of Team Heather wasn't that bad.(The boys high five)Chris: Well anyway, and before you start the first trial, I want to warn you that all this challenge is going to be a race, in a few words you will have to overcome the trials quickly to advance to the next one before your rival overtakes you, I mean, once you finish the first trial, you run to the second and they get over it fast to go to the last trial to win it and be the victorious queen before your rival.* Confessional *Courtney: If I have to do all of that quickly, maybe it wasn't a good idea to ask Dawn to be my helper, but she was so helpful this season so I'm not going to doubt her for a second.* End of Confessional *Chris: Everything was clear?(Neither had doubts so they nodded)Chris: Okay, now first we go to the shooting battlefield next to the center of the island.(The two finalists and their helpers went to the shooting baytlefield where there were obstacles such as tires, wooden walls, broken trees, etc.)Chris: Okay, before you start this war put on these special military hats and goggles, you must be ready for this battle.(Judy, Courtney and their helpers put on their hats and glasses)Chris: On the back wall are your paint guns with a lot of ammunition and reserves, don't spend all of them, as long as you hit the targets with one paint bullet, you already earn points, it can be from 10 to 60 points, Depending on the objective, when you get 1000 points, you leave this trial and go to the next one.Courtney: We understand, now this begins so as not to waste any more time!Chris: Okay, whatever you want Miss CIT, now grab your guns and get ready! (And just like that, the two finalists and their helpers started aiming and shooting the moving targets with their paintball guns. Then, Judy is able to hit a broken tree with a target on it.)Chris: Judy's on the lead with ten points, will Courtney and her helpers catch up with her?Akira: Nice shot Judy!Judy: Thanks hon!(Both of them high five each other.)???: Got one!Chris: Wow, Gwen shot a tire with a target and scored 60 points for Courtney. I guess someone hasn't lost her touch after being eliminated early.Akira: Oh it's on now...(And as the two finalists and their helpers kept shooting, Courtney got twenty more points, while Judy was trying to catch up with her and had only 50 so far.)Courtney: Okay girls, we're getting very close now. Keep shooting.Gwen: Aye aye ma'am.Dawn: Right away Courtney.???: Woohoo!!!Chris: Looks like Yuki shot something worth 60 points and right now, Judy has 110 points, while Courtney and her helpers are falling quite behind.Courtney: Not for long...(Courtney becomes even more focused on her targets and started shooting a tire, some wooden walls and even some trees.)Chris: The two girls are tied now, but how about we make those moving targets move a little faster? (Chris pressed a button and the targets came out more often but they were moving, and fast, even targets that were moving came off the ground)Yuki: Wow, this feels like a hunt, only instead of animals or people, we married colored targets.Akira: Yes, but this is not the time to play sister, Judy is counting on us, so let's help her get those points.Gwen: Come on Dawn, let's win this for Courtney!Dawn: I won't be left behind!(And so Judy and Courtney, along with their assistants, begin to improve their shots to hit moving targets, while the previously eliminated contestants watch the two finalists on a giant monitor)William: Wow, they really are having a very close competition.Nixon: They are in the final, this time they can't afford a mistake.Violet: I hope Judy can win, she has my support.Owen: Well I don't know who to choose, I don't like Courtney very much, and even though Judy looks like someone nice, I don't know her very much.Trevor: Yes, because you were eliminated first.Richard: You don't complain too much that you were also eliminated first, and with very good reason.Trevor: I don't care, at least I didn't have to suffer much like you guys, or the crazy screaming babysitter.Mackenzie: Hmph!Sky: Ha, say what you want, you lost and now you're out.Jasmine: Not to mention that she got what she deserved, what any villain deserves.Harold: and it was funny the face you made when you saw that that idol was fake, they finished off you really hard, just like that Sasquatch.(Everyone laughs remembering the previous episode on how Mackenzie lost, and she did nothing but grunt silently and curse under her breath)Mackenzie * whispering *: You fucking assholes, I swear they'll pay for it.(Judy is seen on the screen jumping to the side and shooting at a 60-point target)Chris: And Judy hits another 60-point target, that leaves Team Judy with 720 points and Team Courtney with 650 points! Courtney: Don't give up now, we can still catch up with them!Gwen: She's right Dawn, let's keep going!Judy: Don't worry guys, just a few more points is all we need!Yuki: Yeah, let's not lose hope now!(Suddenly, as Dawn was still shooting with her team, she accidentally hit a bird's nest with a few eggs on it, causing her to freak out a bit and quickly came to the aid, by catching the nest as fast as she could and even saving the eggs.)Dawn*relieved*: Phew...Courtney: Dawn, now it's not the time to goof off, we have to get to the next round before Judy.Dawn: Don't worry, I'll catch up with you soon, just give me a moment.(And awhile Dawn was putting back the bird's nest with it's eggs on the branch, Akira got an idea.)Akira: Okay girls, now it's our chance.Judy: Yep, do your magic baby.(Akira focused on a few targets that were coming out of the water and as he shot two of them, someone else was able to shoot the other two.)Akira: What????: Sorry Akira, but I guess I got the other two targets first.(Akira turned around and saw Dawn who was able to return the bird's nest in time and return to join the challenge.)Chris: And it looks like Courtney and her teammates were able to catch up after that little accident from Dawn, because now they have 770 points while Judy and the twins have 740 points.Judy: Look on the bright side, we're not too far behind and we can still catch up to them.Akira: You're right, now let's keep going. (Gwen went to shoot some targets in the sky tied to some mini helicopters)Gwen: None are going to escape me.Chris: And Gwen had about 80 points, that leaves Courtney with 850 points, a huge advantage against Judy.Akira: Hell, they're going to beat us!Judy: We have to score more points before they do, but I can't shoot that many targets in a row, Dawn and Gwen can take advantage of them.(And while Judy and Akira tried to hit more targets, Yuki had an idea)Yuki: Hey guys, I have a crazy idea that will surely help us win.