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Rarity - Dress

From a preview photo of the upcoming season finale. [link]

Which incidentally, is the same day as my birthday. Best. Present. Ever.
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Aww! Does somepony want cuddles?

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Rarity always looks good in a dress ;P
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I swear Rarity was the only one who didn't have a different hairstyle during the wedding, it was exactly the same.
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Well done vector. She looks so charming. :+fav:
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great vector.
May i use this vector for a background i'm making i'll watch you for the watcher's list.
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Used in an album cover: [link]
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she is so charming
fantastic job
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Spike you lucky dog
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I love you for sending that link.

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rarity is going to regret dumping blueblood he was a deep pjilisophocl type
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why is she with fancy pants i mean shouldnt he be with Fleur?
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I know! Let's just hope she'll be here!
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ikr and why is spike dancing with sweetie, im just so disappointed. on the plus side rainbow and soarin
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Oh, yeah! Rainbow Soar!
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Beautiful! Wonderful! An excellent piece! I just love Rarity.
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she looks divine :iconiloveyouplz: as always ;33 :heart:
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Ooooooo, AWSOME!
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Same as mine... although... *looks at an irate Pony OC who isn't happy at all*
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She looks so pretty! :love: I love it :iconchuuplz:
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