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Roseluck - Smug

No description.
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Is it alright if I use this vector modified and link back to you with credit?
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used here: hope it's ok.
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Rose is too good or a description. lol!
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[link] kinde used this pose ^^;
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may i use this vector please,Thank you^^
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Isn't no description a description of not having a despcription?
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You're not actually allowed to leave the description blank, I think.
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wow, pretty. i used it to make my newest oc,lucky flwoer, i just drew in her horn. so, i thank the. :3
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Used in a wallpaper [link]
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This vector was used and credited here: [link]
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cool my sister likes your art
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Roseluck is best pony!!!
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And you are now my very best friend for making a roseluck vector I like!
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She's smug now, but just wait until the bunnies invade/Zecora shows up/Apple Bloom starts tightrope walking with cutie marks all over her body.
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And why is Roseluck smug?
Why, you ask?
It is because she knows she is the coolest pony.
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