* Confessional *Akira: When Yuki has a crazy idea, you have to be scared, but right now looking at the situation we are in, it might be useful.* End of Confessional *Judy: Well, what is your idea?Yuki: While we were taking up arms I found this.(Yuki shows a paint grenade)Akira: Don't tell me those are paint grenades.Yuki: Yup, they were hidden behind the gun wall, lucky I checked very well, I can use it to explode a part of the field with many targets.(Judy and Akira looked at each other worried but they knew that Yuki knows what he does)Akira: Well brother do it, just make sure you don't cause harm to anyone, especially yourself.(As Gwen and Dawn kept firing at the targets, they notice that Yuki was in the center of the battlefield)Courtney: What is Yuki doing downtown.Dawn: I don't know, but I feel like she's planning something.(Yuki waited for the moment, and when she saw a bunch of targets around her, she made her move)Yuki: BOMBS OUT!!!(Yuki throws the grenades in various places and they make a huge explosion of paint, not only covering the field, but also all the targets that were around her, including her)Yuki: * laughing *: That was fun.Gwen: Oh my gosh, I can't believe she did that!Chris: I'm surprised too, with that Yuki tactic that only Izzy would do, she was able to earn 1150 points for Judy, even more than specified!Judy: Well done Yuki !!Akira: Yes, that's how it's done sister, I would hug you but you're very covered in paint.Yuki: * giggles * Don't worry, I'm glad my plan worked.Chris: This is not the time to celebrate, you are not finished yet, hurry up to the next trial in the forest to search for the 300 coins, take advantage of the fact that Courtney still does not have the 1000 points to reach you. Courtney: Oh great, Judy and the others are already moving to the second trial while we're still far behind!Gwen: Don't worry, we can still catch up to them if we hurry.Courtney: Yeah, now what are we waiting for? Let's keep shooting!(And so Courtney and her helpers kept shooting around to find even more targets to hit and catch up with Judy and the twins.)Courtney: Look up there, more helicopters! Now it's our chance!(And as they start shooting the mini helicopters, Gwen comes up with an idea.)Gwen: Hey guys, how about we use these?(She shows them a pack of full balloons.)Courtney: Where did you get these?Gwen: I was able to take a few paint balloons while we were getting ready and hopefully those babies will come in handy.Courtney: We better hope so and as long as we don't run out of balloons, we'll be able to catch up with Judy, Akira and Yuki.Dawn: Very well, now let's continue, we don't have much time.(And so, the girls get armed with some paint balloons to shoot the moving targets and after so many successful hits, Chris announced Courtney's score.)Chris: And with Gwen's tactic, Courtney gets 1000, not as much as Yuki did for Judy's team, but they still pass to the second trial.(The three girls begin to cheer and they are ready to catch up with Judy.)Chris: But don't celebrate too soon, because we have many more difficult trials to pass and the fist one was just a quick warm up. Will Courtney manage to catch up with Judy and the twins and beat her to make the flag, run all over Mt.McLean and reach the top first? Will Judy still continue surpassing her veteran opponent? Don't leave now, the finale is still brewing on Total! Drama! Fans VS Favorites! (After the commercial break we see Judy and the twins in the second trial, looking for the small chests in the forest)Judy: Did you find anything, did I find about 10 coins?Akira: I found a chest and all I had was some origami, and no coins.Yuki: I found a chest in a tree and got about 25 coins, at least we have something.Chris: You better hurry to find your 300 coins, because Courtney has already finished the first trial, and she and Gwen and Dawn are coming to the forest.Judy: Oh no, they are going to come, quick, let's hurry!(Judy and her helper twins rush in, until Judy found a small chest in the bushes)Judy: Sweet, I hope you have coins.(But when she opened it, not only did it not contain anything, but that chest got teeth, it started to compile like a monster and lunged at Judy)Judy: Ouch !!!Akira: Gosh Judy, are you okay ?!(Yuki and Akira go to see Judy and then they see the monstrous chest approaching them)Yuki * scared *: What the hell, does that chest have teeth ?!Akira: Is that a Mimic?Judy: And what is a Mimic?!Akira: It is a monster that is camouflaged as a treasure, especially as chests, to deceive and attract naive people and thus eat them.Yuki: I thought they only existed in RPG video games?!Akira: Knowing Chris, he probably created Mimics robots to do the most dangerous trial.Chris: And you know me very well Akira, so I hope you can get rid of that Mimic because he looks so hungry.(Judy and the twins watch as the Mimic jumps wildly towards them, but luckily they dodge it)Yuki: What do we do ?! That thing wants to eat us.Judy: Obviously, we destroyed it, it is also small because we are scared, I will not let myself be defeated by a little Mimic or whatever his name is.(As Judy confronts that Mimic, we see Courtney and her helpers arrive in the forest to rush to get the 300 coins) Courteny: Alright girls, I'll search that way, Dawn will go that way and you Gwen will take that path. Report back to me if you find something.Gwen: Right on!(And so the three veteran girls begin their search in the forest, with Dawn finding a treasure chest inside a rabbit hole and approaching the little rabbit.)Dawn: I don't mean to disturb you little one, but would you be so kind to give me that treasure chest?(The little rabbit thought about it, nodded, gave the small treasure chest to Dawn and after a few pats on the head, she opened it and found 50 coins inside.)Dawn: Excellent.(Suddenly, the moon child heard some loud screams coming from the distance along with some buzzing sounds.)Dawn: Oh no, sounds like Gwen's in trouble! I better help her!(And as the previously eliminated contestants were watching what was going on, Cindy remembered the time when she and Yuki were chased by bees.)Cindy: Poor Gwen, I certainly remember the time when me and Yuki were chased around by bees and it wasn't very pretty. If only I didn't freak out too much...William: Don't worry about that Cindy, at least you made it without a single bee sting or scratch.Cindy: Aww, thanks dear.(And as Cindy gave him a sweet kiss on the cheek, Trevor interrupted them.)Trevor: Hey, it serves her right for being a massive numb-nut and costing the game with her massive stupidity.