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Derpy Cloud Jump Animation

Based off of a Derpy shot in "The Last Roundup". It's 16 frames at 24 fps. If you wanna see what went into it, you can look at these; [link] [link] [link]

Edit: I've noticed raygadas on Reddit has turned this into a screensaver. Download: [link] Credit for that goes to him obviously.

Here's a mac version of the screensaver by :iconskeinchug: [link]
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It should have lightning shoot out! X3
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Nice smooth animation, quite a bit going on for just 16 frames XD
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sorry here the link, the video is in spanish, [link]
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Wrong link, here is [link] i'm so stupid!
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i used your animation in a video, i hope you not are upset for it, but Derpy is so adorable!, i credit you in the description of course.
Sapphire-Pony's avatar
I can watch this for hours
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Im using this, ok? For a series I'm making called Derpy and Double W.
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How to make screen saver??!
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if you have the right resources it can be pretty easy
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Brilliant. I have now completely ponified my computer.
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Not unless you have my windows 7 theme you don't! >:c
michaelajunker's avatar
Screenshot of your theme.
Matniky's avatar
... octavia: [link]
and vinyl scratch: [link]
You don't have Ponified Icons. You still have a small ways to go.
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hmm, thats not my job to include. someone else makes those. but if you are looking for them check out Equestria digital.
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My jaw actually dropped when I saw that. I didn't know it was possible to have an image on the start menu.
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only when i make it, ;) what os are you using?
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I dunno if ANYPONY noticed, but... the edited scene sounds... AWFUL. Sorta. It's kinda like 4KidsTV in a way. For example, sometimes Rainbow's voice sounds... stuffy. As was Derpy's as well when she said "Nice work, RainbowDash!" And after she broke the column, and it started to fall before Rainbow tried to hold it up, Derpy's eyes DERPED!
Here, you can watch the video here to get a better perspective: [link] Hope you'll like it.

Ps. I'm not trying to spam you. it's the truth...
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I wanna jump on a cloud! that would be fun
How do you make a screen saver?
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I don't know, sorry. I didn't make the screensavers of it.
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