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New Math by Tom Neighrer



New Math by Tom Lehrer as done by ponies. Nothing is safe from a pony crossover! >:3

Made some corrections from the youtube version [link] so I can upload with minimal mistakes. I added a few subtle things, :icondeftwise-zero: made a crowd laughing scene that I used a couple of times. Do you guys think I should just replace all the crowd laughing bits I got from "the show stoppers" with DW's?

NRGPony helped with the marker and eraser bits under my direction. I'm hoping to get him involved with the Insomnia video I'm planning to do next.

This song was made in the 1960's during the Russian Scare (as I calls it) and the "new method" of teaching math was a way to get american kids to be smarter than the russian kids. Needless to say elements of the new math were kept but the bulk of it was dropped throughout the US since it sure as hell wasn't any easier to understand for the little tykes. I found myself actually understanding what Tom was saying after listening to this thing several hundred times.
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We need more Tom Lehrer!