(William angrily picked up some dirt from the ground, threw it directly at Trevor's face and caused him to run away and scream like a girl with his eyes covered in mud.)*Confessional*William: Don't blame me! I don't like it when someone insults my girlfriend and the others better make sure of that! And I may not always be very violent or aggressive, but when someone dares to attack Cindy, I may take drastic measures.*End of Confessional*Cindy: William! Was it really necessary for you to do that?William: And let him verbally attack you like that? There's no way I'm letting you get hurt, either physically or emotionally.Cindy*hugs him tightly*: Aww William...Mackenzie*mumbling*: Aww my stomach...(William and Cindy glared at Mackenzie.)Mackenzie: Oh nothing, keep minding your own business...*mumbling*Stupid, sickly sweet, little infants...(We cut back to Dawn who was able to find Gwen and stop her.)Dawn: Gwen, it's me, Dawn!Gwen: Oh thank goodness you're here, what-Dawn: Sssh, do what I do.(Dawn stands still and so does Gwen and when the bees arrive, they stop for a moment to check on them, until they leave and the two girls sigh in relief.) Gwen: That was close.Dawn: I know, we better continue the search, we can't disappoint Courtney.* Confessional *Gwen: I didn't mind disappointing Courtney before, but now that things have changed, I guess now I'm going to give all my effort for her.(Dawn and Gwen split up again and look for the chests, Dawn found one behind some rocks but it contained nothing, Courtney was able to find 30 coins in a chest inside a log, and Gwen was able to find a chest that only had 10 coins)Gwen: Well, something is better than nothing, but we're getting ahead of ourselves.(We pass the scene to Judy who was hitting the Mimic with a big branch)Judy: Go back monster, just because you have sharp teeth are you going to scare me?(The Mimic begins to swallow the large branch and turns it into ground wood to Judy's surprise)Judy * nervous *: Hehehe, I guess those teeth are stronger than they look.(And when the Mimic is aimed, biting Judy Akira draws her attention)Akira: Hey monster, get away from my girlfriend and mess with someone with the meat she does.(The Mimic growls wildly and attacks Akira, but he dodges it, but then the Mimic bites his arm)Akira: AAAGH, IT HURTS!(The Mimic made Akira fall with a bleeding arm, and just as the Mimic was about to eat him, Judy and Yuki kick the Mimic and smash it with a huge rock)Yuki: Take that monster, this makes us gain a lot of experience points, hehe, you understand.(Judy didn't listen to Yuki because she went to help Akira)Judy: Oh my god, Akira is hurt!Akira: Yes, but don't worry, he only marked my arm, I just have to bandage it and it will heal in a while.Judy: Oh honey, thanks for helping me destroy that Mimic.Akira: I didn't do much, I just distracted him, at least I didn't want that thing to hurt you.(Judy kisses her boyfriend on the cheek, and he blushes)Yuki: Hey guys, look what this Mimic put out!(Judy and Akira go to see the remains of the Mimic and see that a total of 100 coins come out of it)Judy: How lucky, that monster gave us a lot of money!Chris * voice *: Yup, after all in video games when you beat a Mimic, it gives you the real treasure of him.Akira: I'm surprised you know that too.Judy: What does it matter, we still have a chance to win, with this we have 135 coins, let's win this reality show guys! Akira and Yuki: Yeah!(Akira hurts his arm a bit.)Akira: Oww...Judy: We can worry about that later, come on.(Meanwhile, we cut back to Courtney and her helpers searching for their chests.)Chris*voice*: How's the treasure hunt for you?Courtney: Pretty good so far and we were able to collect 90 coins.Chris*voice*: Good to know, because Judy and her team collected 100 coins already.Gwen: Whoa! Already?Courtney: WHAT?! No way!Chris*voice*: Way and if you're planning to get ahead of them, now would be a rather good time. In other words, less dilly dallying and more searching.Courtney: You heard him, if we wanna find those coins, we must hurry!(And then, a quick montage is shown with both finalists searching for their treasure chests where they were hidden either inside caves, nests, holes, cavities, behind bushes, grass and even rocks. And from time to time, they would find certain amounts of of coins and other times they would either find a trap like a punching glove, a pie that would hit them in the face, a small bomb that would blow up at their faces, a wild critter and even nothing. Soon enough, both girls where carrying 200 coins each and we cut to Courtney finding a small treasure chest underneath some fallen leaves.)Courtney: Here's another one!Gwen: Remember, you must open it with caution.(Courtney bit her lips and slowly started opening her treasure chest with the girls watching nervously, until Courtney opened her eyes and found...)Courtney: 100 coins! Jackpot!Gwen: Nice!Chris*voice*: Well done Courtney, now with those 300 coins you collected you and your helpers can now create your flag with your logo on it and start your way to Mt.McLean. Let's hope your opponents are doing fine. Akira: Oh oh, did you hear that?Judy: Yes, they collected more coins than us, we must hurry, we only have 260 coins.Akira: Sister, tell me that you found more coins!Yuki: I found 20 coins!Judy: We only have 20 more coins left, we have to hurry.(Meanwhile we see Courtney with her team arriving at Mt. McLean, there Chef awaits them)Gwen: What are you doing here Chef.Chef: I am here to create your gold flags, for that I need the 300 coins that you collected, no more, no less.Courtney: Um, well, here they are.(Courtney gives the bag with the 300 coins to the Chef, and that is he puts it in some kind of machine) Chef: This is the Createflags 2000, melt the coins, cool them and soften them and make it a completely golden flag cloth, with logo included.Gwen: Is there really an invention that turns gold into flags?Chef: I don't know, this gadget was invented by a guy with green hair and a left robotic hand, I don't know how he did it but he's very good.Dawn: Well, when will our flag be ready.Chef: It will be ready in a minute, so it will be ready right... now.(A bell rings and the machine pulls out a gold flag with the logo, the Chef takes it, puts it on a pole and hands it to Courtney, leaving her and her helpers surprised)Courtney: Okay, I admit that was... interesting.Gwen: Definitely.Chris * voice *: Judy and her helpers managed to get the 300 coins now they are heading here to get the golden flag from her and climb the mountain, if I were you Courtney I would hurry.Dawn: We better go climbing before they catch up.Courtney: Yes, right away. And thanks Chef.Chef: Not a problem and good luck up there...