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[SFM/GMOD DL] Strawberry Sunrise v1.2

This backgroudpony finaly has got a voice line. To be honest, I didn't noticed her before. I'm sure I'm not the only one.
Anyway, finaly we've got her and if somebody made her before, hey I didn't noticed that.
EDIT: fixed missing texture, now with not enh model as well.
UPDATE: Now with both cutie marks for both enh and standard model.

Used software: Source Filmmaker and Gimp

Texture and picture by me
ENH Ponies by :iconjuicedane:
ENH Base :iconstefano96:
MLP belongs to Hasbro
Gmod icon by Sindroom
Reference wikia
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The textures appear to be missing, it appears the character-specific subfolder is missing, as all the resources are in the VN_MLP folder.

Also, if it's an "enh" model, it won't work in Gmod due to the 128 flex limit in older versions of Source (AFAIK the games that don't support HDR lighting only have 128 flexes or something like that)

EDIT: It's dependent on the number of flexes, not what they are. So if you're using the base with all the flexes (like "Maximum strength", etc), then it won't be compatible with Gmod.
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now it should be fixed and also the non enh model for Gmod is included
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Thanks, it's working now. Also, the ENH version doesn't have the extra flexes like "MAXIMUM strength", so chances are it'll work in Gmod anyway.
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Thank you kindly for the report and I will fix that issue as soon as possible.
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Berry Punch that CM too, but according to the wikia Strawberry Sunrise uses that CM too…

But if there's a more accurate CM anywhere I can add it anytime.
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I wonder why no one hasn't done a Vapor Trail yet?
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[DL] Vapor Trail by MythicSpeed
there you have her. she's quite good right?
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I just got it. Yes, she's very cute :3
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I think she has an unique mane and tail so I cannot do it.
But there other model creator who makes such things. We could ask thouse.
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She does. I guess that's why she hasn't recently been made
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Awwwww! She is just so cute! Good work Red.
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