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Twilight: Flowy Mane

Edit: Revectored completely off of higher quality video as promised.

My own version of Twilight in the newly released song for Season 3.

Link to video: [link]

SVG: [link]
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I think you forgot the lineart in the purple line of hair...anyway Epic vector!
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Feels like this pose might be a reference to the "Pocahontas" movie.
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I used your awesome vector here: [link]
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I tried to do the same but when I see my drawing and yours I want to shoot myself for having done a so bad work...
your drawing is amazing keep up the good work !
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I guess they stepped up on their animation aie :D
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Hey there CptOfTheFriendship!


I used your vector in one of my wallpapers. I credited you in the description with a link back to your profile. I hope you like it and please let know if you have any issues with it :)

Looking forward to more vectors from you in the future! ^_^
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yay moar season 3!! XD this stuff is everywhere :D
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Great vector :D
Heres a link to a better version of the video [link]

I like the mane *.*
great great job :D
Ohhh, this awsome
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Can't they believe they gotten the license to use the 'Disney Wind'. Is it me or has the animation stepped up a bit?
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The animation to everything always seems to step up with each season. All the more reason to look forward to number 3!
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Some of your watchers might ask "why?" to them I say, why NOT?
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