*chuckles*You'll need it...???: I see Chef! Let's get going guys!(We then see Judy, Akira and Yuki arrive at the bottom of Mt. McLean where Chef was waiting for them.)Chef: Ah, I see you also managed to find me. Did you get the 300 coins though?Judy: Yep, we got them all right here. No more, no less.(Chef checked at Judy's bag and quickly counted the coins.)Chef: Nice.Akira: And Chef, what's with this machine next to you?Chef: Oh you'll see soon enough boy.(And after he put the coins into the machine, Judy and her helpers waited for a bit, until a bell rang, he took the ready flag, put it on a pole and handed it over to Judy.)Akira and Yuki*amazed*: Awesome....Chef: Now don't just stand there, you have a competition to win and your opponents are right up ahead of you.Judy: He's right, we better get going. To the top of Mt.McLean!Akira and Yuki: Yeah!*Confessional*Chef: That little green dude said this machine costed quite a fortune and I must admit, I was quite impressed too when I saw what he could do with that mechanical hand of his as well as his creations.*End of Confessional*(Meanwhile, we see Courtney and her helpers running on Mt.McLean, until they stopped on a crossroad.) Courtney: Oh no, there are two paths, which one do we take?Gwen: I don't know, they both look the same but they will surely have different obstacles.Dawn: I don't know which way is the best, maybe we should think about it and ...Courtney: No time, Judy will catch up with us, let's go left!(Gwen and Dawn heed Courtney's order and go to the left path, meanwhile Judy and the twins arrive at that crossroads)Judy: Okay, two ways, and I bet they both will have different ways of making us suffer.Yuki: Oh geez, now which path do you think would be the best to take ?!Judy: Akira honey, any ideas?Akira: Well, I could tell that Courtney took the left side, so we'll go the right way, mostly so that they don't get in our way while we go up the mountain.Yuki: Hey, that's a great idea.Judy: I ​​agree now come on, this flag will not stand on that pedestal alone.(And so Judy and the twins take the right path, separating both rivals and their helpers, we cut through the previously eliminated campers who were at the top of the mountain, sitting and watching all the dangerous action on the big screen with Chris and Chef)Violet: Um, Chris, what's going both ways?Chris: Well the obvious in a race, obstacles and dangerous traps. * chuckles *Cameron: Seriously, there are times when I wonder why I came back to Total Drama?Harold: There are two of us already.Sky: Same here, that would have been less of a pain in the ass.Chris: Wow, you guys are obvious losers, even complaining about going back.Jasmine: Maybe because you don't have to go through all that torture.Chris: I don't care, the important thing is to see our two finalist girls running and screaming for that million dollars, so let's see how they both fare.(On screen, Courtney is seen with her veteran helpers, dodging several rocks rolling down the mountain.) Courtney: Come on girls, some rocks won't stop us from getting to the top!(But as they were keep dodging the big rocks, one of them was ready to fall on Dawn, until Gwen jumped to her rescue.)Gwen: LOOK OUT!(After successfully rescuing Dawn, both girls were relieved.)Dawn: Phew, that was a close one. Thank you.Gwen: Heh, guess it was about time to return the favor.Courtney: No time for resting, we got to move!(And as the three veteran girls were heading to the top, a few more boulders approached them and were about to crush them.)Gwen: Quick, let's all hide here!(Courtney and her helpers hid inside a chasm and the rocks were able to roll down without attacking them.)Courtney: Phew, great idea Gwen.Gwen: Anytime, now we should hurry and let's hope Judy and the twins aren't ahead of us.(Meanwhile, Judy and the twins were running towards the top, until they heard a strange noise coming from a cave nearby.)Akira: What was that?Judy: I don't know, but we better-(Judy couldn't finish her sentence, something sticky hit the ground and a giant spider came out of the cave ready to attack them and scaring them.)Akira: Okay, that spider better not be Izzy in a costume! (The spider started spitting acid from its mouth towards the three rookies, but they dodged it)Yuki: I don't think that's really a costume!Judy: Let's forget about the spider, it will waste time, run !!(The three avoid the spider and run from there)Akira: Okay, I think we can at least leave her there while we go ahead.(But the spider uses her web to cover the path of Judy and the twins so they cannot escape)Akira: Okay, I didn't expect that.(The giant spider was ready to attack)Judy: I think we have no choice but to fight.Yuki: Alright arachnid, show us what you've got!(The spider attacks Judy and the twins with its hairy and pointed legs, but they dodge them, Judy tried to punch her hard but she did not flinch, the giant spider vomited its acid again but fortunately no one was impacted, and finally the spider used its web to render them completely defenseless, but Judy was very fast just like the twins)Yuki: Ha, what a shoddy spider you are.Akira: Hey Judy, I have a plan to take down that spider quickly.Judy: Well go ahead honey, drop it.Akira: At my signal, attack the giant spider when she is defenseless.(Judy and Yuki felt and while the spider was attacking them, there came a moment when it turned its back to attack them with its web, but that's when Akira gave the signal)Akira: Now !!!(The three attacks the spider, and this in addition to releasing a lot of cobweb in different parts, is pushed towards the cliff and falls)Judy: Ha, a giant creature won't stop us at all!Akira: Yes, but unfortunately there is still the cobweb wall blocking our way, what do we do now ?!Yuki: Hey, here's a spider web covering a hole, I thought we can use this as a stepping stone to tackle a lot, this idea sounds crazy but we can try.Judy: Well, your plan in the first trial worked so I can trust you and your plan again.Akira: I am the same, also that spider web looks very resistant coming from a giant mutant spider, let's hold hands so as not to separate.Yuki: Okay, jump until you gain a lot of momentum.