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[SFM] Summer School in Ponyville

This artwork was created for a contest with the topic "summer times in ponyville".
It turns out that I've got some new things I can play with. New models and a new maps and stuff.

So it's the "bring a mom to school day" and they tell some stories. But apparently just Scoots is interested in the story of RDs mom. I have no idea why that's the case. Windy Whistles is certainly not a boring mom.
But why is Sweetie Belle on focus, you ask? Because it was my biased decision. There's even a more burry version with her in focus here. It's silly I know, but we need to do silly things from time to time right?

School house by :iconglaber:
Ponies by look here, there all somewhere.
I'd like to credit the creator of the skyrim map
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Wait, is that a map of Tamriel?