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[SFM] Sunset Human Hair 4k2k

I was inspired by this artwork of :iconthemisto97:
You should check it out, it is definetely worth your time.

The NATG theme for today was: Draw a pony modeling / Draw a model pony citizen. 
Finaly there's a NATG and a Saturday at once. Ok at least one wich I can finaly contribute my artwork as well.
So here is Sunset Shimmer, posing with her human hair as a pony.
EDIT: I removed the bumpmap for the mane and adjusted the hair colour of mane and tail.
    You can still see the previous version here which is published at EQD.

MLP belongs to Hasbro
Human Sunset Shimmer ported by :iconstefano96:
Pony Sunset Shimmer by :iconaeridiccore:
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