(Judy held hands with the twins and they began to jump the web, and when they gained enough momentum, they gave a huge bounce that made them jump very high, managing to cut off a large part of the mountain)Judy: Yeah we did, and we have cut a large part of the climb, we are almost at the top, come on, let's put this flag on the pedestal of victory!Chris * voice *: Who would have guessed, Judy and her helpers not only managed to kill a giant spider, but they are also way ahead and just a short way from reaching the top of Mt. McLean.Gwen: Wow, Judy and the twins really know how to get ahead.Courtney: That's not important right now! We have to get to the top before they do!(They suddenly stop and notice a few pickaxes for mountain climbing.)Courtney: That will do. Now let's get going, we have a pedestal to catch!(And so, the three veterans begin to climb the rocky parts of the mountain with their pickaxes in order to get to the top, until more rocks started falling from the sky and tried to land on them, but they quickly dodged them.)Courtney: More rocks, really?Chris*voice*: Oh don't worry about that, they're just a quick warm up. Wait till you see what awaits you next.(Suddenly, waterfalls of lava started to come out of halls and the girls started dodging those as fast as they could and even more waterfalls but this time with acid, icy waterfalls and even waterfalls with grease oil, tomato soup and many more obstacles like darts, cannonballs, fireworks and so much more.)Dawn: Don't give up now, we're almost there.(Just then, a flamethrower startled Dawn who was able to dodge it, but she fell for a moment, until she grabbed on a ledge of the mountain and tried her best to hold on.)Gwen: Dawn! Are you okay?Dawn: Yeah, I'm okay. You can go on without me. It's too much for me to take.Courtney: No Dawn, we can't leave you behind! You did so much for us, now it's too late to give up! And there's no way we're-(Courtney's unable to finish her words and an oil waterfall appeared but as she quickly dodged it, she fell, but was able to land on a large enough ledge and get safe.)Courtney: Phew...Gwen: Courtney! The flag!Courtney: What where is it?(Gwen shows their flag lying on another ledge but it was pretty far for Courtney to reach, until she came up with a plan.)Courtney: Okay Gwen, you'll go and save Dawn, I'll go after the flag.Gwen: I'm on it! Hang on Dawn, I'm coming!(And while Courtney was using her pickaxes to climb and grab the flag, Gwen climbed down to rescue Dawn, but suddenly, a cannonball was able to hit her on the belly and started falling until she grabbed on a nearby ledge just like Dawn.)Gwen: Courtney! Courtney help!Chris*voice*: Uh oh, in the hot seat aren't we Courtney? How will you and your veteran helpers get out of this rocky situation? *chuckles* And I must remind you that no flag equals no million dollars. And it looks like your flag is out of your reach. So what will it be? * Confessional *Courtney: Why the hell do they have to put me in situations like that ?!* End of Confessional *(Courtney had no choice but to go save her friends from falling off the cliff)Courtney: Come on girls hold my hands!Gwen: Are you sure about this?Courtney: If you don't worry, I was able to carry more weight than you do.Gwen: I was referring to the flag, but I'm glad to hear that fact!(Gwen takes Courtney's hand, Dawn does the same, and Courtney does her best to lift them, managing to save her three friends)Courtney: What a relief, are you okay?Gwen: Well, my belly still hurts from that cannon shot, but luckily I didn't fall several meters, thank you very much Courtney.Dawn: Yes, thank you, but unfortunately you couldn't save the flag.Courtney: I know, but I couldn't let them die, this time your lives were worth more than a flag.Gwen: Seriously, I'm surprised by your big change, I admit that you deserved to win that million dollars.Dawn: And you still have a chance, look!(Courtney and Gwen turn and see a bird raise the flag and bring it directly to Courtney, surprising both girls)Courtney: Wow, how is it possible ?!Gwen: Dawn, do you have something to do with this?Dawn: This mother bird saw how I rescued her baby who fell from the nest, so she wanted to return the favor, but I asked her to do it at another time, and I see that now she is doing her duty.Courtney: Wow, thank you very much, we can still win, but it will be very difficult to climb this mountain.(The mother bird flies towards one direction and shows a cave covered with a stone)Gwen: Why is she leading us there?Dawn: It's because it's a shortcut to the top.Courtney and Gwen *surprised*: Really?!Dawn: Yes, this little friend is really helping us a lot, let's move this rock.(Courtney, Gwen and Dawn use all their strength to move the stone, and when they do, they see a long cave free of traps)Gwen: Are you sure this will be a safe way to the top?Dawn: If my bird friend says yes, well I believe her.Courtney: Well, the best thing is not to hesitate and have some hope, come on!(Courtney and her team go through the passage, meanwhile we see Judy and the twins reaching the top of the mountain, where the pedestal is next to Chris and the other contestants of the season)Yuki: Alright, I see the top and the other contestants along with Chris!Judy: Sweet!???: Not so fast!(Just then, Courtney and her helpers appear at the top of the mountain after using the cave shortcut.)Courtney: I got to the top first!Judy: Oh yeah? Then how did you manage to arrive here before us?Courtney: All that matters now is getting the flag to that pedestal and you have no idea how many seasons I suffered to get to the end. Not to mention you only killed a spider. And now, prepare to get your butt kicked.Judy: Bring it!Chris: Hehe, as much as I love twists and turns on my show, aren't you perhaps forgetting something?(The two girls sense some grey smoke blowing their hair, they turn around and see the giant dragon who just arrived at the top of the pedestal, scaring everyone, including Cindy who faded and William was able to catch her in time.)Yuki: Oh yeah, we almost forgot about him...Chris: And the only way to defeat him is to put your flag on the pedestal, but you gotta be careful because this one hell of a powerful dragon! But like I said, only one of you will slay the dragon and win the million dollar prize.(And just like that, the giant dragon started breathing fire ready to burn up the two finalists and their helpers, but they were able to dodge him and both teams hid behind two rocks.)Akira: Everyone ok?Judy: Yes, no flames.Yuki: Same here.(Akira smells something strange.)Akira: Is something burning...?Judy: Uh honey, I don't mean to alarm you but...(Akira looks up and sees his beanie on fire and tried his hardest not to scream and alert the dragon while the girls had to find a way to calm him down and put out the fire.)*Confessional*Yuki: You know, this incident reminded me of a time somewhere around Christmas where I was simply minding my own business by playing with some sparkles. Suddenly, I heard some screaming and saw Akira running around with his head on fire because of me. Only this time, except of sparkles, it was a massive dragon that almost burned his head.*End of Confessional* (Yuki took out his brother's beanie and threw it away from the rocks)Yuki: This solves it, I hope that dragon didn't notice.Akira: Well at least he didn't burn my hair and much less my head.Judy: Yes, it's a relief, I don't want that beautiful hair of yours to burn.(They both blushed but the moment didn't last long because the dragon lifted the stones and saw Judy and the twins)Akira: I think he did notice when you threw the hat.(The dragon started chasing the fledglings, while Courtney and hers, two helper friends of hers notice)Courtney: It's my chance, while he's distracted with them, I can take advantage of putting the flag on the pedestal.Gwen: Yes, and let's do it quickly before the dragon finds out.(And Courtney is going to approach the pedestal to win the season, but the dragon soon realized it and used its wings to create a powerful gust of wind that pushed Courtney, Gwen and Dawn very hard, and they saw that they were going to fly out of the mountain, they clung to some stones)Gwen: Agh, it seems we couldn't seize the moment!Chris: Well yes, this dragon is very stubborn and will not allow anyone to put any flag on its pedestal, so they better be smarter than that dragon.Dawn: This is going to be tough.(We cut to Judy and the twins who are watching the Dragon from a safe distance)Yuki: What do we do now, brother, you are the brain in this group, is something wrong with you? I've run out of crazy ideas.Akira: Well, obviously we don't have to fight him, what we have to do is make Judy put her flag on the pedestal and the dragon will no longer be a problem, but for that we have to make sure that he is not watching everything time its pedestal.Judy: Maybe if one of us tries to distract him the best we can, I could have a chance to win.Akira: Maybe we can help you with this, Yuki and I can concentrate on distracting the dragon, while you take advantage of going to the pedestal.Judy: Are you sure they can?Akira: Very sure, my sister is very unbearable and loud and I can imitate her unbearable actions to irritate the dragon.Yuki: Hey, that offends me!Akira: Yes I know, but it's true, if we want to help Judy win, we have to make that dragon chase us, for Judy!Yuki: You're right, for Judy!Judy: Thank you guys very much, you have really been very helpful to me, I wish you good luck, and I hope you don't get hurt too much.Yuki: No problem Judy, now go and show Chris and everyone that Judy the rookie cop is the strongest competitor in all of Total Drama Fans vs Favorites. (And with a nod, Judy goes to put her flag on the pedestal and the dragon is about to chase her, he heard a few loud sound effects and saw Yuki mimicking them and then started chasing the twins by shooting laser beams out of it's eyes.)Akira: What the hell?! How is that possible?Yuki: In Total Drama anything is possible.Akira: I guess you make a good point.(And while Yuki and Akira were distracting the dragon and it was shooting, Courtney noticed Judy who was heading towards the pedestal.)Courtney: Judy's heading for the pedestal, we've got stop her.Dawn: But how? I don't think calming the dragon would be a good idea.(Then Gwen looks around and comes up with a plan.)Gwen: Follow me.(And as the dragon was still chasing Akira and Yuki who was now shooting icicles from it's mouth and crystals appeared, he heard another voice from behind some big rocks.)???: Now!(Just then, the dragon looked up, saw a giant net made out of vines landing straight on him, trapped him and Courtney and her helpers cheered when Gwen's plan worked.)Courtney: Good aim everyone!Dawn: Now go put your flag on the pedestal Courtney, we're counting on you.(And just like that, Courtney got out from her hiding spot and was able to catch up with Judy who was this close to arrive at the pedestal.)Courtney: Back away from that pedestal rookie cop, victory will be mine!Judy: Not for long!(Just then, the girls hear a loud roar and found out that the dragon wasn't trapped for too long and after escaping the trap with it's big claws, he gave a loud roar and started attacking and destroying whatever he could find, including the seats where the previously eliminated contestants were sitting and had to make a run for it while watching the final battle.)Chris: Looks like our dragon has gone completely wild, one of you must put the flag quickly and finish all of this!(Just then, the massive dragon threw more icicles from it's mouth and while Akira and Yuki were running away from him, both twins got trapped and their feet got stuck in ice.)Judy: NO!Akira: Judy, you better put that flag quickly!Yuki: Don't worry about us, we'll make it out alive.(Judy had no choice but to go to the pedestal and avoid the dragon and as for Gwen and Dawn, they were also trying to get away from him, until it started shooting massive laser beams from it's mouth and then, the two girls got surrounded by a flaming circle that the dragon created in order to stop them.)Courtney: NO! Not you too! Gwen: We're fine Courtney, just go for the pedestal, win for us.Dawn: Yes Courtney, we are counting on you.(Courtney obeyed the order of her friends and went straight to the pedestal, where Judy was about to shove her flag into hers, until Courtney's flagpole prevented it by crashing into Judy's flagpole as if it were a sword)Courtney: Not so fast rookie, victory will be mine!Judy: Ha, in your dreams, I'm going to make sure I win and nothing will stop me!Courtney: You'll have to go over me!Judy: As you like!(And after that last answer, Courtney and Judy began to fight using their flagpoles as swords, clashing and stabbing, sometimes they pushed each other to take advantage of putting the pole, but one of them prevented it and they fought again)Chris: Geez, this is getting very intense, if they don't finish fast, the mountain will end up collapsing thanks to the dragon, why the hell didn't we use you as the final boss, Chef?!Chef: I'm tired of always being treated like a punching bag for boss battles, plus you didn't want this to feel the same and an All-Stars memory.Chris: Mmmm, good point, but one of them better put their pole on the pedestal, otherwise we will all die.Cindy: Oh my god, I don't want to die, someone save us ?!William: Don't worry dear, this will be over soon.Owen: I don't want to die either, please let this nightmare end!Mackenzie: And why don't we just run away? This is how we would save ourselves, you idiot pack, and if the rookie cop, the CIT dog and her assistants die, then who cares, it's them or us.Chris: Yeah, she's right, why didn't we think of it?(The others glare at Chris and Mackenzie for saying that)Richard: Seriously, you guys are the worst!Sky: Next time I won't compete again!(Chris did nothing but shrug his shoulders indifferently, meanwhile Judy and Courtney kept fighting with their flagpoles, it seemed that this fight would have no end, until Judy had an idea) (Judy's Ending) (Just then, the dragon tried to attack both girls, but he was only able to hit Courtney with it's tail while Judy grabbed onto it as fast as she could, while still holding onto her flag.)Gwen: Courtney!(Just then, Courtney was this close to the edge of the mountain, but she was able to keep her balance and her flag with her.)Courtney: Well, at least I still have my flag.(But her positivity soon turned into sadness and frustration, when the dragon hit the flag from Courtney's hand with it's tail, causing it to fall all the way down before Courtney could catch it.)Courtney: Oh man, come on!Chris: Oooh, tough luck Court, that dragon got you good, but will Judy save the day?(We suddenly see Judy carefully climbing on the dragon's back while he was trying to find her by using it's thorns as a ladder, until she reached the top of his head and without hesitating, she stabbed the dragon in the eye with her flag, causing him to roar in pain and she quickly climbed down by using his back as a slide and soon, she reached the ground.)Akira: This is it Judy, do it!(Judy heard her boyfriend and without hesitating any longer, she nailed her flag on the pedestal, automatically turning off the dragon and winning.)Judy: Yes! YES! I DID IT!Chris: And indeed she does! Judy wins the Fans VS Favorites season as well as one million dollars! Congratulations!(Everyone, except Mackenzie, begins to cheer and clap for her and even lifted her up in the air, while Chef Hatchet defrosted Akira and Yuki and put out the fire for Dawn and Gwen whom the former came to celebrate with Judy while the ladder went to help Courtney.)Yuki*freezing*: Phew, thanks Chef, you have no idea how much my legs were hibernating.Chef: Yeah, yeah, now go ahead and congratulate the winner or whatever.(Akira came towards Judy and embraced her.)Akira: I'm very proud of you Judy, well done.Judy: Thank you so much Akira. It makes me so happy that I made it this far and achieved so many great things, including the million dollars.Chris: And speaking of million dollars, what are you gonna do with them?Judy: Oh too easy, I'll use them to find a good university to have more potential to graduate at the police academy and even share them with my favorite twins, Akira and Yuki.(Yuki hugged Judy tightly while squealing.)Yuki: I knew you would keep your promise! You're the best friend I could ever had! And also you too, Violet and Cindy.(Just then, Courtney arrives with Gwen and Dawn and approach her.)Judy: Oh hey Courtney, something you wanna share with me?Courtney: Well, I think you did very well during your first ever season and I believe you deserve the million more than I do. Plus, you do know how to fight well for a rookie.Judy: Hehe, thanks Courtney, daddy raised no slacker you know.Gwen: Indeed and what else can I say that other than that, you deserved it. Well done.Dawn: We are all very proud of you.Mackenzie: I'm not!Chris: Mackenzie, please let the winner have a moment with the runner up and the rest of the eliminated contestants.(Mackenzie crossed her arms and rolled her eyes.)Chris: Anyway, what do you wanna do after this big victory you earned?Judy: Hmm...(We then cut to the contestants celebrating Judy's victory on a yacht with some other contestants dancing, others swimming in the pool, several others eating and drinking and a few just lounging and relaxing underneath the hot sun. We then see Judy and Akira all by themselves watching the ocean view, far away from the others.)Judy: Can you believe how lucky I felt when I actually won? It's crazy right? Me, a millionaire? Hah, who would have thought?Akira: Hehe, I know right? But I think you did amazing Judy, proving how strong and determined you are to win and pass several challenges. And I'm so happy you were able to share the million with me and Yuki, it really means a lot you know.Judy: No problem, I guess you would have done the same if you won.Akira: Hehe, indeed. Why would I ever pass on that opportunity?(And before they could share another kiss, they heard a voice behind them.)???: Oh hey guys, sorry for interrupting your quality time.Akira: Yuki, that better be important.Yuki: Well, Chris wants to take a quick picture of all of us at the yacht and he wants all of us to be included.Chris*voice*: She's right you know, so move your carcasses to the deck and kiss and make up later. And make sure you're not in front of the kids to do what you have to do.(We see Akira, Judy and Yuki arriving on the deck where the rest of the contestants where waiting for them.)Mackenzie: Well that took you long enough.Chris: Alright everyone, you know the drill, smile for the camera. And that includes you Mackie, no frowns on my photos.(Mackenzie made a very large grin.)Chris: Eh, that will do. And now, say Fans VS Favorites!Everyone: Fans VS Favorites!(And once the picture with all 10 fans and 10 favorites was taken, Chris turned his face on the camera.)Chris: And with Judy winning and Courtney as our runner up, Total Drama Fans VS Favorites has finally come to an end. Join us next time on our newest season with a brand new cast of colorful campers and don't forget to stay tuned at all times, this has been Total! Drama! Fans VS Favorites!Judy: Hey Chris, why don't we play a little game while we are still partying?(We cut to Chris tied up on a rope and swinging on the ceiling while blindfolded.)Chris: Why do I have a strange feeling about th-Ow! Hey! Watch the face! Ow! Ow! Cut it already!(And as we get to see the 20 campers playing pinata with Chris McLean and even Chef having a turn to play, the yacht continues to sail into the sunset and ready to return all the contestants home.)The End (Courtney's Ending) (Just then, the dragon tried to attack both girls, Judy thought about grabbing onto the dragon's tail, but the dragon was very fast and couldn't grab, being pushed away by the blow, while Courtney was able to hold onto the tail, while still holding onto her flag.)Akira: Oh no, Judy!(Despite the power of the blow, fortunately for Judy, she did not fly off the mountain and fell on the right side of the mountain.)Judy: Uff, that was close, wait, where's my flag?(Judy watched as her flag fell off the mountain, leaving Judy very depressed and frustrated.)Judy: NOOOOOO MY FLAG !!Chris: Well I guess that would be it for Judy, but can Courtney get through this difficult situation? (Suddenly we see Courtney holding onto the dragon's tail while he tried to find her, but Courtney made sure not to make a noise, she thought of an idea, she scaled the dragon's back a bit if he noticed it, and she used her flagpole to hit its wings and make the dragon fall from the skies, seeing that, Courtney takes the opportunity to jump directly to the pedestal)Gwen: Come on Courtney, it's your time!(Courtney heard Gwen and made her move, without hesitating any longer, she nailed her flag on the pedestal, automatically turning off the dragon and winning.)Courtney: HA, take that dragon, I just won!Chris: And you really do! Courtney wins the Fans VS Favorites season as well as one million dollars! Congratulations!(Everyone, except Mackenzie, begins to cheer and clap for her and even lifted her up in the air, while Chef Hatchet defrosted Akira and Yuki and put out the fire for Dawn and Gwen and they went to congratulate Courtney)Yuki*freezing*: Phew, thanks Chef, you have no idea how much my legs were hibernating.Chef: Yeah, yeah, now go ahead and comfort your losing friend.(Gwen goes and hugs her best friend.)Gwen: You did it Courtney, you win!Courtney: I know, I can't believe it, finally, after all this time, I won a season and a million dollars.Chris: And speaking of million dollars, what are you gonna do with them?Courtney: Obviously I will use it for my studies, going to law school to become a lawyer, and who knows, I may share my earnings with my helpers, after all, I couldn't achieve any of this without them.(Gwen and Dawn were shocked at what Courtney said)Dawn: Wow, will you really share it with us, I'm so touched Courtney, I don't know what to say.(Judy walked over to the others, with Yuki and Akira at her side)Judy: I'm sorry I didn't win guys, Yuki I know I promised that she would share the million with you if she won, but I see I wasn't strong enough.Yuki: Oh come on Judy, that doesn't matter, I'm glad you were able to go far and fight.Akira: And besides, I don't care that you haven't won, you're still the woman I love the most in the world and that will never change.(Judy was very happy to hear those words and hugged the twins, even though she did not win, I can win many good things this season)Judy: And by the way, congratulations Courtney, you deserve it, it seems that we are all very happy for your victory.Mackenzie: I'm not!Chris: Mackenzie, please let the winner have a moment with the runner up and the rest of the eliminated contestants.(Mackenzie crossed her arms and rolled her eyes.)Chris: Anyway, what do you wanna do after this big victory you earned?Courtney: I'm going to feel like Owen for proposing this but ...(We then cut to the contestants celebrating Courtney's victory on a yacht with some other contestants dancing, others swimming in the pool, several others eating and drinking and a few just lounging and relaxing underneath the hot sun. We then see Courtney and Gwen all by themselves watching the ocean view, far away from the others.)Courtney: I always dreamed of this moment, I thought I would never make it, but in the end I was able to win a million dollars and change the things I did on All-Stars.Gwen: That's right, you've really become a different and much better person, and I can admit that I'm really glad to be your friend to ours, and I really appreciate that you shared the money with me and Dawn.Courtney: Well, like I said, it's the least I could do after helping myself become a better person and win this reality show.(While Courtney and Gwen kept chatting, they heard a voice behind them.)???: Oh hey girls, sorry for interrupting.Gwen: Is something wrong Dawn?Dawn: Well, Chris wants to take a quick picture of all of us at the yacht and he wants all of us to be included.Chris*voice*: She's right you know, you two can come out of the closet at any time, this group photo is important.(Then we see Courtney, Gwen and Dawn arriving on the deck where the rest of the contestants where waiting for them.)Mackenzie: Well that took you long enough.Chris: Alright everyone, you know the drill, smile for the camera. And that includes you Mackie, no frowns on my photos.(Mackenzie made a very large grin.)Chris: Eh, that will do. And now, say Fans VS Favorites!Everyone: Fans VS Favorites!(And once the picture with all 10 fans and 10 favorites was taken, Chris turned his face on the camera.)Chris: And with Courtney winning and Judy as our runner up, Total Drama Fans VS Favorites has finally come to an end. Join us next time on our newest season with a brand new cast of colorful campers and don't forget to stay tuned at all times, this has been Total! Drama! Fans VS Favorites!Courtney: Hey Chris, I need your help on something to ignite this party even more.(We cut to Chris tied up on a rope and swinging on the ceiling while blindfolded.)Chris: Why do I have a strange feeling about th-Ow! Hey! Watch the face! Ow! Ow! Cut it already!(And as we get to see the 20 campers playing pinata with Chris McLean and even Chef having a turn to play, the yacht continues to sail into the sunset and ready to return all the contestants home.)The End
Along for the ride by AzaraZai

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This group mostly shows off original characters people made using their own imaginations. I would like to showcase their O.C. artwork and show others their characters. Originality is what's best.
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Welcome all. Members and non-members to the Original Character Artwork home page. Everything here will feature all original artwork from many different people and my group will showcase them for others to see, so look around and enjoy.




Many people create their own characters and ideas using their own imaginations. That's how people can actually prove to themselves that they have the skills and creativity to do anything they want.

You can join this group whenever you're ready. You can contribute your best O.C. pictures to this group, as many as you want. There are no limits on how many artworks you submit, so feel free to submit anything you want, especially your best original artwork.

Lets show everyone that originality is what counts.

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These are the other Original Character Art groups and fan art groups that my group joined forces with.



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